NRL fines three clubs for concussion breaches

Three NRL clubs are facing fines totalling $350,000 after being issued with Breach Notices relating to head injuries in Round 3 of the Telstra Premiership.

CEO Todd Greenberg said there is no more important issue in the game than player safety and he was satisfied that the three clubs had failed to follow the concussion rules during weekend matches.

The Breach Notices have been issued to:

• The Gold Coast Titans ($150,000) for incidents involving Kane Elgey, Joe Greenwood and Ryan Simpkins

St George Illawarra Dragons ($100,000) for an incident involving Josh Dugan

Newcastle Knights ($100,000) for an incident involving Brendan Elliot

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“These are, by far, the heaviest fines ever proposed by the game for concussion breaches,” Mr Greenberg said.

“That is how seriously we take it.

“The clubs involved have the opportunity to respond to the Breach Notices, and we will consider those responses,  but our message is clear… we are not going to allow player safety to be put at risk through breaches of the concussion rules.”

Mr Greenberg said the NRL has put significant resources into concussion training and education.

“In the majority of cases we see strong compliance with the League’s concussion rules but it appears that this did not happen at the weekend in some matches and we cannot stand by and allow player safety to be put at risk,” he said.

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“Where we believe the rules have been breached we will take action – and we would hope that these Breach Notices will serve as a warning to all clubs.”

Mr Greenberg said the clubs would have five business days to respond to the Breach Notices.


  1. 5 more players who can sue their clubs latter on as the nrl has just accused them of not following their duty of care to their employees

  2. Didn’t the Titans have like injuries as well? No wonder they had to let concussed players to continue, they needed them out on the field. I get the safety concerns, (I recently did a lvl 1 course of NRL reffing, I fully understand type of safety that the NRL impicates) but at the same time, the Titans needed players. Bring back the 18th player for concussions. Hell, change the Tuesday team lists to 22 if you need to.

  3. what about the player causing the damage. Ref,s need to act on the spot. Putting players on report is not good enough

  4. Titans would have had to forfeit or play with less than 13 on the field if all of their players went off for HIA.

    The NRL needs an injury reserve bench and they need it this season. Only 3 rounds in and yet multiple teams have finished with 1 or no players on the bench. Normally the NRL are very slow to implement changes but I don’t think this one can wait.

  5. So $100,000 to avoid a certain loss (and help guarantee 2 competition points) that’s what player welfare is worth in 2017. Well at least it paid off for the Dragons. Lucky for the Wade Graham the Sharks didn’t compromise his safety for the potential reward.

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