Fijian Semi Radradra is likely to attract plenty of attention from NRL clubs following a dominant Rugby World Cup campaign, although he won't come cheap.

The 27-year-old is now one of the hottest players in world rugby, and league clubs will be racing for his signature after another outstanding performance in Japan, this time against Wales.

Radradra recorded five tackle busts and 15 ball-carries for a total of 148m from the wing position. He continued to dismantle the Welsh defence with rib-crunching tackles and knocks, including one massive hit on Welsh fullback Liam Williams.

Combining his strengths of pace, attack, and shift in direction, the man-mountain couldn't be contained as Fiji were defeated in a gripping contest.

The unfortunate news, is that Fiji's campaign has ended following their 1-3 record falling behind Wales and Australia in Group D - despite Radradra collecting multiple man-of-the-match performances against both Wales and Georgia.

Radradra will now have scouts from big-name clubs in both England and France chasing his talents, once his mid-2020 contract expires with French club Bordeaux.

After three weeks competing on a global scale, Radradra has developed a fierce reputation as one of the game's most damaging wingers.

NRL clubs remain very eager too, but it's unlikely there will be enough cash offered from any team, given Radradra will demand a superstar pay packet in the union code.

Fijian coach John McKee was full of praise for Radradra's performance and the entire team.

"Semi is a world-class player and he has shown his class in this tournament. To win Player of the Match on the losing team is a big effort," McKeee said.

"To take it to such a good Welsh team is credit to all of the players and the whole coaching group.

"What was pleasing was that we had an opportunity on the world stage to show what this team is capable of.

"We came here with very high aspirations and we did really want to get to the playoffs but the World Cup is a competitive environment and it's very difficult to progress from the pool stages for any team."


  1. The Sydney Sombreros know how to fit him in.
    That will be Radrada, Fifita and Mitchell signed up no problem at all.

  2. Radradra will play for the rooorters for $1 a season just so he can win a premiership, just ask Nick the Pri!ck and NRL will rubber stamp it.

  3. So just to be clear, I’ve seen hundreds/thousands of posts over recent years claiming the Roosters have a “sombrero”, but Daffy, you’re obviously taking the opposite position, on part of the equation at least, by assuming they can under value player contracts.
    For the record, I don’t like defending the Roosters, any more than I’d like defending any team, but most/all attacks on a team ultimately attack the sport, and that annoys me (big time).
    So breaking it down:
    If you’re joking, all good, but it can be hard to tell in a post and I’m sure most aren’t, so I’ll go further.
    For those that think the NRL turns a blind eye to the total value of all registered player contracts, for any team, I won’t bother going any further because obviously nothing with change your mind, but I’m 100% convinced you’re wrong.
    If you think the Roosters, or any other club for that matter, is “working outside the system” then you have an arguement. It may not be right, or ever proven right, but at least it’s possible, and even plausible given numerous teams (my Eels included) have done it.
    The overriding concern that I have when I read comments re “sombreros” or (NRL/Ref) “conspiracies” etc is that it would appear that some people actually believe them, and worse yet (much worse) the sport is judged, by some people, in that context.

  4. If your team was the most penalised team for two years running. With two different coaches & a different team line up. Would you think everything with the refereeing is ‘ all above board ‘ Eels?
    When you look how the Roisters keep buying halves throughout the season ( & 6 in two seasons ) , with their already very expensive team. When they’ve Won two competitions in a row. Where we all know players demand upgrades after one Premiership Win. Plus that same team hires two of the dodgiest back room guys around , before this season . The same guys who had to leave other clubs , after those clubs salary cap frauds. You think everything with that clubs salary cap & player dealings is fine Eels?
    If so, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

  5. eelsalmighty the storm are testimony to cap breaching practices as we saw with their 2 premierships stripping by the NRL.
    I’m one of thousands of the opinion the roosters are better at it.

  6. EOD, some team has to be the most penalised, and another the second most penalised etc every season. So you got it (most penalised) 2 years running, it’s hardly a conspiracy, especially as you had Maloney in your side.

    I didn’t say the Roosters haven’t/aren’t doing something wrong, but if (IF) they are I’m betting the NRL aren’t part of it/aware of any breaches. So when I read “theories” like those that “add” the total value of player contracts and reach some well over the salary cap number, I’d call it, rubbish.
    When I read others commenting the NRL is allowing contracts to be registered at well under fair market value, I call, rubbish.

  7. EastOfDivide is disgruntled because he follows a team so hopeless but slightly better than Souths (1 comp) have won just two premierships in the modern era of 6 tackle football since 1972.

    Actually Penrith have won 2 in 53 seasons. Useless. At the Roosters they are not obligated to tamper with upgrades or downgrades of player signed contracts until the contract expires. Stop having yourself on that clubs automatically upgrade contracts because of a comp win. They don’t. If a player mid contract wants more money then the Roosters ket them go. Ask Napa if he us happy wanting more money mid contract? The Roosters showed him the exit door real quick.

    At the Sydney Roosters, what you put your signature to is all you get paid. Time to pull tour head out of the sand EOD.

  8. EOD go have a little cry to release the pressure in your mind of that disease call Tall Poppy Syndrome you are suffering from.

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