during a Gold Coast Titans NRL training session on May 10, 2017 in Gold Coast, Australia.

The rugby league transfer merry-go-round occurs every year, new players come, while others go. It’s part of the game and it happens to every team.

However, particular departures can leave fans wondering what could have been. We’ve looked at each team and picked one player they would love to have back in their jersey.


Brisbane Broncos

DUBLIN, IRELAND – NOVEMBER 24: Israel Folau of Australia in action during an Australia training session at the RDS Arena on November 24, 2016 in Dublin, Ireland. (Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images)

Israel Folau

He’s currently one of the best players in rugby union.

Originally departing the NRL to pursue a career in the AFL, Folau then made the transition into rugby union with his bid to return to the NRL thwarted at the last minute by salary cap issues.

The Broncos would love to convince Israel Folau to return to Brisbane.



    • What are you on about? Milford is mentioned for Canberra, Keary at Souths, and Munster debuted for the Storm where he is now? you got me all consusded….

      • Pub lunch? FTS means I hit the Raiders then changed to Souths. I thought it had updated but obviously I was mistaken. Oh Souths would much rather have Keary…. No, seriously, Munster is still the player that Souths lack.

        • @ eels47

          Take your pick:

          Josh Mansour
          James Segyaro
          James Roberts
          Dylan Walker
          Nathan Peats
          Api Korisou
          Luke Keary
          Chris McQueen

          The list goes on. Souths just keep giving to other clubs (Nathan Brown – Eels). The Bunnies are quite generous really. πŸ˜‰

      • Never took a drug in my life. Pub lunch was a joke as well. Just didn’t bother to read before posting this time around as I was walking to lunch and typing distracted. So which one are you wrong about being a Souths Junior… Jack Gosiewski or Josh Addo-Carr?

        • Too be clear, you said that both were NOT Souths Juniors but you have contradicted yourself. Review my comments on the Jack Gosiewski story. Check mate! No getting out of it. Now decide. Which one are you WRONG about?

      • You know all about that don’t you , sleep all day ! πŸ˜‚ Got the munchies , tells us big boooyeee what’s news on wiki today πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

        • Wiki is gold though , that’s gonna stick , πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I’ve excelled again ! “Get in the bowl” “mollusc ” , “wiki” ” computer says Nooooooh ” I’m the king of shhh pin , from the beck

        • Where has it been announced? I couldn’t find it on FOX sports. Didn’t check Wiki though. πŸ˜‰

          I did find this story on FOX sports though…

          “Idris announces shock NRL retirement”

          Sad, Big Jamal could have been anything in the game. His off field personal battles aside, he was great for the game on the field and off it. Well done champ!

        • Julian Assange , just ” leaked ” it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

        • A hoax !! Like the Tasmanian tiger , and that abomination snowman , and a legit tax return, and three hats , πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ THERE ALL HOAXES

  1. Whilst I wish Peats would never have had to leave, I am happy with having King for the moment. What Parra desperately need is a big dominant prop, so the player I would want back is Junior Paulo.

    • 100% right eels47.
      We need a big bopper up front and Jr fits the bill perfectly.
      In all honesty I would take King over Peats any day of the week.
      King is a much better runner of the ball and has a much better passing game. He also posses a very good kicking game which is something Peats hasn’t got.
      Believe me when I say Peats is not missed at Parra.

      • I’m a huge Peats fan, and I’d still want him back, but I’m also agreeing King has done a great job / Is showing huge potential, and maybe we don’t need him (Peats ) back. I still back Pritchard too.

        I think everyone knows we need that extra “big bobber”, and I’d expect an announcement on that front very soon. I don’t know anything, but I’d expect that is priority No 1.

        Going forward, we have room in our cap (no doubt there), and we can fill every position, but will be a bit lean in the reserves running 1-7, outside of Hoffman and Smith, who I’ve left out of the starting lining up, but are more than just depth, especially Smith, and being:

        So what do we do? We have young guys to bring through, but we have a pretty inexperienced, but highly talented squad still? I honestly don’t know. I’m in two minds. If someone like L. Mitchell was to become available to fit Cronk into the Roosters, well I’d be jumping at that, but otherwise I don’t see too many options, and we can’t turn into a “training ground” side that takes the risks on “potential”, and loses the successful players to “TPA’s”.

