MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 17: Cameron Smith of the Storm runs with the ball during the round 23 NRL match between the Melbourne Storm and the Parramatta Eels at AAMI Park on August 17, 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

Melbourne Storm are looking to move players as they try to meet Cameron Smith’s seven-figure salary demands, as reported by The Sydney Morning Herald.

New Zealand international Sam Kasiano, fellow forward Patrick Kaufusi and utility back Cheyse Blair are the names Melbourne are shopping in order to retain their off-contract skipper.

The Storm and Smith have not yet come to terms on a new deal, although senior Melbourne officials remain confident of retaining their captain with some third-party arrangements still needing to be settled.

The news comes alongside Storm winger Josh Addo-Carr revealing his desire to take over the fullback role from retired legend Billy Slater.

Addo-Carr was hoping to see Smith put pen to paper shortly.

“I haven’t spoken to Smithy since Mad Monday, he’s having a good time with his family,” Addo-Carr told The Sydney Morning Herald.

“I suppose a decision will come up in the next couple of weeks. It depends on how happy he is and I believe he is happy.

“I hope he signs for the next five years. He is the best player in the world. It depends on how his body pulls up. I’ve got no doubt he’ll play.”

While Storm coach Craig Bellamy contemplates who to replace Slater in the number one jersey, Addo-Carr declared he is capable of filling the huge void.

“I’d love to take up the challenge,” Addo-Carr said.

“It depends on what the coaches want, if the coaches said to trial at fullback, I will.

“I’ve played everywhere in the back line. No one can compete with Billy, you’ve got to be very fit to play fullback.

“I don’t see why not. The coaches can chuck me in at fullback at training and I’ll see how I go.
“We’ve got Scott Drinkwater and Jahrome Hughes coming through who play fullback, so I’m happy where I’m at. If the coach wants me to play fullback, I’ll play fullback.”


  1. How can Melbourne be tight with the salary cap?
    They just lost Slater, Hoffman and Glasby!
    No signings as well.
    Mmmmm…… Still paying for boats?

    • Glasby was on nothing and Hoffman only came home for a farewell season not for much cash.
      Obviously slater on some, but Munster takes a big pay rise and also both wingers and Curtis Scott would also be due big pay rises, slaters money would go very quickly

  2. BREAKING NEWS- Message from storm CEO. “Whoops sorry for the confusion guys. We’ve got plenty of money left to pay smithy what he wants. I’ve just checked it with our accountant who was apparently looking at the wrong set of books initially which caused some angst. All sorted now”.

    • ManWar, I don’t want to alarm you, but you just displayed a common symptom of ADHD, being a total loss of short term memory, whilst maintaining a good long term memory.
      Unless of course you’re running with the, “but Manly’s cheating wasn’t as bad as the others”.

      • There are different levels for everything in life. Eg Misdemeanors to felonies or White lies to great big curly ones. Manlys case falls into the white category. Storm and eels fall into the big hairy and curly felonies. Remember we never got stripped of any points unlike your mob and the other cheats.

        • Yet Manly’s cheating was widespread (proven, by the NRL, to have involved at least 11 players), over the long term (at least 5 consecutive years), and deliberate, or at the very least, extreme incompetence beyond belief, and lots of blind eyes.
          So It looks to me like the only difference, if any, is Manly couldn’t access as much “off the books funds” as some other clubs, as hard as they tried.
          As for not losing points, well you didn’t have anything to strip.

        • “Manlys case falls into the white category. Storm and eels fall into the big hairy and curly felonies.”

          And the Roosters fall under an unsolved cold case mystery. 🔎🔬 A simple case of misdirection and now you see it, now you don’t!
          🐇 🎩 🙈 📚

      • Mighty. Manly is no where near as big a cheats as storm and eels and you know it as much as you are trying to bait me about it. At least the manly officials weren’t handing out cash in brown paper bags in the eels car park

        • I’m not picking sides ManWar78 but even you would have to admit it would be a dumb move for Manly officials to hand out THEIR “brown paper bags” in the EELS car park! Doh! 🤪

        • ManWar, I’m trying to bait you.
          Our clubs, along with several other clubs cheated. Deliberately cheated.
          Ironically, as an Eels supporter we copped the most grief from Manly supporters, who’s club was actually doing it as they were bagging us for it.
          I’m not blaming you, or having a crack at you, but given your club was prepared to cheat, and for years, you can’t claim “but we couldn’t get as much as other clubs” as a “we’re not as bad as them”.

        • Yes mighty but The problem is every club cheats the salary cap, But only some get immunity from being found out.

        • Thanks Reg but manly officials do regularly scout the parra area for players so wouldnt surprise me to see them in the eels car park.

        • So your two clubs have a closer “association” then than I would have guessed.

          Do Eels officials hang around Brookvale oval mighty with a bag of chips? 🍟 🦅

        • I’m not sure if the officials hang around Brookie, but maybe the players did.
          I saw week 3 of their training photos, in which they were doing some community service. You know, re planting in an ugly little field, whilst shooing the wilddogs away, removing old sheets of rusty scrap metal and rotten timber, that sort of thing.
          I assumed it was out on a farm in the country somewhere, but maybe it was Brookie.

        • 😂😂😂 👍🏻

          That jibe is bound to have feathers flying mighty. I’m looking forward to the flock of seagulls counter attack.

          They did say that they wanted to rebuild the fortress, perhaps that’s where it starts? 😉

        • mighty, I saw that footage too, there was a concrete truck parked on the hill, some guy in a clown suit shouting instructions to those on the field, ohhh and there was also a door that had been ripped of its hinges in parra colours too from memory.
          All those items confirmed for me that it was indeed Brookvale Goat Track otherwise known as blottoland.

        • Yeah, whilst there’s obviously a lot of compelling evidence, I’m still not entirely convinced.
          You can see about a dozen people on the hill in the background of some of the photos. If that was Brookie, Manly will be dirty they’re getting larger turnouts to see Parra alone, than their own team.

  3. Smith has been a great player over the years. Does he deserve a last big payday – yes probably I think he deserves whatever he can get. Is he still playing well enough to attract the big bucks – yeah nah.
    And with Slater and Cronk missing now Smiths influence on games will be diminished even more. I thought this season he showed signs of the “ one year too long JT “ syndrome and he didn’t play origin. He’s definitely at the end of a fine career , but he’s verging on having too many ks on the clock to be worthy of the “ 7 figure “ salary .

  4. Look the thing that I don’t like is. The Storm have given him everything he has. An now he is trying to drain every cent he can out of us. If he is all about the team wouldn’t he play for half the money, so the club can keep the youngsters coming through an be in a better position for time after he goes. He will get good coin when he retired as a player anyway coaching or mentoring an Melbourne anyway. But no has to be greedy an make us loose our good young talent coming through. But we should move Kasiano on though 😂

  5. Smith has always been about smith. He couldn’t care less about Melbourne or QLD.
    He will bleed the storm dry and move onto the next money earner.
    Melbourne have gave him everything, but they have a salary cap to abide by.

    • Nah, we would only have him for a year and it would cost a fortune. I believe e has already knocked us back a couple of times in the past. I wouldn’t mind us getting Matt Parcell back, was disappointed when he left.

  6. surely there cannot be any salary cap issues in Melbourne? why don’t they solve it like they used to?
    Harvey Norman gift cards, new kitchens, new boats. (this time it may need to be a bit bigger than last time)

  7. Just pay him what the club thinks he is worth. If he knocks it back, where is he going to go? He would only go to a strong club but only for a year. I know Cronk put the finishing touches on the Roosters, but Smith couldn’t be that lucky to find a similar deal.

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