SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 23: Blake Ferguson of the Roosters looks dejected as he leaves the field after defeat during the NRL Preliminary Final match between the Sydney Roosters and the North Queensland Cowboys at Allianz Stadium on September 23, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Police have spoken to Sydney Roosters winger Blake Ferguson following an incident at his home on Thursday morning.

The is reporting that NSW police visited Ferguson at his family home due to concerns about the safety of his two children.

Ferguson was not charged by the police.

“Emergency services were called to a home in Marrickville this morning after concerns were raised for the welfare of children,” a police spokesperson said.

“Officers from Marrickville Local Area Command attended about 5.15am and spoke with a 27-year-old man.

“Ambulance and paramedics checked two young children but no further police action is anticipated at this time.”

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  1. Wow , a lot of “. ” here , I’m no fan of fergo but imagine having to live the life of a footballer , guilty by mejia

    • I was thinking the same thing. don’t like the bloke, but no charges laid, no further action, why is this even news?

    • That’s exactly what I mean ! Let’s play a game fill in the space you start off Titan
      Sounds like a ?
      Sounds like a domestic
      Sounds like someone’s drinking cruisers on roof
      Sounds like ??? Any takers

      • Yeh but you know how bored the media get in the off season. now what really happened was….

        Furgo and Duges had a reunion with Carney and used a ladder to get up on the roof.. The kids came out and slipped over on a puddle of pea (bubbler act) accidentally kicking the ladder where it fell on them,… Pearce came past walking his dog and had a mobile phone – he called emergency services..

        so nothing to see here.

        • Agreed, That’s Gold! 👍👍👍

          Funny yet plausible at the same time. When you put all the incidents together the NRL has become some kind of bizarre reality TV show!

        • I heard they called Corey Norman first who rushed over with a tin of breath mints to hide the evidence of cruisers they smashed while they shoukd have been watching the kids

        • got to make up something stupid mate’ the media always do .. worse to admit im so frekin bored on the weekends without a good game of RL.

        • That’s why we have the ZT “silly season”. With material like that you can be one of the screen writers for our little off-season drama! 😉

  2. Are you talking to me ?
    Or are you talking to me?
    No I believe he was talking to me , but if you were talking to him then you are talking to me ! ( unlike 3 heads I stole that from Seinfeld) AND PROUD TO BOAST IT

  3. Here is what happened:
    1. Roosters call police to Fergusons house
    2. Police arrive. Everyone is fine, family are confused wtf is going on
    3. Roosters sit Ferguson down, tell him they have to let him go due to all the bad press
    4. Roosters sign Cronk

    • Straight from “Uncle Nick’s” Dirty Tricks bag! Just like the “wishbone” maneuver in 2008 on Craig Wing (Souths) when Braith Anasta and Anthony Tupou held Wing up for Riley Brown to shoulder charge into his back dislocating Wings shoulder. Thanks to Uncle Nick’s influence Brown was let off with no case to answer. If they had done that today to Cameron Smith he would have been suspended for the year!

  4. Well something happened. Why is he drinking with Cocaine Carter to 3am with children in the house?
    What a surprise another honest Sam Ayoub client…. who wait for it… not at fault. What napkin…I love the coach Robbie
    Come on now, why should a grown man be responsible for his own actions.

    So why did Mal ring Fergo..his form was actually better after Origin. Something is going on.
    I will wait for the Roosters version of events at the Cronk signing.

  5. This goes to Blake Ferguson’s character and shows why he’s a total moron that will never change his ways. Associating with the POS Carter, already busted for supplying drugs to Knuckle-Head Dowell, and a low-life, and allowing him his house with kids around. IMO Ferguson has definitely put his kids in harm’s way. This clown will never grow up. Roosters should punt him, but then they’d have to put a lot of their party boys

    • I hear the Roosters WILL punt Fergo and release Latrell Mitchell to free up room for Cronk with Latrell going to Souths. Well, fingers crossed. WIN/WIN for the Chooks and the Rabbits IF it happens (as long as Souths also keep Crichton!)

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