        • a big “bobber” or more correctly a big “bopper” is needed – and one that runs and tackles hard for longer than 10 mins (yes vave i am pointing the finger at you) but are there any available or that will become available at the right freight? We know BA wont mortgage the farm to bring someone in – so it might just be a patient wait for the right body.
          however, there is a lot of chatter around that the Eels have joined the race for Cronk – and from what i hear the odds of him joining the rorters are lengthening by the hour. Will it happen? Who knows but if it does, then it might be a strategic play by BA for the long term benefit of the squad, have a winner around the team and showing the young guys what they need to do and how they need to prepare to be the best
          Bern says there is plenty of money in the bank to make a play for whatever comes on the market for 2018.
          Interesting times…

        • The Cronk talk is just that I think, talk. however, say there is some backing to it, is it an indication that the rumours floating around about Norman are true and maybe he is on the outer? I don’t see where Cronk fits otherwise, unless of course it is just for the coaching staff, which would be a great thing.

        • yeah i am not too sure how much of it is talk or legit – but when look at the logic behind it, its possible.Out of all sydney clubs, only rorters (not sure how) and eels are the ones with sufficient available space to fit him in.

  2. Why on earth would Souths want Keary back? The player Souths miss the most from 2014 is Ben Teo. The only other player I would like back is Dylan Walker,

  3. There is no way the Knights would want Darius Boyd back in the side. He didn’t show any effort when he was with the Knights. I would have Jake Mamo back as he played for the jumper

      • Mamo had talent, but ball playing was the Knights concern. Didn’t really have a pass in him, also a bit of a rocks or diamonds player. Would have been a sensation in the 90s

  4. Adam Blair back to the WT…no way Jose!…he is a terrible player and a coward of a man….overrated in his time in brisbane!

    • 100%, would have to be one of the worst signings ever. Utterly useless for WT. As a Saints supporter I was sh….ing myself when there was talk of Saints signing him.
      I would have thought Saints would rather have Bird back than Morris, a utility like Bird is better value than a winger.

  5. I don’t understand why we pushed Guthro out , and Burhuer for that matter , well maybe I do , the same reason killer refused to attend captains dinner , and Matai his farewell , place smells like Fulton ,

    • I believe the club gave away Gutho and Buhrer due to the fact they both are very injury prone which is a very silly reason in my opinion. We are lacking a centre to partner Walker and another backrower. Both Manly u20s stars too. Cant keep em all I guess.

    • Billy , that’s my line I didn’t give you permission, homer and I disagree on lots of things , my only gripe was being called dumb , stupid and an idiot because of my opinion rather than a logical argument, Holmsey is being polite so as I will to be polite , behave or I will put you in the bowl 😜

      • Holmsey, you let Gutho go because of DCE (FACT), and that was a big mistake (my opinion).

        Let’s consider the facts:

        In 2015, shortly after Gutho did his ACL, Manly extended his contract for another 2 seasons (2016/17).

        Soon after, a month or 2, DCE did his backflip, or just fell over backwards due to the extra weight of his wallet in his back pocket, and Gutho is shopped around.

        Clearly doubling DCE’s salary (there or there abouts) for the 2016 season meant Manly needed to find some space in their cap. We got Gutho, you kept DCE, and I doubt you’ll find a Parra supporter unhappy about that little arrangement.

      • And I doubt youll find anymore than 2 or 3 unhappy Manly fans about keeping Cherry with the way he has been playing and leading our side. Its not a fact, if it were a fact Id have seen it in an official statement. Its your theory, good theory not fact.

        If Manly needed room in the cap why did we go on a spending spree? We signed Walker, Taupau, Myles, Koroisau ect… big flaws in your apparent fact?πŸ˜‚ Gutho got let go because he was not needed and injury prone. We had Turbo coming up and he had to fullback spot sown up for a long time. Gutho has done his knee 3 times now, a player like him is injury prone and a big risk and Im pretty happy with our current 1 and so is the fan baseπŸ˜‰

        • Holmsey, it’s called timing. If you’re saying, and check timing, that DCE didn’t force players out, then I have to side with MW47, in that you belong in his “bowl”. Do yourself a favour, and look at what the club is doing / has done etc. Mate, I’m a Parra supporter, and own our history. It is what it is, thick and thin, 13 SPOONS etc. Every single club makes mistakes, even Manly.

