The Penrith Panthers could be in danger of losing yet another premiership star as the club could not come to terms on a new deal with an unsung forward.

Thriving under Ivan Cleary, Scott Sorensen has been invaluable to the Panthers but isn't as recognised as other players in the squad.

One of the lowest-paid players on the roster, The Mole from Wide World of Sports, reports he is "attracting good money offers from rival clubs".

Relishing a role on the interchange bench in the Panthers' two premierships, Sorenson has gone from bench player to starting back-rower after the departure of Viliame Kikau.

Off-contract at the end of the season, the Panthers have had preliminary talks with the Kiwi international's management but have been unable to come to terms for a new contract.

The club, unfortunately, has little wiggle room in the salary cap after re-signing star quartet Moses Leota, Liam Martin, Brian To'o and Isaah Yeo.