SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 23: Nathan Cleary of the Panthers sits on the bench after being substituted with an injury during the round three NRL match between the Bulldogs and the Panthers at ANZ Stadium on March 23, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

Penrith’s NRL season has suffered a massive blow with scans revealing star halfback Nathan Cleary will be sidelined for an extended period.

Cleary was injured during the first half of the Panthers loss to the Bulldogs last night and did not return to the field after halftime.

It was first reported that Cleary had suffered a grade one medial ligament strain which has an expected recovery of one to four weeks.

Scans have now revealed grade three medial ligament damage and Cleary will likely spend ten weeks on the sidelines while he recovers.

The Panthers will be left scrambling to find a partner for James Maloney, with Tyrone May not expected to be fit until at least Round 5.

The club could shift Peter Wallace into the halves, with Sione Katoa playing hooker.



  1. Panthers season is over.
    It’s a shame as I thought Cleary was a good chance to play SOO for the Blues.

  2. I have a theory that when Edrick Lee dropped that lollie pop in the grand final qualifier to blow their chance of premiership glory, the Raiders have been cursed. They must have lost 10 cliffhangers since then, not winning one close one.
    They need to hire a witch doctor.

    • Taking it from a Raiders supporter either what you say is correct or I need to stop supporting my beloved teams in respective sports (I.e Raiders, Aston Villa) for them to start winning. These two teams of mine are forever cursed with playing heart attack playing styles. Perhaps I’m the curse 😂 But, getting back to footy, look apart from our clear deficiencies as a team and playing roster, the Raiders are not the glamour clubs or the glory clubs that the ref’s and NRL like to give the rub of the green. What sticky said today “we have some tough calls go against us” is the theme year in year out. How do they rectify that? I say it again, recruit a aggressive commanding marquee player and make them captain. With such an individual you will always put pressure on ref’s and make them take notice. Unfortunately, Croker is just not a captain. He is too quiet and not one to bark orders.

      The minute we do then we will start to see some 50/50 calls go our way courtesy of the pestering captain. Until that happens we will be losing close games and dwelling towards the bottom of the table. We need a sticky of a player simple as that!

      • Don’t lose the faith.
        I feel I jinx my team too if I wear my manly cap in the first half of the game.

        • I don’t wear any Eels gear on game day unless I am going to the game (a lot of good its done this year though)

    • Holmsey, he doesn’t play for Easts anymore so he is now a more complete player, now that he is out of that system, but yeah i know where your coming from.

      • Yeah would love to see him play well for the blues but who knows? Congrats on Souths win today, you dominated the manly boys across the park. Big reality check for us, and was needed we had it easy against Parra and its showed we still lack in a number of areas.

    • NSW should be allowed to borrow the halves QLD reject. DCE, Hunt, Taylor, Milford, Norman. Only one, at most of these will be in QLD team this year. All are a better option to Pearce

  3. Pearce will do the job, The old farts of Qld are dropping like flies. They are in rebuild mode. It won’t matter who the Halfback for NSW will be. Its their time now and they will win this series comfortably.

    • Rebuild mode. 😂😂
      Worlds best Fullback
      Worlds best defensive centre
      GI returns
      Best player of last series on one wing, either Boyd/Holmes on the other
      Tried and tested engine room, rookies will be better for last years experience
      Referee boss at 9, and a bench that can maintain the rage

      1- Slater
      2- Boyd – just over Holmes’ dodgy start to season
      3- GI
      4- Chambers
      5- Gagai
      6- Morgan
      7- Hunt, only for game control, most likely Munster starts Hunt benched.
      8- Scott
      9- Smith
      10- Wallace
      11- Cooper
      12- Gillet
      13- Mcguire

      Napa, Glasby, Kaufusi, Munster

      Decent rebuilding team.

      • No Cronk, NoThurston, Scott only half the player he was before a knee reconstruction, Slater worlds best fullback four years ago, should of retired a winner after the grand final. He has Langlands written all over him, one season to long. Smith only half the player he is without his organizer Cronk. Gi, no where near his best and needs much more time. Boyd injury prone with his hamstring and slower in his old age. Morgan unless he rediscovers his halfback magic of last season semis then he his of no threat.

