SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MAY 24: Israel Folau looks on during a Waratahs Super Rugby training session at David Phillips Sports Complex on May 24, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

After Israel Folau's settlement with Rugby Australia, several NRL coaches believe that if he wanted to return to the competition his ban may have to be lifted.

Rugby Australia reached an agreement with Folau and a compensation package was provided alongside an apology.

The ARL Commission has so far remained steadfast on not allowing Folau to return to rugby league and chairman Peter V'landys has been clear that he won't consider allowing it.

However, several coaches think the ARLC's position might change to one more "anxious and apprehensive" if they are faced with a similar legal drama and accusations of discrimination.

One successful NRL coach spoke to The Daily Telegraph on the matter.

"The NRL would s*** itself if Folau wanted to come back. It would be interesting to see whether they could legally say no," they said.

"Izzy has shown he isn’t afraid to take on a sporting body in court. RA’s settlement and apology shows to me that Izzy won that battle.

"Would the NRL risk being taken to court? Would they have the necessary spare cash to engage in what could be an expensive and damaging court case?

"All it would take would be one club to approach Folau. The NRL, under V’landys' watch, will want to be strong but they would also have to listen to legal advice.

"Would a club wanting to sign Folau take the NRL to court if denied? Probably not because there would be significant financial ramifications."

An experienced lawyer, Paul McGirr, suggested that a lot of pressure would fall on the NRL if Folau wanted to return.

"If denied by the NRL, one could look at it and say he has been discriminated against because of his personal beliefs,” McGirr said.

"It would be interesting to see whether the NRL would support the proposition that Folau is entitled to ply his trade in the code.

"Mr Folau has shown he is prepared, if need be, to go to court and go to any length to defend his right to freedom of speech.

"It appears sponsors are chartering the course that these codes should take. These codes need strong leadership and to remember that they run the game and should embrace individuals standing up for their beliefs.

"That is what sport is all about and what we’re trying to teach our kids.

"Would the NRL stand up and support freedom of speech? It certainly appears on the face of it that an apology (from RA) has been made to Mr Folau. That shouldn’t be a reason — just because someone has the gumption to stand up for what he believes in — for a player to be denied the ability to ply his trade."


  1. Falou’s always been about the cash.

    Rugby Australia just gave him that so I can’t see him risking it now in some legal battle to get back into the NRL.

    He should just stick to his dopey sermons to his congregation of 20.

  2. Rugby League should allow him back.

    Freedom of speech should be paramount and should outweigh any considerations of sex, equality, religion, background, nationality, colour or anything else. Whilst I may not agree with what Izzy says, he says it with respect and without malice and for that reason he should be allowed to say it.

    After all, we are supposed to be an inclusive sport aren’t we ? Well lets include someone who has different opinions and is prepared to speak those opinions out loud rather than just being a yes man to the latest politically correct nuance.

  3. Ironically, my post on freedom of speech has been subjected to moderation.

    I would laugh my head off if this stuff wasn’t so serious.

  4. Freedom of speech is only free depending on what your agenda is.

    Hahah to Rugby and that bully Raelene.

  5. Wouldnt be surprised with what happens with this bloke in this current fickle, 2 faced, contradictive, politically incorrect, money hungry world we live in.

    All i know is that any sporting code wouldnt want a bar of him with the way hes carried on.

  6. Very glad that he won. Don’t agree with the guy and consider him to be extremely unintelligent but I respect his right to think the earth is flat because the fact is, regardless of what he thinks, that doesn’t make it real and that was all that was needed to be said when this happened. He posted a meme that tons of people who think like that post. The bushfire stuff was a bit eye opening but again, this is man who is using a limited intellect to try to reconcile adversity with some sort of reasoning.

  7. Wayne,

    I don’t think Folau is unintelligent in fact quite the reverse. The problem is when intelligent people become brainwashed by something so that that something becomes their “world view” as is Folau’s situation then the brain no matter how intelligent will do everything in its power to reinforce and justify events so that they fit with that “world view”. The Germans have a word Weltanschauung for this “world view” concept.

    In psychiatry circles, it is known that Weltanschauung can be so strong that it is almost impossible to break but in cases where it does get broken (like Folau suddenly realising that there is no God) it usually results in severe mental breakdown.

    That is a long way of saying that I think that Folau is extremely intelligent certainly more so than your average footy player but that he has deeply held beliefs that will force him to justify anything.

  8. Folau needs to praised for standing up for his rights and the rights of 40% of Australians who voted in the referendum along with him.