        • Keeping Cherry wasnt a mistake, and he is getting better every season with us now as he gets more experienced. Letting Gutho go was a mistake, but we have gained Walker instead who is a big upgrade and I’m pretty happy with that. As for Cherry theory pushing everyone out, if we needed room why did we sign 10 players? I see no logic in that. Why would we be trying to make room but in the same year buy heaps of players?πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚ Timing has nothing to do with it as we were setting up for the same season 2016 capπŸ˜‚

        • Before you go banging on about Walker being an upgrade on Gutho give it a bit more time. Walker is a flashy player with a lot of speed yes, but those type of players rarely show much consistency. Walker’s career hasn’t been one of consistency thus far has it, and that is without mentioning his off season issues. Gutho is the type of player that you can rely on to give 100% week in week out. He isn’t the fastest, he isn’t the most skillful, but his effort can’t be questioned, and he is consistent. The downside is obviously the injuries, as you have mentioned. I am not saying that Walker won’t turn out to be a great signing for Manly and that he won’t be able to continue his form, but I see more chance of him falling back to inconsistent form than I do Gutho.

        • Also, and this is not a criticism of DCE, but you always talk about his leadership. Can you please provide me some examples of this as I don’t see it? Yes his form has improved and he is starting to look the player he was expected to be, but I am interested to know what you see in him that makes him such a great leader. Again, not a criticism of him, or you for that matter, just something that crosses my mind when you talk about it.

        • Walker has had an inconsistent career completely agree, he had some great early years, fell away in 2015 and 16. Moved back to centre and is the most consistent centre/best centre of 2017,and I think he will continue that as he gets even more experienced, also showing plenty more off field maturity and will be a eagles legend by the time he finishes.

          As for Gutho, Walker is an upgrade on him at centre. As you said Gutho is a very hard worker and consistent at fullback but at centre he doesnt have those skills Walker has like the acceleration, footwork and speed therefore I’d prefer Walker over him because Walker is a better player in that position. Also Gutho is very injury prone, does his ACL every year and its a shame because he had the dally m sown up in my opinion for 2017 playing in the halves and fullback, thats his position.

          On DCE his leadership has been massive for our side. You can see it through his actions on the field, first to get to player on a kick chase, standing up in the big moments. He has also numerous times given a rally to the boys when we are down, or at halftime, thats what the good leaders do. He does heaps for the community and any body going through a tough time he will help out, he isnt a #### either. Leads by his actions. Boys are always saying he is a great leader and his peers are the most reliable informants. Really happy with him as our skipper.

        • I don’t know, Dylan Walker was pretty consistent at Souths with form that saw him selected for City Origin, NRL All Stars and Australia (though WAY too soon in his career to wear the Green & Gold IMO). It wasn’t until his off field issues caused his sudden exit from the Rabbitohs that his form was inconsistent. No doubt largely due to the fact that in his first year at a new club he was forced to play out of position at 5/8 and carry a leadership role (in guiding the team around) that he was not equipped or experienced enough to handle. He is only now (the 2017 season) starting to recover from the failed experiment of 2016. Surely Manly are not the only perfect club in the premiership. As mighty says, “Every single club makes mistakes, even Manly.”

        • I agree with everything you have said about Walker mate and i hope he does continue on the path he is on, not for Manlys sake but the Blues πŸ˜‰

          As for DCE i guess i just dont see it. With the kick chase it is his job to get there first as tge kicker to put everyone onside, so i don’t see that as leadership. Obviously don’t see the halftime sstuff, but you are right, the teammates are the ones who experience it so they are good judges (as long as they are being honest and not just towing the party line)

      • Holmey , it was a mistake signing DCE on massive coin , yes I agree his is a capable 7 when he wants to be , he’s not capable at semi or SOO level I’m not happy , Orford delivered, remember Monners , same as DCE , to a point

        • I disagree and I understand your points but the deal will look like a bargain in comparison to what some of the halfbacks will be getting soon. 1 mil isnt that much these days, especially the way he is playing. While I agree he hasnt taken his chances in origin so far but he did also have to play an unfarmiliar role, hed be fine playing the role at qld he plays with manly. Mal has even said this was his biggest mistake with chez. As for him not standing up in finals, he played finals with us since 2011. First year wins grandfinal, plays a big part. 2013 gets us to grand final also wins cc medal on losing team recongnising he was the best player that day. The other years he also got us deep into the finals.

