Queensland Rugby League has announced their 28-man squad for 2020, with the youngsters to be apart of their Under 20 Emerging Origin squad.

The squad will enter camp on the Sunshine Coast in late January, and will be coached by Ben Woolf.

“These camps are a key way for us to help foster team bonding where the players can create mateship which will last throughout their playing days and beyond,” QRL game development and high performance manager Joe McDermott told qrl.com.au.

“We as the QRL and all the staff involved in the camps work hard to make sure the Maroons culture is ingrained in future talent.”

Queensland Emerging Origin squad

Daejarn Asi North Queensland Cowboys
Dan Atkinson Melbourne Storm
Michael Bell North Queensland Cowboys
Tanah Boyd Gold Coast Titans
Jack Bowyer Melbourne Storm
Geordie Brand Sydney Roosters
Ethan Bullemor Brisbane Broncos
Xavier Coates Brisbane Broncos
Juwan Compain Gold Coast Titans
Ben Condon North Queensland Cowboys
Tom Dearden Brisbane Broncos
Tino Fa’asuamaleaui Melbourne Storm
Tom Gilbert North Queensland Cowboys
Alofi Khan-Pereira Gold Coast Titans
Heilum Luki North Queensland Cowboys
Trent Loiero Melbourne Storm
Jack Martin Brisbane Broncos
Tesi Niu Brisbane Broncos
Cory Paix Brisbane Broncos
Tristan Powell Gold Coast Titans
Riley Price North Queensland Cowboys
Jake Simpkin Wests Tigers
Jarrett Subloo Canberra Raiders
Ioane Seiuli Gold Coast Titans
Garrett Smith North Queensland Cowboys
Hamiso Tabuai–Fidow North Queensland Cowboys
Adrian Trevilyan Canberra Raiders
Sebastian Winters-Chang Canterbury Bulldogs


  1. I know that this is mean’t to capture stars early and provide good disciplines from the start but many of these are yet to play their first NRL game let alone Origin. Isn’t that a tad soon ?

  2. It’s the qld u/20 squad it’s not about playing origin this year it’s just understanding the qld structure..

  3. @panthers18

    This isn’t the 1980’s there has been plenty of rule changes around the eligibility of players.

    At this current moment I think the cut of is 13 years old which is why NSW can have players like Keary(born in QLD) or if you have played in the SOO junior systems growing up which is why Someone like Taumalolo is technically eligible for QLD

  4. I am aware of that. However, I thought that the rules was changed where you play for the state you were born in. If born outside QLD, or NSW, you are eligible to play for the state where you played for as a child.

  5. Come on Panthers18, you are just trolling with that one…..

    Let’s not start another Inglis/Macksville diatribe..

  6. @Panthers18 State of Origin is no longer about where you are born. Tino can choose to represent QLD if he has played his first senior game of league with a Queensland club.
    Alternatively players are also able to switch their allegiance if their father played Origin for the opposite state of birth.

    “Lachlan Lam and Tristan Sailor have both previously represented NSW at schoolboy level but are now set to become the first players eligible for the Maroons under the recently introduced father-son rule.” – SMH

  7. Possibly but he needs 7 more series wins in a row. Yes the Queensland playing stocks are pretty bare at the moment and NSW have the advantage in quality players but that quality doesn’t come close to the glory days of origin – yes I am biased. No-one has every really rated Meninga during his reign we all know the calibre of players he had got the job done. Same with Fittler, the pendulum had to swing back to NSW at some stage and he was lucky enough to jump on board at the right time.

  8. NSW had the players previously but under Laurie Daley who was loyal to his own stubiness in not selecting the correct team, was the reason for NSW bot winning more.

    Fittler Started off on fire and picked form players only, however he displays signs of Daley’s downfall, by sticking with a hopeless halfback in Cleary and being loyal to players that performed for him in the past.
    The key to success is starting from scratch every year with an open mind picking current in form players only.

  9. True Mark but then if you are winning sticking with non performing players doesn’t stand out so much. You’d think it would give you more confidence to blood better performing players who haven’t played at that level before.

  10. Roosters and Canberra should be right up there but how many people were saying that about the Cowboys heading into 2018 ? You’d have to expect Canberra are looking good but the off season still has a long way to go and who knows which player will be the next to make the headlines for the wrong reason. Obviously it won’t be a Bronco………

  11. Panther Girl. Riddle me this. I was born in Brisbane…. Brought up in Country NSW… (same place where few of your current panther stars are from) Played my 1st senior 1st grade game in country QLD including rep footy. Where should my allegiance lie? & who should i play origin for? (If i was good enough)

  12. Not having a shot either panther girl 2013. Just curious as to your opinion. & unlike shadow warrior, who used to get bashed up by his 5 sisters & so dislikes chicks, & wants to remove them from footy altogether, im opposite to that.

  13. Ok thanks panthergirl2013. fair enough. So even though i support the blues i would have to represent QLD. Thats what i used to say to everyone as well. State of birth & senior 1st grade used to be the norm. But now apparently anyone can play for anyone lol.

  14. No penny panthers. not where i currently have relocated to Although when i moved from brissy to central Qld recently; i did pass through some bushfire affected smoke near hervey bay & further north. I think NSW may be suffering more than us banana benders at moment though 🙁

  15. We are cookeem. Were I am, I am not directly affected by the fire. I am more affected by flying embers, smoke and the heat.

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