Sydney Roosters prop Matt Lodge has called out Paul Gallen, challenging him to what could be the final fight of his career.

Gallen last week said after fighting both Justin Hodges and Ben Hannant on the same night that he would "smash any current NRL player," and it's a challenge Lodge is reportedly wanting to take up - but only if there is a strong reason to do so.

The former Cronulla premiership-winning prop has one fight left on his contract with No Limit, with it likely to be held in December.

Lodge took to Instagram to suggest he has been asked to fight multiple times, however, said that he respects the sport.

He said that after a lot of thinking though, he will now be willing to get into the ring to give him a grand finale, however, it wouldn't be without purpose.

Instead of gaining personally from the fight though, Lodge said he wants to raise money for charity.

"I don't box, I'm a footy player, so I'm sure as hell not doing it without a purpose," Lodge wrong.

"And I don't want a single dollar for it.

"Instead, I want everyone to throw in what they can afford, get the popcorn out, sit on the lounge and enjoy. I want to donate it all to a good cause. I'll set up a go fund me page. When it hits $1 million, I'll commit and on top of that I'll donate my purse to the cause."

Lodge revealed his hope would be to help Western Sydney and take violence off the street.

"In hope to open a facility out west where I grew up, to help take violence off the street, and to give back to boxing for the opportunity.

"Kids can box for free in a nice gym with professional coaches. Kids will be able to get help with their schoolwork and education through tutors. As well as access to councillors to tackle the rise and help with youth suicide, the statistics are heartbreaking with the illness even taking some of my close mates. Maybe we can even run a program for troubled youth from juvenile detentions."

Lodge, who left the New Zealand Warriors in the middle of the season and ultimately wound up with the Sydney Roosters who bowed out of the finals with an elimination final loss in Week 1 to the South Sydney Rabbitohs, remains uncontracted for 2023.