Over 14,000 fans have voted for their 2020 NRL team of the year, naming father and son duo Ivan and Nathan Cleary in the side.

The NRL.com 2020 Fans' Poll named Panthers Nathan the clear winner as the best player in the league with 47% of the vote.

Ivan was crowned best boss in the league ahead of supercoach Craig Bellamy and Titans' leader Justin Holbrook.

Panthers quartet Stephen Crichton, Viliame Kikau, Api Koroisau and Cleary were voted best player in their respective positions.

The team consists of superstars across the ground.

Full Back - James Tedesco 49.34%

Winger - David Nofoaluma 35.41%

Centre - Stephen Crichton 20.36%

Centre - Kotoni Staggs 19.70%

Winger - Brett Morris 24.16%

Five-Eigth - Luke Keary 40.02%

Half-back - Nathan Cleary 78.28%

Prop - Josh Papalii 42.55%

Hooker - Api Koroisau 34.21%

Prop - Payne Haas 13.37%

Second-Rower - Viliame Kikau 35.94%

Second-Rower - Ryan Matterson 11.76%

Lock - Jason Taumalolo 19.82%

Coach - Ivan Cleary 29.35%

Melbourne Storm champion Cameron Smith missed out for hooker of the year with 29% of the vote compared to Koroisau with 34%.

32% of fans expect the Panthers to go all the way and replicate their 1991 and 2003 minor premiership/title double.

Fans see the Roosters as Penrith's greatest threat with 26% of votes, while the Storm (22%) are the only other finalists to crack double figures.

Other poll results see fans in favour of the six-again rule and the captain's challenge innovations.

More than half the fans are wanting the Bunker to be used less (53%) along with a five-minute sin bin (55%) as well as a new team to be added to the competition (53%).

81% of fans want an 18th player for injuries from foul play.

Fans want to see a stand-alone State of Origin period, mid-season (37%) preferred over the end of year series (35%).


  1. No offence intended. Just can’t see why anyone would put Morris in their team of the year? Despite whatever he may have done, he’s not even at the top of the winger try scoring stats.
    Think I’d rather have Manu than Crighton right now.
    Also, Martin rather than Matterson. Don’t think any second rower has made a bigger impact than Martin this season.

  2. Kotoni Staggs is really exciting and young but there is a reason the broncos got the wooden spoon. His defence is pretty bad. He’s definitely not the second best centre in the game. As for this year I’d have Joey Manu, Josh Morris, Campbell Graham heck even Justin Olam as ahead of him just cause his defence

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