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The Panthers have revealed their Nines and 2020 alternate jersey, bringing back their pink strip.

Penrith announced the new strip on the club website on Thursday morning.

“Following member and fan feedback, the colour has now returned as an eye-catching alternative to the club’s traditional ‘liquorice all sorts’ colour scheme,” the statement reads.

The last time Penrith donned the pink strip was in 2017.



  1. Lovely comments, gentlemen, yes I am being sarcastic. I am not a fan of the pink. Brennan.Lane, we spell colours, colours in Australia.

  2. Original colours are brown and white vertical stripes. I believe the “Pink Panthers” came in when Glen McGraths’ wife got breast cancer and it just sort of stuck from there. Personally I like it.

  3. Cool Kev..
    That means you’ll have to buy a jersey first, to be able to do that. The club will thank you very much!
    Don’t understand why you hate the Panthers in particular so very much? Your favourite club loves them . The Parramatta coach is a Penrith junior . The first grade squad has more Panther juniors & former Panther first graders in it all the time! In fact, you’re favourite Parramatta Eels are depending on a host of former Panthers, to bring them their next Premiership .
    So not only should you love the Panthers, you should say ‘Thank You So Much Penrith’!
    As your Eels may look pretty sad without them right now.
    As for the jersey.., I thought the ones including the blue or the teal looked better.
    No matter which jersey they use? At least it they weren’t taken from the French . Like the French Dressed Chickens.

  4. Lidcombe.
    They show you the different jerseys each year . In fact, that’s what this story is about . You could also go to the Panthers site . They have the jerseys there for display each year. Then you may have an idea? I hope that helps you?
    I hope you can work out which ground is the Tigers home ground? As that may also confuse you? It must be difficult for you to turn up to their home games , in all of your confusion? Is the home game at Campbelltown ? It it at Leichhardt or Homebush? Perhaps it’s at Parramatta?
    Well , they aren’t the Magpies any longer. So it’s not at Lidcombe. At least it was easy to add the black & white , to the gold & black . So they could all but fully eliminate your Magpies? That was handy!

  5. At least it’s not talking about a former blow in Nuggets player , who’s no longer at that club. That makes a change chookstir.

  6. The chocolate Soldiers during the 1970s loved the Roosters colours so much, which is a replication of the Australian Flag colours, that they kept the Chocolate Poo and White and added Easts colours onto their daggy jersey. Looked just as stupid as every jersey they have ever produced since.

    What clown fans follow a team with Poo Brown and White then 50 years later have no original colours in their jersey? Only to have RED GOLD GREEN & BLACK these days ahahahah and now PINK!!!!!

    This clown club will before long be playing in Oxford St Rainbow colours. Scitzo’s Ahahahaha
    No other team in the history of Rugby League has altered their original colours.

  7. toddy123
    January 23, 2020 at 9:26 pm
    The pink is what made my daughter’s go for panthers. So I like it

    What happened to your German Flag 🇩🇪 colours.
    Happy Australia Day Toddy. Hahahaha don’t ask me for a spare smoke. I gave up


    For all you German Flag Coloured Aussies
    Learn these words and learn to Sing

    Australians all let us rejoice
    For we are young and free
    We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil,
    Our home is girt by sea
    Our land abounds in nature’s gifts
    Of beauty, rich and rare
    In history’s page let every stage
    Advance Australia fair,
    In joyful strains then let us sing
    “Advance Australia fair!”

    Beneath our radiant Southern Cross,
    We’ll toil with hearts and hands,
    To make this Commonwealth of ours
    Renowned of all the lands,
    For those who’ve across the seas
    We’ve boundless plains to share,
    With courage let us all combine
    To advance Australia fair,
    In joyful strains then let us sing,
    “Advance Australia fair!”

  9. Happy Australia Day to you too mark.mywords. Someone as classy as you must love the German flag. You love genocide. Or a you happy with that second hand English flag?

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