        • That’s not good mate cause you then have a situation like Maloneys currently in , the difference being I feel whilst he comes at a cost (penalties) he , Maloney is dame good at his job , and currently underpaid big time , you can see in his game he’s not happy , is preferred we paid big money for a big player , ( quality) DCE dosnt have that killer /venom/ leadership mongrel I want ,

        • Yeah the mongrel isnt his go and Id love to have that aswell. I don’t think he is our long term leader, I think Jake will be with Cherry as back up or co skippers.

        • Hey , we agree , ya know DCE would go one better if he developed a little arrogance , equal to mongrel but with a little more discipline, he needs to start acting like a senior “Manly” player , like Killer did , and Snake , Matai, these lads were knockabouts off the field but on it there xxxx didn’t stink aie , !!!

        • “DCE would go one better if he developed a little arrogance”

          MW47, I thought I remember you posting something quite different. After Manly lost their first 2 games of 2017 to the Rabbits and the Eels for a combined tally of 58 – 30, and when DCE was interviewed about Manly’s poor form and replied; β€œI don’t watch the news, I don’t read papers, it’s not my problem,” I seem to recall you thought THAT was pretty arrogant!

          Hooks in the water… seagulls are comin’ chief. Keep a sharp eye now. Bahahahahahaha πŸ˜‰

        • He was slapped twice this year and did nothing , I’m not clutching at anything , our 7 is a girlie man , like I said alittle arrogance ,fight , mongrel call it what you want , but he lacks it

        • Jimmy would never let you slap him ! Well get away with it anyway! Nor Norman , Taylor , Cronk ! That flea Moses would come out swinging, you do see what I’m trying to point out ?

        • I agree on DCE not being at a senior level yet, hopefully he can develop more as he gets more experienced and older and move into a better leader mould but Im enjoying his leadership as it is, bit more mongrel would be excellent.

        • Got a second one as I was closing the lid! πŸ˜‰
          OK, I will catch and release that last one. Boy, did that first one put up a fight. Bahahahahahaha

        • Too late, I’ve got you in my tank. Soon you will be declawed and have your beak clipped. Now be quiet before I neuter you as well. Bahahahahahahaha Fishing is fun, isn’t it holmsey. πŸ˜‰

        • No, No ,No. This just will not do. MW47 and holmesy are not allowed to be civil. The last thing we all need is these Manly blokes getting along and being on the same page. Come on boys, back to normality please πŸ˜‰

  6. A few players on here who would never be allowed back at their old clubs, Blair to the Tigers & Boyd to the Knights for example

  7. I doubt the Cowboys were too worried when Tamou left.

    As for Saints I dont’ think Morris head’s the list either. Would much prefer to have kept Jack Bird.

  8. I doubt the Cowboys were too worried when Tamou left.

    As for Saints I don’t think Morris head’s the list either. Would much prefer to have kept Jack Bird.

  9. What a total joke that anyone would want that serial grub cheap shot merchant Blair back. Tigers would rather lose a grand final to the roosters than get this clown back.

  10. Much criticised Jason Nightingale? Not sure where that is coming from, he scored 16 tries this year and continues to perform consistently. Nene is a underwhelming but I’d rather him that Brett Morris who is no longer the player he once was. I’d also argue that the Storm would prefer Inglis back, not proctor

    • He wasn’t criticised so much this year, but last year he definitely was. Too slow, too old etc. were being thrown around by both Dragons and non Dragons fans.

  11. Just got the Eels draw for 2018 emailed to me from the club (no doubt will be on here shortly). So even after the NRL takes control of the draw we play Panthers, Sea Eagles, Sharks and Tigers twice in the first 9 rounds…..

    • It’s “balanced ” now E47 , greenies has brought balance the the draw πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • The Roosters draw is a joke with 6 of their first 7 games being against teams that finished in the botton 6 while 4 out of their first 7 games are HOME games!
      After 14 rounds the Roosters will only have played 3 teams from the top 8 (2017) and 10 of the 14 teams will have been in the bottom 6 (2017). As well as this 10 of the Roosters first 16 games are HOME games!

      Added to that the Roosters are meant to be on the verge of signing Cooper Cronk on the heals of James Tedesco and they are losing no top players to compensate for the salary cap after bringing in 2 million dollar players. Are you kidding me? Why don’t they just hand the 2018 premiership to the Roosters now.

  12. Russell Packer? naahhh…
    Maloney back to warriors would be nice, back when sj wasn’t cut and changing with Foran and Ata hingano and “I should never play league again” Lino

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