        Yes rebuild mold with two new halves and a nucleus of old stock who need to be replaced who are living on past glories.

    • If he can keep playing well, and keep improving he would give himself every opportunity to nab of spot.

  4. Penrith suppose to have the largest amount of juniors in Sydney. Lets see what they have got to replace their imported half Cleary. We all know he was not born and bred in Penrith. He only became a local because his dad switch his coaching teams from Auckland to Penrith. Matter of fact many of Penriths so called home grown “juniors” like the Roosters are spotted young and enticed to the club as kids and become “juniors” and work through the Penrith junior team system. James Fisher-Harris & Sam McKendry from NZ, Isaah Yeo from Dubbo, Viliame Kikau Townsville, Waqa Blake Perth, and Josh Mansour from Lakemba just to name a few. Add Dean Whare, James Tamou, Trent Merrin, Tyronne Peachy, Tim Browne, James Maloney then you have 13 imports in a team that brags about producing local juniors. The bottom line is they are not much different to every other team in Sydney who spot talent young from anywhere in Australia and shove them into their junior program and call them locals.🤣

    • Only an Easts supporter would come up with facts like that, just trying to justify the years Easts have been buying premierships , feel better now woody?

      • Yes!! knowing Penrith with all their SO CALLED JUNIORS are doing what every team in the comp does every season, buying a premiership.

        Souths you know are trying to but another premiership to go along with their 2014 tropy of purchashed imports.

        Cody Walker Qld, Adam Doueihi Balmain juniors, Robert Jennings Penrith, Greg Inglis Melbourne, 3x Burgess bros England, Dane Gagai Qld via Newcastle, Robbie Farrah, Tevita Tatola Wests, Zane Musgrove NZ, Vincent Leuluai Roosters, Tyrell Fuimaono Penrith via Parra, Sam Johnstone Nth Qld, Kyle Turner Coonabarabran Unicorns, Dean Britt Melbourne, Damien Cook, Saints/Canyerbury, Angus Crichton Young/Roosters/Unoin, Richard Kennar Melbourne.

        I’m sure there is a stack more but I simply have named 19 already and am getting tired fingers in typing all the imports Souths have in their attempt to purchase a premiership/wooden spoon. So Penso when you say the Roosters are buying a premiership just remember Souths who claim to have heaps of juniors which we see they don’t are really just a smidgen behind the Roosters in their quest to avoid the spoon. The bottom line is Souths are trying hard to purchase a spoon. Just like ALL teams Penso, Most juniors are not home grown but spotted all over the country, brought through that particular teams junior rep teams and then hit first grade. The Roosters have been doing what Souths have been doing for years but we have won more premierships than Souths in the modern era with our, like yours, imported juniors. 🤣

        • Now woody i see your fabricating history to suit yourself, bottom line here, which was nicely said by EOD, How many Easts juniors are currently playing for other teams compared to Penrith and Souths has an example, not many hey, your club destroyed club loyalty, everybody knows it, and it’s why Easts are so disrespected, your club is on a roll now but soon this will disappear when players realize that they would rather be respected playing for a decent club that attract crowds, like Pearce said, it’s great to finally play in front of fans, how true, I know what your going to say that Easts attracted more crowds last year than Souths, only because your club rode on the back of the Saints game at the SCG and Gosford, when Souths are going well our crowds build up and like they say , when Souths are going well so is the NRL , can’t say that about Easts hey.

        • Firstly the Roosters have many players playing for other clubs who came through the Rooster junior rep teams. Here are ten I can think of just off the top of my head. Moga, Nene McDonald, Soliola, Tuivas- Shrech, Watson, Pearce, Leilua, Winterstein, Kane Evans, Brendon Elliot.

          No fabrication only facts. Tell me how am I fabricating that Souths have purchased at least 19 players from other teams? I have shown you where they came from. ALL FACTS Penso.

          As for the Roosters home crowds last season we were ranked 5th and the HIGHEST Sydney team only behind Brisbane, Cowboys, Melbourne and Newcastle so you got that one wrong to. If you prefer to view the facts look at this site

          It will also show South’s had the lowest home crowds last season averaging a puny 10 903 per game. At the huge Olympic Stadium with a tiny crowd of 10k it looks like 1000 people at the old Redfern oval.

