Maroons great Mal Meninga is set to join Wayne Bennett ahead of the upcoming Origin series in November.

Meninga will join assistant coach Neil Henry after receiving the QRL's approval.

QRL chairman Bruce Hatcher touched on the pedigree of experience Meninga brings to the coaches box.

"Just as in life, no one has all the skills, and I think Wayne and Mal's skills are complementary more than anything with their combined years of experience and success," Hatcher told

"They go back a very long way. As far as coaching goes they have all we could ever want. Young blokes are going to make up the majority of our side and from a mentoring sense you couldn't have better leadership.

"The collaboration between two outstanding leaders of men in Wayne and Mal is a match made in heaven. It is absolutely the A-team.

"This is going to be an environment where people like Wayne, Mal and Neil - all with the relevant coaching experience - will get the best out of their charges for the series."

Meninga remains as the Kangaroos coach as no Tests are fixtured due to COVID-19, with the ARLC confirming his latest move.

Queensland will face the Blues on November 4 for Game One, which will be held at Adelaide Oval.