    I hope a league team pursues his services so the league hierarchy can allow Christians to play the greatest game of all also. I’m not a Catholic but the bloke in Rome who is captain of the largest group of Christians on the planet agrees 100% with Folau.

  9. …..And as the Catholic schools are a massive nursery for Rugby League talent. Those in charge had better take note. Otherwise those schools just might start being nurseries for Soccer and AFL.

  10. There’s a difference between Freedom of Speech and Hate Speech.

    It’s ok to have your own views, I’m not saying otherwise. However if those views are hateful, keep them to yourself or in a group where others share those views.

    How much damage will be done by welcoming back someone who publicly alienates and condemns those who don’t align with what amounts to hate speech? It would be incredibly hypocritical, embarrassing and likely result in a loss of sponsors as well as supporters.

    The game has taken some impressive steps in recent years growing the game, largely on a platform of inclusiveness.
    People, especially children, watch and want to play the game because they enjoy it and want to be like their heroes.
    The players (some more than others) are heavily involved in the community and do some amazing work brightening up the lives of those going through tough times.

    By letting him back, the NRL might as well change it’s marketing to “Come and play rugby league, but if you’re different or not in a heterosexual relationship you’ll go to hell”

    We deserve better role models than this.

  11. Prkm@n
    So your one of those mystery elders that have never posted anything on this site about Rugby League before.

    But once this subject becomes a public discussion agaist your type, you little mag.gots appear out of the woodwork and rant inclusiveness in our faces but want everyone banned that does not agree with your views.

    Therfore your type are the ones that restrict inclusiveness, for if we are to acheive inclusiveness then Folua and the 40% of Australians who agree with him will be allowed to voice their view if they choose. This is not China or North Korea, but on this topic it appears it is in your favour. That is not inclusiveness Butm@n.

  12. Adamhoward my point is for such a religious man how could he possibly take a cent from science. Plus don’t forget all the money The Australian rugby union receives from bundeberg rum. All that sponsors money filters down to player payments including that of the god loving Folau. I’m all for freedom of speech but and the right to believe in such religion. But to be a true follower you must take the good with the bad not pick and chose which bits suit your financial needs

  13. Adamhoward


    My type? I’m not gay, I’m just not an @sshole. How’s that working for you?

    I’m active on other forums and have been a mad rugby league fan for most of my life. Other than my wife and family there’s nothing I love more than footy.

    If you’re looking for a rational discussion, I’m here. If you’re here to trade insults I’ll wipe the floor with you.

  14. Woody Adam chookstir
    Folau accepted payments from the aru knowing that sponsors such as a certain rum company north of the border were paying heavy sponsors fees. My point being how can someone so righteous accept payments knowing the money has come from certain places. Surely any good christen would not participate in such greed

  15. And don’t forget the sponsors from skins another scientific developed product that Folau was taking money from. I thought all you god loving clowns didn’t believe in science?

  16. Adam and Wayne you are talking too much sense for many here to understand. Just because all the politically correct minority groups and greenies dont agree with you does not give them the right to chop your head off and destroy your life and livelihood which is what they have tried to do to silence him and always do when someone differs from their extreme views. Its Reverse discrimination thats what it is.

  17. I believe Peter Fitzsimon’s big mouth and the far left media played a big part in condeming the ARU’s demise.
    It’s similar to how Fitzsimon claimed all Folau’s team mates supported the decison to ban Folau. BS.
    A lot of Folau’s team mates were Polynesian’s with deep Christian beliefs like Folau. They were under pressure not to speak up.
    Just like normal life. All you hear is the big mouth leftys telling us how we should live our lives.
    But the quiet majority feels very different.

  18. Folau should be allowed back into Rugby League if he wishes to play.

    Toddy, The God that Christians beleive in is the almighty creator. He is the creator of science. He is the ultimate scientist. But please with your feeble mind do not get that confused with the scientolligy sect of fools.

    That other nutter Prkm@n must have been on media gaurd duty tonight for Theman wifeclub of MlSFlTS. Like Adam wrote, he has never been on this site before, defends his type, then evaporates into thin air.

  19. Let me put it another way. God spoke everything into exisitance in the creation week. Thousands of years later in just ONE of his creations, Humans…. scientists today still have not worked out fully this masterpiece of creativity that he produced. But your mind toddy123 can not understand, you obviously think astroids are creators carrying life matter in blood air bones brains and all the other millions of bits that make up a human hence when it hit Earth, it exploded and out popped a life form.

    You beleive that the in a Car factory they have all the thousands of parts and one night the workers went home, there was a massive Big Bang explosion and the next day a the worjers found a brand new assembled “City Ford” Falcon sitting where all the parts were the night before.