          More facts The game the Roosters played on Anzac day was at Allianz and was a Roosters HOME game. Fact it was not at the SCG like you say, You are wrong again. The Roosters promoted League in The Central Coast playing ONE game sacrificing Allianz.

        • Funny how you call players like Fisher-Harris, McKendry, Kikau etc imports and not local juniors, even though they made their first grade debut for the Panthers, yet you talk about the Roosters bringing players through their junior system. RTS – NZ Rugby, Kane Evans – Balmain junior, Mitchell Pearce – North Sydney junior, Nene McDonald – PNG. Fact is you are twisting the facts to suit your argument as Penso said.

        • I think you have missed the point also Eels47. What I am saying is players like Sam McKendry and all the others I mentioned from Penrith Souths & Easts all did the same thing. That is they brought the young kids 15-17yrs old to the Club from other districts and put them in their local S.G Ball teams or president cup teams or Jersy Flegg teams nurtured them through the ranks until they are good enough for the NRL.

          If you think that McKendry is a Penrith local junior then that is FANTASTIC, because so do I. I’m so glad some one can see my point. You see here are the facts on McKendry.

          Personal information
          19 July 1989 (age 28)
          Stirling, Western Australia, Australia
          185 cm (6 ft 1 in)
          115 kg (18 st 2 lb)
          Playing information
          Sam McKendry (born 19 July 1989) is an Australian-born New Zealand professional rugby league player who plays for the Penrith Panthers in the National Rugby League. He plays as a prop and is a former New Zealand international.

          Early years
          McKendry was born in Stirling, Western Australia of Maori descent. He moved to New Zealand at the age of 8, and was raised in Dargaville.[2][3] He boarded at Mt Albert Grammar School in Auckland, playing his junior rugby league for the Mt Albert Lions and representing the Junior Kiwis.[2]

          McKendry playing for the New Zealand Māori in 2008

          Aged 17 McKendry was signed by the Penrith Panthers in 2006, having initially been spotted by the Parramatta Eels.[3] He played for the Panthers’ in their 2007 Jersey Flegg Cup Grand Final-winning team against the Eels, scoring a try.[4] Making his NRL debut for the Panthers in round 10 of the 2008 season, McKendry primarily played in the NYC for the Panthers between 2008 and 2009, for a total of 44 matches.[5] He moved into the Panthers’ NRL squad in 2010.

          See all the players I mentioned including this example of McKendry came to the clubs from everywhere but the area of the clubs they played for to become local juniors. They come as 15-17 year olds come through the junior system and are granted the title of being named as o local product. McKendry was born in Perth it is a little further away from Penrith like about 4000 kms and was not signed by them until like I said in that age bracket around 15-17.

          All teams have plenty of young players going through their ranks working their way into first grade that will be called local juniors but only moved to that clubs district as a 15-17 yr old.

          CONGATULATIONS eels47 you have graduated into the intellect for spoting my point that McKendry and ALL the others that I mentioned are blow in local juniors.

          So now everyone can stop blowing their own trumpet and rubbishing the Roosters because like the Roosters have prouduced magnifiscent blow in local juniors and so do all clubs. Big areas like Penrith etc. etc. still produce lots of their own home grown but they still do what the Roosters do. Or should I say The Roosters do what every other team does. Scout around for young talent and bring them through their development program.

        • My point is you criticised the Panthers for their lack of local juniors as their players come from all over, yet then you praise the roosters for deverloping players from the age of 16. You then say all clubs do it, which is true,. But what is it, are clubs failing by not having local juniors, or succeeding in developing players from their teenage years regardless of where they are from?

          I get the point completely, but you are trying to have it both ways to suit you arguments.

        • I never citicised Penrith from lack of them, what I said was “Penrith suppose to have the largest amount of juniors in Sydney” and “they are not much different to every other team in Sydney who spot talent young from anywhere in Australia and shove them into their junior program and call them locals” I did not say they do that with all their juniors

          I’m not trying to have it both ways to suit my point of view. I am simply showing people like your self how it is and how it works. Like I said EVERY team is doing it some clubs like Penrith with a huge area of local talent still produce local home grown players yet they still do what ALL other clubs do also. All I did was show you some names that Penrith brought to their area and put them through their development programs Its not an argument it is a fact. Even Penrith need to hunt around and scout talent from other districts. That’s what I was trying to show people.

