SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 18: Jackson Hastings of the Sea Eagles gestures during the round two NRL match between the Manly Sea Eagles and the Parramatta Eels at Lottoland on March 18, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Jason McCawley/Getty Images)

Sea Eagles players have reportedly told Manly coach Trent Barrett they no longer want to play in the same side as Jackson Hastings.

The Daily Telegraph reported the news on Monday night, and suggested the club are shopping him around in the hope of an immediate release.

It is believed Hastings doesn’t not fit in with teammates off the field, with the club even offering to help him with counselling.

The players have seemingly got their message through to Barrett, with the Sea Eagles’ squad for their game against the Eels on Sunday to be named without Hastings.

He will likely line up with Manly’s feeder club in the Intrust Super Premiership, the Blacktown Workers.

It is believes the main reason for Hastings’ demise is his “lack of respect for senior players”, with the club confirming an incident between Hastings and Daly Cherry-Evans taking place in Gladstone last week.

The Sea Eagles however did confirm it was not a fight.

Hastings has played four games for the Sea Eagles so far this season, but missed their round six match with an Achilles injury.

The 22-year-old may not remain in the NRL, with English Super League clubs reportedly interested in his services.

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It seems as though their is no way back for Hastings now, given the comments of one club insider to The Daily Telegraph.

“He is off with the playing group. There has been a lot of angst at training between Jackson and certain members of the playing group. This has been building up for a couple of weeks now. He just doesn’t fit in here,” the insider said.

“There is definitely a personality issue there. It’s coming across that there is a real lack of respect for senior players. This isn’t a one-off.”

Hastings has played 47 first grade games for Sydney and Manly after making his debut in round 26, 2014 for the Roosters.


  1. Seriously what in the hell is with this guy? Talented as hell but seems to think he’s above everyone else wherever he goes. If DCE didn’t belt him then he should have. Sounds like he needs some sense beaten into him. Pity it wasn’t Tapau he tangled with. I just can’t fathom where he gets the attitude from.

    • Hes probably pissed we using croker instead of him even though croker is a park footballer at best as for dce hastings is probably better on his current form.. captain lol rubbish player outplayed by brooks the ultimate dud

      • Brooks ultimate dud? perhaps in past seasons but they’ve knocked off Storm twice this season and are equal second.

      • Brooks has taken a while to adjust, but who wouldn’t after all the drama, salary cap problems, coaches and the mud forward pack we’ve had over the years? He’s coming into his own now, he wouldn’t be a dud if he’s led us to a 4-1 so far (5-0 if we weren’t robbed lol) now would he.

      • Brooks is the form 7 of the comp he is no dud, Id take him over our useless million dollar seven at the moment. Brooks is pretty much an elite 7 now.

        • Form 7 lol cmon man we were a joke dce is a joke look at him you could almost think he was throwing games i mean seriously whats he doing? We let brooks do what he wanted and look we played benji into career best form lol we were bad very bad like parra when we won 54 nil other teams have proven we arent that good. How bout how brooks runs to the left dce follows him and he passes back to kevin naqiuma and he makes a clean line break and passes for them to score wtf why would you chase him he had no room and had nothing. We let him kick however he wamted instead of been all over him same with benji we offered no pressure at all. Terrible game 26 minutes in we had 1 set the refs didnt help either. They got 2 penalties in a row then scored. Then another penalty and a repeat set and another try. Then uate the vile insect drops it.. i think i hate him lol

        • Fifty four nil, you have just outed yourself as having absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

          Firstly, you have admitted that you can’t distinguish between current form and past form.
          (FYI Brooks is currently leading the Dally M count)

          Secondly, DCE was not responsible for Naiqama’s break, he chased his man instead of letting them get an overlap (the reason Brooks had no room was because DCE had chased him), the fact that Naiqama went back inside and made a break is the fault of the inside defenders who didn’t slide.

          Thirdly, I am guessing you have some sort of issue with DCE so will jump on any bad performance he has and most likely turn a blind eye to all the incredible performances he has.

          In regards to Benji, he is not in career best form, but he has been playing good all year, that includes before the weekend. Brooks and Marshall have led the Tigers to beating the Storm twice this season before playing Manly, but I guess those losses from the Storm were probably DCE’s fault as well…

        • In all sincerity I think someone has hijacked Holmsey’s account.

          ZT, serously, can you check that please, especially as this has happened with his account before? This, and other comments from “holmsey” recently, have been completely out of character.

    • Mate Dragons had the chance to get him back, even though he was a junior and didn’t even waste their time attempting to lure him. Plenty of people that know his parents will tell you where the problem started with this Muppet. He’s got serious attitude and arrogance issues and needs to eat some humble pie, NRL should tear up his accreditation and tell him to sort him self out.

      • What’s the issue with his parents? Sounds like they didn’t believe in smacking from the sounds of it.

  2. Just as I was about to suggest he was the answer to the 6 jersey for manly, this happens .. talented player just doesn’t have a great attitude. Same thing happened at the Roosters, players didn’t want to play with him aswell. Thought he’d learn and change, but guess not

    • Imo hes pissed because croker is ahead of him for some unknown reason when hes Cleary better and can handle 1st grade. Croker offers nothing whatsoever hes the worst player in the nrl along with uate

      • And maybe the reason you got him, and got him so cheap, is because he’s not a team player.

        If he can’t get an NRL contract, and it doesn’t look like he will, then maybe he needs a “reality” check.

        • There both bad players all our halfs are dce is a clown without someone like green running the team so he can chime in hes rubbish. Hes a million dollar player yet does nothing all game but stuff up. When the heat is on he buckles. We have no short side plays or raids anymore his short kicking game is non existent his cut out pass show and go are all gone from his game now.

  3. Would make an awesome super league player. Has talent but has a terrible attitude. If Manly were smart they’d try trade him for Albert Kelly over in the UK. If Bellamy get his hands on him and settles him like he has with other players he could be a real coup like Josh Addo-Car. Also he’d provide good competition with Brodie Croft

    • Yeah was gonna throw up Melbourne as a possible solution, Bellamy does know how to get the best out of his players. Munster is still a loose cannon but if Bellamy can control him he can do wonderous things with Hastings

      • agree with both, i dont like the Storm too much but they have the best development systems in terms of the coaching structure. Only last year he was interviewed and spoke about how he had changed his ways playing in reserve grade.

        • It’d be good, because after Slaters gone, Munster can slot back into 1, Croft and Hastings in the halves, not a bad 1,6 and 7.

    • That’s what I thought also. Hasting use to play Fullabck and in the halves so if Munster could lock down the Number 6 jersey as his this year then Hastings would provide healthy competition with Brodie Croft in the halves or with young Hughes as the fullback after Slater retires

  4. Funny how he kept Croker out of all two sides growing up but now Croker is keeping him out of the 6 jumper and oh so is the rest of the team lol.

    • Haha, yep true that. An arrogant d1ckhead who thinks his sh1t doesn’t stink. He’d fit in perfectly with the likes of Gallen, Graham and Flanagan. Wouldn’t be surprised if he was Gallen and Flanagan’s love child.

  5. Yeah right because Tapau, Uate, Walker, Fonua-Blake, Thomson and lane all started their careers with the she eagles you moron. Hahaha manly fans whinging about people buying premierships is like Donald Trump whinging about sexual assault. Don’t think too hard you double digit IQ muppet, you might hurt yourself.

    PS I would have named more players from your garbage team that didn’t start out at manly but I just can’t think of who most of your players are – most likely because they’re rubbish – hence your position on the ladder.

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