  20. @screamer
    ‘Just like normal life. All you hear is the big mouth leftys telling us how we should live our lives.
    But the quiet majority feels very different’
    you are spot on – this years Federal election is a good example.

  21. toddy, I am not a “God loving clown” as you put it, but you are way off. Christians don’t believe in the big bang theory of creation. They believe god was the initiator of creation. That doesn’t mean they don’t believe in science.

    At the end of the day though, who cares if they believe in science or not. Does such a belief have any real impact on you or your life?

    Folou’s comments, on the other hand, potentially did negatively impact peoples lives, so I do understand the issues people have with it. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of repercussions.

    Also, screamin/Angry, wasnt’ Folau telling us all how to live our lives in his post? It isn’t just the left who attempt to ram their ideas down our throats, that happens from all sides (mostly at the extreme ends of course).

  22. Folau’s comments are reinforcement of a long held and universally known view that a decently large proportion of the country actually believe. Regardless of whether they are negative towards the individuals, a person of that orientation must live in a world where they are aware that this belief is held and is widespread. The problem we have currently, is that rather than meet the situation head on and discredit the veracity of these views, we instead sweep this under the rug and say that people aren’t allowed to say it. That isn’t helping people deal with this situation. The beliefs still exist and they are still negative.
    The correct way to deal with the situation is to point out that he is expressing views that have no basis of fact, whatsoever. He should not be suppressed. He doesn’t need to be suppressed.

  23. You are right eels47. Folau was telling us how to live life. But he is just one person who posted a tweet.
    The far left media, as they always do, seized the opportunity to blow it totally out of proportion to fit their own agenda.
    The ABCs opinions, who is owned by all Australians, is nowhere near the opinions of normal Australians.
    Did you see the Green senator on tv with the militant feminest accusing the firefighters of domestic violence. The firefighters could not defend themselves. They were busy saving houses and lives.
    The average Aussie does not align themselves with the opinions that gets constantly rammed down our throats by the media.

  24. We’re not debating creation at all. Believe what you want to believe. However, if you tell my (theoretical) kid that he is going to hell because of his (likely genetic) lottery, instead of telling you to shut up, I’m going to tell him that you have no proof whatsoever of your beliefs and are not an authority on the subject. That makes my kid grow up with the right attitude of questioning the veracity of a claim and protects him from being hurt by views like that. Meanwhile, you get to believe what you believe in, too. The other option I have is to tell my kid “Don’t worry, I’ve threatened him and he’ll never say that to you again”. Only one of those actually boosts my child’s welfare. The other one just encourages my children to remain susceptible to false authority. We’re not protecting anybody by suppressing views.

  25. Well put wayne. Education is the key in any debate. People can believe whatever they like as far as I am concerned, and whilst I don’t like said beliefs being rammed down my throat, I am able to pay attention to what I want to and ignore what I don’t. I try and teach my kids not to judge based on someone’s beliefs, but to accept that is what they think, it doesn’t make it right or wrong if we don’t think the same, just different. If the issue is pushed, I would take the same vein as you and get them to look at the facts (maybe not yet as they are still young).

    The creation comment was directed at me I suspect, but I wasn’t debating creation either, more pointing out that one belief of christians does not define how they feel about everything since.

    Screamin, I realise much of the mainstream media does lean to the left, however my experience on social media, which has a far greater reach now, especially to the younger generations, shows that the far right is just as vocal as the far left, so my point was merely that it is not just the left pushing their agenda on us.

    I did hear the comments on the firefighters you mentioned, and found them disgusting. The issue is PTSD, which is very real, but to link emergency services to domestic violence was definitely the wrong way to go about starting the discussion.

  26. So all you sheeple believe in everything that comes with Christianity or do you pick and chose like greedy Folau. According to your beliefs it’s perfectly fine to marry a 12 year old kid. I guess that’s why woody adamhoward and so love being a Christian 😂

  27. Absolutely Eels47. Social media is the general population expressing views. You get opinions from the whole spectrum which gives a balance.
    With the media we only hear views from one side.

  28. Hey Toddy who was that 9 year old boy I saw you walking with the other day? I hope that was your own son and not someone elses? Or does it even matter to you?

  29. I’m not religious ropeablerooster I don’t hang around children and pretend that it’s fine because the invisible man in the sky tells me so

  30. Toddy123 obviously you drink to much cheap plonk cask wine, get off the goonies and admit you have a mental health issue.
    Stop thinking about 12yr old chidren.
    ….. you sick puppy.

    Call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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