          Lets face it it mate, Parramatta’s area is getting more and more people as it continually grows but now it is growing skywards. How many Indian people play cricket, EVERYONE but how many Indian Australians play junior Rugby League. Its bordering on Nil. My point being More people are flooding into the Parra juniors area from India than any other place on Earth. In 10 years time they will have a big problem with home grown products and like Every team in Sydney will be on the scout spotting the young kids from everywhere and anywhere putting them through their development system and call them locals.

          Its not me having it both ways, I’m happy with the Roosters excellent youth/junior development program. They have always produced great players coming through their junior program. We have the next fine crop coming through right now with Cornish, Collins, Radley, Butcher, the same youth development program (Juniors) that made Aubusson, Manu, Mitchel, and Cordner. But you have to except the fact Every club in Australia has it both ways. I’m only the bloke wishing to explain it to anyone who wants to here it. Or in a few people on this site that don’t want to here it. It is not me its the clubs and the clubs produce locals and import kids to become locals. Ask Boyd Cordner who his one and only club is. He came down from the bush at 16 and he classes himself as a local full blooded rooster junior, Same with Latrell Mitchell who came from the bush as a 14yr old, Try telling him he is not a Rooster Junior. Its not me saying it. Its the clubs and the players.

          How many home grown players are running around in all the Sydney teams?Penrith and Souths do have some but I don’t see many at Canterbury, Parra only have maybe two in first grade now with Hayne sorry he grew up in Minto. Um I know one Tim Mannah, Saints well they have a large city to choose from these days from the Gong so but they have no more than three, Tigers have a couple, Manly two, etc.etc.etc. Mate its just the way it is. Tribalism went out when Rugbly League became professional with the big bucks and the big sponsors during the 80’s

          They the clubs have it both ways eels47, not me💋

        • P.S eels47 here is some devastating news for the Parra juniors. The Roosters are undefeated in the SG Ball side after 7 rounds and this all Roosters local junior side has beaten Parra 44-14, They have won every game by 10 or more points and the Adrian Lam coached side is on fire. However it is not known if all players are born and bred at Bondi Beach or not. In 10 years time and Parra try to develop their Indian home grown produce you just might see Parra scouts scouting around the Sydney Roosters District looking for your local juniors.🤣

  5. I think you’ll find Tim Browne was born in Penrith. Is that not a local ? Or is it only not a local like all the New South Welshman who have played for Queensland?
    You conveniently forgot lots of Penrith local juniors who played first grade at Penrith now elsewhere. Like Moylan, Cartwright, Lewis. Lots more when you look around different clubs.
    Plenty of Penrith locals played for the ISP premiers last year.
    Plenty of local juniors in the under twenty Grand Finalists from two years ago , who were premiers for the two previous years.
    How many actual local juniors in the Roosters under twenties premiers from two years ago?
    That side would have been a victory for lots of other junior league districts.
    So there is a huge difference between Penrith producing good local juniors & the Roosters juniors. As in Penrith actually produce many.

    • That’s my point, Other teams spot talent early and sign them up to represent their junior rep teams before they progress into the NRL. every team in the comp has talent scouts who sign the young players from all over Australia including Penriths vast junior area. Its not about producing home grown Juniors these days. Its all about identifying young talent, snapping then up for the future of your club. ALL teams are doing it. Tribal footy went out the door 40 years ago. Its called professionalism these days.

    • EasternSuburbsoftheDivide Brown was born there in Penrith but that is all like Inglis he played footy everywhwere else in his junior days trying to crack the big time.

