MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 21: Cameron Smith of the Storm leads his team onto the field during the NRL Preliminary Final match between the Melbourne Storm and the Cronulla Sharks at AAMI Park on September 21, 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Melbourne Storm premiership player Brett Kimmorley has urged the club to re-sign captain Cameron Smith.

Negotiations between the two parties have hit a standstill as Smith’s representatives try to bolster the 35-year-old’s one-year deal with third party arrangements, which Melbourne are resisting.

Smith is keen to play an 18th season and become the first player to play 400 games in the league.

Kimmorley told Fox Sports the Storm should agree to a deal with Smith as soon as possible or face the ramifications of losing the captain and Billy Slater for the 2019 season.

“He’s been the best player that club’s ever had and probably the best our game’s ever seen and a big reason for their long-term success,” Kimmorley said.

“I don’t expect the club to break the bank but I wouldn’t have thought Cameron would have been going above and beyond either.

“With the service he’s given them and the value of what he gives the club — they need him more than ever without Billy [Slater].

“I would have thought they’d do as much as they could and do it as quickly as they could to get the deal done.”


    • Of course, and Brandon Smith will be a great hooker and the Kiwi 9 for many years to come, however another year under Cam wouldn’t hurt any player.

      • Mind you, a year away from Cam Smith did wonders for Cooper Cronk’s game! And you could just see how happy Cameron was for him. 😂😂😂😂😂

        • Cam Smith showed the world how much of a sook he is. Yeah he had an outsanding runners up speech (It was his 3rd Grand Final loss though) BUT the “beef” between him and Cronk was childish. Cronk made the move to ensure he was living the best life he could (and said choice was obviously very tough for him to make) and if Smith can’t accept that then he needs to rethink his own life choices.

  1. As much as I do not really like Noddy (he is an arrogant pig of a man – the most up-himself, self-important player to ever wear the jersey), he is correct. I think we need him to go around one more year – it can only help (especially without the burden of representative footy). I reckon we will be much weaker without him, so we really have no choice (even at whatever price he is asking). Sure negotiate as tough as you can, but ultimately we have to lock him in…

  2. I would love to see smith walk. If he did i bet the rorters could fit him under their cap and TPPs. Uncle nick would do anything to go back2back. Even be able to get cronk and smith to kiss and make up

  3. “probably the best our game’s ever seen”. Get off 😂 Smith is good, i’ll go as far as to say great, but he’s not even the best of his time. Slater is the best player Melbourne have ever had, much as it pains me to say it. I hope he walks just to be able to see the aftermath. Maybe he’d be found out a bit at another club. I reckon everyone in NSW would love to see that happen.

    • I agree Smith is an all time great but IMO Billy Slater is the best player of the last 30 years. I never thought I would see a better fullback than Langlands. I know Slater had some grub in his game and walked a fine line but was an extraordinary player.

      I think it was hard to appreciate what Salter brought until you saw him play live.

    • I doubt he’d get found out! The bloke is a machine. Tough as nails. Rarely been injured though his whole career. Makes 30 to 40 tackles a game and plays 80 in the middle. Put him in any team and he’ll perform. He’s getting a bit older but you coach experience.

      • “I doubt he’d get found out! The bloke is a machine. He’s getting a bit older…”

        And slowing down noticeably greggo. While on the surface it might seem a trite and superficial way to assess the decline in Cam Smith at the twilight of this career, I have found supercoach scores and stats to be a fairly accurate indicator of performance, impact, ability and consistency in general. Cam Smith as progressively scored worse in 3 successive years in supercoach compared to where he was in 2016.

        I’m not saying that he doesn’t get through tackles and have an influence on games, just that his influence and impact HAS been steadily and measurably declining. So much so that he is NOT worth the same money that he has been on in the past IMO. Already Brandon Smith brings more impact and energy into the game when given the opportunity and 2019 will only see the paths of both Smith’s cross as Cam sinks below Brandon in impact and influence as Brandon Smith is given greater opportunity and game time.

  4. Honestly, it is sad to read biased opinions here on Cam Smith one of the great players in many generations. When Slater was playing, these same people would criticize Slater. Since Slater has retired, Cam Smith has become the target. And the same people are now saying how great Slater was. People just do not seem to remember what happened in 2016 when Storm played the GF without Slater, and Smith played an important part for Storm to reach the final that year. During Origin 2018, when Slater, Munster and others were playing Origin, it was Smith who was instrumental in winning all these games which eventually led to Storm playing in the GF 2018. Your biased opinions only confirm the fact that Smith is a class above the rest.

    • Although I don’t like Cam Smith I can still acknowledge his influence on the game and his undeniable ability over the years. It would also be biased though not to acknowledge the dark side of his achievements in terms of his cheating and manipulation of referees and the game. Smith’s reaction at the time that Alex McKinnon went down can never be forgotten. Smith was more concerned about losing a player in the sin-bin and arguing with the referee about whether his players were at fault or not than in showing any genuine concern for McKinnon’s welfare.

      Contrast that with the way Billy Slater reacted in forgetting about the game and the ball in play to rush to cradle David Williams head when he was suspected be Williams may have just fractured or broken neck his neck.

      How about Cam Smith receiving a penalty (instead of being penalised) for repeatedly stomping on Issac Luke’s head until it looked like a game of paddle ball? Like Smith’s reaction to McKinnon’s injury, do you find that behaviour and conduct honourable or worthy of the same praise showered on Cam Smith for the positive achievements in his game? Why doesn’t anybody ever want to talk about the negatives?

      Btw, my argument to greggo (above) was not based on anything other than his measurable decline in his game.

      “Smith is a class above the rest”? Hardly! Bias Alex is a two way street. Just remember to look BOTH ways!

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