Peter V'landys has declared that the MCG in Victoria is a possibility to host this year's NRL Grand Final.

Yet to make the decision on where the Grand Final will be played, the MCG will join Accor Stadium (Sydney) and Suncorp Stadium (Queensland) as possible venue for this year's NRL Grand Final.

The ARLC Chairman, V'landys told the Sydney Morning Herald that he is looking at all possibilities but hasn't got a decision in motion.

"I would love to hear from Brendan (McClemets). It could be an option for us," he said.

Victoria chief executive Brendan McClemets said on Tuesday that the Grand Final would add to the impressive sporting event list, they already host including the Formula One Grand Prix.

“Peter also said recently: ‘I haven't got a deal for the NRL grand final.' It's a purely commercial decision. Our phone hasn't rung," McClemts said, via the SMH

"I have got 35,000 more seats for Peter. In a purely commercial decision, that is $4-5 million waiting for him. So, I would like to talk to Peter at some stage about that."