      Wikipedia says:
      Born in Penrith, New South Wales, Browne played his junior football for the Raymond Terrace Roosters. He missed selection for the Newcastle Knights’ S. G. Ball Cup squad in 2006, but returned to youth club football with the South Sydney Rabbitohs in the Jersey Flegg Cup at age 19.[2] Browne later signed with the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles.
      Playing career[edit]
      Early career[edit]
      In 2009, Browne played for Manly’s Queensland Cup team, the Sunshine Coast Sea Eagles. He played in their 2009 Queensland Cup Grand Final win over the Northern Pride RLFC.
      Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs[edit]
      Browne joined the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs in 2010. He made his NRL debut in round 5 against the New Zealand Warriors.[3] On 7 July 2010, he played for the New South Wales Residents against the Queensland Residents.[4] On 9 September 2010, he was named on the interchange bench in the 2010 New South Wales Cup Team of the Year. On 3 October 2010, he played in the Bulldogs’ 2010 New South Wales Cup Grand Final win over the Windsor Wolves.[5]
      On 2 October 2011, Browne played in the Bulldogs’ 2011 New South Wales Cup Grand Final win over the Auckland Vulcans[6]

      Browne playing for the Bulldogs in 2013
      Browne was named in the Bulldogs squad for the 2014 NRL Auckland Nines.[7]
      On 24 July 2014, Browne extended his contract with the Bulldogs from the end of 2015 to the end of 2016.[8]
      On 31 January and 1 February 2015, Browne played for the Bulldogs in the 2015 NRL Auckland Nines.[9][10]
      Browne was named in the Bulldogs’ 2016 NRL Auckland Nines squad.[11]
      Penrith Panthers[edit]
      Browne signed a three-year contract with the Penrith Panthers starting in 2017.[12]

  6. And they let go one of the Best Halfback back ups Nicholls go to the Dragons
    Total mismanagement at the Panthers ATM

  7. Roosters have scored two tries from off side positions. Both tries were sent upstairs and clear as day you could see they were offside but were still awarded.
    No surprise here.

      • Don’t drink at all WoodChook.
        Even the fox commentators said according to the NRL rule book both tries should have been disallowed for offside.

        • I’ve seen it on the replays and they are perfect. Those commentators on Fox are B graders. Channel Nine have the top commentators. As for seeing things with your very own eyes. Well I here Spec Savers are the ones to go to for assistance

          Good luck Kev👀

  8. Woodchook, none of those players you mentioned came through the Easts juniors system, cause they have no system, no under 10’s where they progress to seniors, you are a fu.king liar and i know this cause i went through the junior system with Kevin Hastings and it was on life support then in the 70’s, Easts have never invested in juniors, you know this , so don’t get on this site with your petty opinions and lie, you are nothing short of a low life who can’t handle the truth, piss off and don’t come back

    • Penso are you all right, don’t chuck a heart attack you poor cranky sod. 💋You have missed the whole point. The day of tribalism went out the window 30years ago mate. I’m not talking about local juniors born and bred in the district and playing under7’s right through to first grade. How many times do Ihave to spell it out to you that all clubs have scouts, they spot a young talent from anywhere in Australia, NZ, or the South Pacific Islands sign them up young 15,16 yrs old put them in their S.G ball, Jersey Flegg or what ever age group that they are allowed to represent their new club according to their age come on through the ranks until they graduate in the NRL. That my foul mouth friend is what they call juniors in our day and age unlike in the 70’s. All those players I mentioned where signed by the Roosters at a very young age and played in those junior rep sides of the Roosters.

      You say you came through the Roosters junior ranks with Kevin Horrie Hastings and the Roosters never looked after their Juniors yet we won the 1976 under 23’s premiership all were juniors. So again I have caught you out telling porky pies. Do you get off on being a fibber? Players like Gary Metcalf, Mal Conner and Michael Mosman were the front row of that under 23’s outfit for Easts and in 1977 Beetson our captain coach promoted the entire front row into first grade. They played there all season and finished first 3rd Amco Cup runner ups and Wills cup winners. That front row over the years were stolen by Souths and their careers went of into oblivion representing Souths. You say they did not look after their Juniors? Hastings, Des O’Reilly, Bob Faruggia, Grant Hedger, Greg Townsend, Eric Ferguson, Garry Metcalf, Mal Connor, Michael Mosman, Mark Snuggs, Arthur Katinas, Joe Reaiche, Terry Murphy, John Mackay came through in the mid 70’s through the Roosters program and played first grade.

      Penso Mr foul mouth, you think you know everything but alas you tell lies. AND can’t handle the TRUTH. N ow run away and take your blood pressure tablets before you end up kicking the bucket.

      One last tip Penso. Stop believing your own made up stories, they are all lies.

      • Oh Penso!!!!!!! Calling Penso!!!!!!

