It seems like a distant memory now, but the ongoing hostility between Canberra Raiders coach Ricky Stuart and Penrith Panthers utility Jaeman Salmon could be far from over, with the Panther revealing he was still considering legal action.

The incident occurred after the Panthers’ Round 21 victory over the Raiders, when Stuart took umbrage to a kick from Salmon on Tom Starling, before stunning attending media by adding personal and historical context with his “weak-gutted dog” slam.

Stuart was subsequently punished by the NRL, missing an entire week as a head coach and being hit with a $25,000 fine.

From there the incident faded into memory, but it’s been brought back into the spotlight ahead of this week’s grand final following confirmation from Salmon that legal options were still on the table.

“Definitely, there could be some stuff in the works still,” Salmon told the Daily Telegraph.

“I’m not sure, I can’t really comment on anything and I won’t.”

While Stuart delivered a public apology, it appears both parties are still unwilling to discuss whatever incident from their storied past served as a catalyst for Stuart’s tirade.

While he didn’t discuss the issue, Salmon clarified that it had nothing to do with Stuart’s daughter, as some had suggested. He also spoke on how the term had caught on since the comment was made.

“It has nothing to with his autistic daughter,” Salmon said.

“I’m not worried about hearing that term, I’m only focused on the game this week.

“I heard about it at the game, but what Rick said is up to him.

“It’s caught on a bit, I’ve been copping it a bit at games, but I’m not focused on that. Everyone (at the club) has been good, I won’t comment on what happened.”