CAIRNS, AUSTRALIA - JULY 01: Robert Jennings of the Rabbitohs waves to the crowd after winning the round 16 NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the North Queensland Cowboys at Barlow Park on July 1, 2018 in Cairns, Australia. (Photo by Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images)

The NRL will allow the Wests Tigers to sign South Sydney's Robert Jennings amid the salary cap investigation of the club, as reported by

The Tigers were handed a $639,000 salary cap fine and $750,000 provisional punishment for organising an under-the-table post-retirement contract for Robbie Farahh, stalling contract talks with Jennings.

However, the NRL has since given the Wests the green light to negotiate with Jennings and a deal is expected to be finalised soon.

Jennings enjoyed a breakout 2018 campaign for the Rabbitohs, scoring 19 tries in 21 first-grade appearances.


  1. Momirovski won’t start over Fonua, no way in hell. I do rate him, but I think we’re more dangerous in attack with two big body tackle busting centres. Hopefully this is our starting 17 come the start of the season.

    1. Mbye
    2. Jennings
    3. Fonua
    4. Marsters
    5. Nofoaluma
    6. Marshall
    7. Brooks
    8. Packer
    9. Farah
    10. Matulino
    11. Lawrence
    12. Matterson
    13. Taylor

    14. Reynolds
    15. Twal
    16. Musgrove
    17. McQueen

  2. Have you seen Fonua play? He drops the ball 2-3 times and gives away 2-3 penalties a game. Not too mention his defensive issues. He runs hard yes but I’d rather a player there who I trust to do the job. Momivroski is young but he’s been training the house down from all reports. He’s a definate starter…

  3. Yeah from all preseason and training reports Paul has been playing awesome and will be starting. Mahe makes good tackle breaks but lots of errors, drops and misreads in defence. Mahe will score a try every second game but concedes about 1 try a game. Atleast if you feild someone young with solid D you will concede less and he will only improve.

  4. So the Tigers cheat and their rewarded with a green light from the NRL failure of a boss to sign a big name player?
    Seams about right.

  5. “So the Tigers cheat”, and are penalised with a $640k reduction in their salary cap, and get “a green light from the NRL” “to sign a big name player”, whilst remaining within their reduced salary cap.
    “Seams about right”, agreed, seems about right to me too.

    I’m not just having a dig at you Kev, nor am I defending every aspect/decision of the NRL, but I feel for them. It seems no matter what they do there is no shortage of RL “supporters” ready to bag them for it.

  6. Eelsalmighty the NRL is in the worst position it has ever been.
    It is being run poorly by people who are only in it for themselves.
    I have no sympathy for a group of (enter expletive here) who have destroyed this once great game.
    The bunker, two referees on the field, never ending bad press.
    No wonder kids these days are playing soccer and ARL over rugby league.
    If you want to show sympathy to them that’s your call but don’t bag other people who see it the other way.

  7. From what I seen last year, Mahe was much improved in areas such as errors and defence, I don’t know what games yous were watching. He’ll only get better with a coach like Madge, if not I’m sure he’ll look at Momivroski.

  8. Agreed Kelby, the appalling treatment Souffths did on their top try scorer Jennings letting him train with them all sticking hot summer during the off season then pulling the rug from under him three weeks out from the start of 2019 just shows all Rugby League fans how bad they treat the players at Souffves Sydney.

    Any wonder local Jason junior Clark walked. They told him they did not have the money for their local boy but they had the money to buy a stack of reject imports.😁😆😂🤣 I thought Bennett who has lost his touch with defence systems these days would have loved having Jennings and needed to have him run around scoring tries for him. We all know he can’t tackle but neither can Campbell or Johnston. 💪🐔👍

  9. Y’all sleeping on Thompson he was by far one of our best players last season I believe our backline should be

    And we got fonua and momoirovski as backup if one of them gets injured or is out of form

  10. I watched every game. Fonua is like SKD. Might do some good things but most of the time your on the edge of the seat waiting for that mistake. Nothing against the guy. I just prefer others.

  11. Thompson at centre?
    I’m not a Tigers fan, but you’re seeing something I haven’t. I would have thought his defence was his biggest weakness, so much so that could cost him a FG position, even on the wing.

  12. Campbell Graham is a great defender. I don’t know what games you been watching but he reads attacking plays better then most wingers in the comp. numerous times last year and he only played a handful he defended awesome never missed a beat. Please show 1 mistake he made in defence last year

  13. Fitzy was good for the Eels for he most part. The problem was that he became too powerful and had that constitution that made it near impossible to get him out. One thing he does have going for him is that he is not the type of bloke to bow down to people. He called things as he saw them and made decisions accordingly. This isn’t necessarily the best was to do things, but nor is the overly reactionary management style we have in place at the NRL. The problem with Fitzy now is, from a Parra perspective, is he is chirping in with all of the old factions trying to make sure that much needed constitutional change doesn’t happen at the club. The man was once a proud Parra guy who would do anything for the good of the club, but now is just an angry ex administrator who still hasn’t gotten over the fact that he no longer has the power he craves.

  14. almighty, it still amazed me that people underestimate the importance of defence at centre. It is widely regarded as one of the most difficult defensive positions on the field with the decision making that needs to happen and the speed and footwork of the guys you are up against….

    Sorry Fairboy1, this isn’t a shot at you, more an ongoing discussion that you have inadvertently highlighted. I think Jennings will be a good signing for you guys, so long as the players inside him can get him good ball.

  15. Souffths 2 wingers last season in defence were pathetic. Jennings, Graham and fullback Johnston were all guilty of bad positioning wrong options and just plain bad tackling. Any wonder why they have signed Allen as a potential long term fullback. Johnston will be shown the door soon also, maybe as soon as next season.💪🐔👍

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