        If you still lack the understanding of how it all works in the 2000’s, then Greg Ingliss your Souths Captain is the classic example. Born and bred in the Mid North Coast of NSW he played his early footy near Bowraville where he grew up and had all his child hood memories playing footy At 15 he moved to Brisbane and played for the Melbourne feeder club the Red Devils. He worked his way through the ranks and Melbourne signed him up not Brisbane Broncos to debut for them which he did. Is he a Melbourne local Junior or a Brisbane Bronco local Junior? This NSW man also became a Queenslander because he played his first major games 15 / 16 yr old for a queensland team.

        This my swearing buddy is the same formula all clubs establish their local juniors on these days in the year 2018 not 1975. Hence the Roosters produce many fine juniors that come out of the Roosters young talent system. That is how all clubs do it these days. Sure some still come through the local district but most come from expert scouting from anywhere on the rugby league planet . 😘

  9. I wish to apologize to all ZT people who contribute to this site, i am sorry for my comments to woodchook but feel i was left with no choice, i played for Easts in the early days, not first grade , but know how they operate and when someone comes on and lies well i just cannot handle it, i will not respond to this bloke ever again.

        • You see Penso players like Cordner ,Nuuasala, Friend, Pearce, Tuivasa-Shreck they where signed by the Roosters as 16 year olds and came through the Roosters development program. They are Roosters and that can never change, even when they leave the club they learnt their trade at the Roosters. Ask Tiuvasa-Shreck who he regards as his official junior club. The Roosters spotted him in NZ brought him to Australia. Housed him schooled him trained him feed him Looked after him and developed his skills into the magnificent player he became He came through the ranks and turned into an NRL player helping the Roosters win a premiership. He is a NZer who played kids footy in NZ. But he is a Roosters JUNIOR FOR life as Inglis is a Melbourne JUNIOR after playing for the North Red Devils for life. It cannot be altered.

    • How about poor old WoodChook Penso? Where the hell is my apology for copping the “F” word? I know you are a disgruntled Eastern Suburbs Junior that turned his love towards the South. Just because you was not good enough to play first grade and the Roosters did not let you get a crack at firsts. Doesn’t mean you have to hate the Roosters with a passion like you do. Get over it you old timer. Life’s to short to carry on like a nitwit. Why did not your next love the Rabbits grade you instead? Lots of other players went over to Souths from East’s like Eric Ferguson, Townsend, Metcalf, Mosman, Katinas etc and played there for a while. Look just admit it you weren’t up to scatch.

        • Penso I’m sorry to here you got injured and missed the opportunity to see how far you could of made it as a Rooster. Nevertheless Penso I hope you don’t hate me for defending my beloved Roosters.

          Remember the rivalry between us is nothing like the players from Sydney Roosters and South of Sydney Rooster land is on the paddock between our teams. The bickering over our footy passion is only a shadow of what happens on East vs South games.

          I don’t want to be your enemy but your constant attack on my beloved Chooks only prompts me to defend them.

          Penso old mate, life’s to short to hate they neighbor. Smile and be happy

        • Your right Woodchook, our passion for our teams can cloud our judgement and i’ll admit i went a bit far, with that i’ll apologize for my comments, i don’t like being offside with anyone.

          Look forward tom our game against Easts.

  10. About time Roosters.
    That scoreline better reflects what $15 million dollars worth of talent should be like.

  11. I didn’t think you made a point at all? Having a go at Penrith local juniors, saying where are they all if they are so good?
    They are everywhere. Playing & coaching everywhere. Penrith can bring in many different actual local juniors to play at halfback. Good players. Doesn’t mean they will be successful straight away though. It does take time when thrown into first grade.
    I could name a whole team of good first graders , all Penrith local juniors. Playing all over the place. The Roosters would have a problem naming more than a couple of players for a first grade team, that actually come from their own area.
    I would put any age group of real Penrith local juniors up against the same age group of real local Roosters players. The Roosters would be lucky to be able to name full teams. Penrith would be able to call upon their own juniors playing at other clubs also. Penrith would win every age group by 50 points or more.
    Your first piece just said the Panthers were like the Roosters. As many players in the first grade team came from other junior areas. Again, where are all these great local Penrith juniors? I explained where they are . Where are all the Roosters great juniors? I expect they are in Newcastle, Penrith, Parramatta, Queensland, Cronulla, St.George etc at the moment. Until the Roosters steal them. Oh, yes! Sorry.. I forgot. The best local Roosters juniors are playing for South’s of course. Then again, that’s until the Roosters steal them.
    It would be nice to see Penrith promoting more of their own real local juniors into first grade. But to say Penrith & the Roosters are the same? You’re Dreaming!!!

