Parramatta Eels head coach Brad Arthur has confirmed that Corey Norman and Kaysa Pritchard are fit and will both play in their Round 4 match against the Cronulla Sharks.

“Corey was touch and go last week with a tight turn around with the five days, and maybe if we played Sunday he was a good chance,” Arthur said.

“He is definitely playing. Everyone obviously has to get through training today but he has trained all week with us and can’t see any reason why he wouldn’t play.”

“We missed his kicking game and he is a class player, but at the end of the day, having a completion rate after we completed 10 straight sets of around 60%, I don’t know if he could of done much there,” Arthur added.

“If we don’t get the ball, and aren’t getting to our last tackle, his kicking game wouldn’t of been any good to us anyway.”

Arthur also confirmed hooker Kaysa Pritchard would take the field, despite coming off the field with injury last week.

“Kaysa Pritchard is right so we will be 1-17.”