PENRITH, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 30: Panthers players look dejected during the round 16 NRL match between the Penrith Panthers and the Manly Sea Eagles at Panthers Stadium on June 30, 2018 in Penrith, Australia. (Photo by Tony Feder/Getty Images)

The Penrith Panthers are set to undergo a mid-season review of the club’s football operations, including an evaluation of coach Anthony Griffin.

Panthers general manager Phil Gould is assessing where the club is at and how they can build from their their impressive 2018 season, according to a report on

Gould and Panthers assistant coach Cameron Ciraldo are set to be in the thick of the review, while there is some belief that Griffin might not be in the club’s long-term coaching plans.

Last year, Griffin had his contract extended until the end of 2020, but Ciraldo has been dubbed his successor, and based on the rest of the season’s results, could take over the top job as soon as 2019.

Penrith have had an impressive campaign, sitting in fourth position, but have dropped off in the past month. Consecutive losses to Sydney and Manly has driven the club to conduct an internal analyse and potentially make some hard decisions.

Gould has a history of making the tough calls, sacking former Panthers coach Ivan Cleary at the end of 2015. the Panthers are hoping to retain halfback Nathan Cleary beyond 2019, but a move to the Wests Tigers is a stark possibility to play under his father, Ivan.


  1. Let me tell you all this ‘action” by Gould is aimed at achieving one single outcome – SIGN Nathan Cleary long term!…If you watched SOO you would have noticed Gould talk up Nathan at every opportunity… Gould knows that he has next to no chance of locking up Nathan Cleary, due to the way he ruthlessly punted his father in 2015, but he is pulling out all stops….

  2. Nathan and Ivan to the Eels for 2019, as they look to punt Norman and Arthur as part of their mid season review, unfortunately Ivan doesn’t want any of the remaining 21 contracted NRL players at Parra! So he is bring his boy Nathan, to the mighty Tigers!

    Go you good things!!!!

    • I think you’ve got the “punt Norman” part right, but that’s about it.

      Norman is a great player, and I’d have him at the club in a heartbeat if that’s what he wanted and where he wants to be, but it seems it’s not, so we should look elsewhere and let him go.

      Cleary would be an awesome replacement, but we’re not going to get him, and I think BA will get his chance to restructure the squad for 2019, as I think he should, and he’ll get us past 2018, re-sign for beyond 2019 and take us to our next premiership within the next few years (but not in 2019).

  3. Cleary could end up anywhere. Goosters? No cap so anything is possible. Tigers? Ivy is there but I don’t think it’s the trump card they make out to be. Panthers? If they win it this year shots on. Young players these days want top dollar. Who ever has the biggest cheque wins more than likely

  4. Not bad timing for the Wake up call we need.
    Forget about next year and beyond and get everyone on the same page for a 2018 GF appearance please Gus and Hook.

    • I agree, and if it’s done right it can be a positive, and get the club focused on putting the icing on the cake for 2018.

      I know there may be issues with Griffin, and for all I know about the Panthers that may be the catalyst for the review, and I’d very strongly suspect re-signing Cleary is another, but at the same time, maybe it’s a “what can we do better / how can we help” sort of (very positive) review? I just wish we were in that position.

      • Cheer up eels, if you get a run home you may not get the spoon. You have a $300 million stadium for your team to use in the future. its gonna be big !!

  5. A bit of a rough patch and Gus wants a review? C’mon really?? Panthers are having a good season and there’s no need for them to panick when they’re still in the top 4. Go to the other side of the globe Gus and come back at seasons end!
    On the other hand, maybe the Warriors need a review cause we been losing our home games!!

  6. Roosters fans like to think every good player is going there.
    Cleary will either go to dads Tigers , or stay at Penrith. Told his dad he is very happy at Penrith. The other Panther players think he will stay.
    However, you never know when family is involved?
    No matter what , Roosters better start looking elsewhere. As he’s not going to be at Bondi.

  7. On another note at Penrith. They have to find a permanent place for Tyrone May in the 17 . Not just this coming Friday. He won the ISP game against the Bulldogs , after losing the halfback early. Set up everything again against Blacktown/ Manly. Way to good to be stuck in ISP.

  8. It really amazes me that a club up the top of the table would need to do any such mid-season review… period.
    Successful clubs wait until the end of the season.

    There is no such review being done at the Rabbitohs as our Management has everything just perfect.
    The only obstacles for the Rabbitohs are the re-signing and upgrading of a few Rookies.
    Tatola, Jennings, Fuimaono, Murray, Graham and of course our mighty Damien Cook.

    The Eels are a real basket case so I can’t see Nathan Cleary going there.

    Gus and the Mobster have an agreement NOT to pinch each other’s players so going to the Rorts is a massive question mark also!

    The Tigers? Well, they have Luke Brooks as their long-term option.

    I think Cleary will stay at the Panthers!

    Are the Media reading too much into this the Son has to play at the same club as the Father?
    They don’t have to be at the same club as Coaches inevitably do get sacked and move on.

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