  12. EastOfDivide I made a very good point. Tim Brown and Sam McKendry please just scroll up and read what I dug up on those two and you will see that those two Penrith juniors are no different to the Roosters juniors. They played footy outside of the district, were brought to the club to go through that clubs development program to become local NRL players for that team.
    By the way Penrith James Tamou is a Roosters local junior. I bet you did not know that either. But here I go again trying to prove the REAL FACTS.

    • Tamou was born in Palmerston North, New Zealand. He is of Māori and Cook Islander descent.[4][5]
      He began playing junior rugby league in Levin for the Levin Knights in New Zealand. At the age of 13, Tamou moved with his family to Australia. He then played his junior rugby league for the Paddington Tigers and attended Matraville Sports High School in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.
      Playing career
      In 2007, he was the Sydney Roosters Jersey Flegg Cup Player of the Year in 2007 and was selected to play for the Junior Kiwis.[6][7] Tamou played for the Roosters’ NYC team in 2008 and was one of the club’s best performers, before signing for the North Queensland Cowboys for the 2009 season.[8] In 2008, he represented New Zealand Maori, when they played Indigenous Dreamtime team in the 2008 World Cup curtain raiser, playing off the interchange bench in the 34–26 loss at Sydney Football Stadium.

    • The Cowboys stole a few of our juniors here is another one
      Tautau Moga
      He was born in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia.
      Moga is of Samoan descent. Growing up in Ipswich, he played his junior rugby league for the Springfield Panthers.[2] He attended St Peter Claver College in Ipswich, where he was the recipient of the 2010 Ronald Holmes memorial trophy as the school’s Player of the Year. He represented the Australian Schoolboys in 2010.[3]
      Moga joined the Sydney Roosters system at age 14. He took the next step and played for the Roosters SG Ball team before being fast tracked into the Toyota Cup team in 2011. Moga turned heads in the competition, scoring 18 tries in 13 games. In late 2011, he would have become the youngest Roosters debutant in 73 years if not for a new NRL rule barring players under the age of 18 from playing first grade.[4]
      Playing career[edit]
      Moga joined the Roosters first grade squad and started the season playing in the Toyota Cup and for the Newtown Jets in the NSW Cup. He was selected for Queensland in the inaugural State of Origin Under 20’s match at centre in the 18-14 loss against New South Wales at Penrith Stadium.[5][6] In Round 10, Moga made his first grade NRL debut for the Roosters against the Warriors on the wing, scoring a try in the Roosters 30-26 loss at Mt Smart Stadium.[7] Moga played in 14 matches and scored 7 tries in his debut year in the NRL.
      Moga spent the season on the sidelines after suffering 2 ACL injuries. One of the injuries happened while playing in a comeback match in the NYC.[8]
      On 29 June, Moga joined the North Queensland Cowboys mid season.
      EastOfTheDivide I could mention stacks of players for you if I liked but I’m getting sick of typing.

  13. Tamou was born in Palmerston North, New Zealand. He is of Māori and Cook Islander descent.[4][5]
    He began playing junior rugby league in Levin for the Levin Knights in New Zealand. At the age of 13, Tamou moved with his family to Australia. He then played his junior rugby league for the Paddington Tigers and attended Matraville Sports High School in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.
    Playing career
    In 2007, he was the Sydney Roosters Jersey Flegg Cup Player of the Year in 2007 and was selected to play for the Junior Kiwis.[6][7] Tamou played for the Roosters’ NYC team in 2008 and was one of the club’s best performers, before signing for the North Queensland Cowboys for the 2009 season.[8] In 2008, he represented New Zealand Maori, when they played Indigenous Dreamtime team in the 2008 World Cup curtain raiser, playing off the interchange bench in the 34–26 loss at Sydney Football Stadium.

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