AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - APRIL 30: Joseph Manu of the Roosters during warmup prior to the round nine NRL match between the New Zealand Warriors and the Sydney Roosters at Mt Smart Stadium on April 30, 2017 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images)

Sydney Roosters' Joey Manu has revealed he "would love to play" for the All Blacks one day.

The New Zealand born centre old grew up dreaming of playing for the national rugby team and continues to support them.

He especially loves getting behind them during World Cups, watching the All Blacks take down the Springboks in Japan on Saturday.

"Ever since I was young I wanted to be an All Black. I’m still a big fan of them," Manu told The Sydney Morning Herald.

"Especially when it comes to World Cup’s. It’s a pretty big occasion for pretty much all New Zealanders.

"I love [watching] at the moment but one day I would love to play for them."

Manu admits that as a youngster he didn't know much about either code.

"I didn’t know much about the club or about their success or any of that," Manu said. "When I moved over here… they flew me in week in and week out [for SG Ball].

"I knew they were a good club then that had good family values and all of that. Once I got here, I knew they were a good club."

Growing up, legendary playmaker Dan Carter and Waikato superstar Mils Muliaina were his idols.

"Dan Carter is probably my favourite and then there are a couple of Chiefs boys - Mils Muliaina - I used to love watching him," Manu said. "At school I was [a playmaker] because we weren’t very good.

"Sometimes we didn’t even have enough numbers at the games. We were known as a bit of a rough school in our area, down in the Waikato area. There are heaps of good rugby schools and good private schools but we were pretty much getting smashed every week."

For now, Manu is happy at the Roosters.

"I’m happy-as here for now at the Roosters," he said. "They gave me an opportunity and they changed my life and my family’s life. I’m real happy here and I love this club."

Set to come off-contract at the end of next season, the 23-year old sees his future in the tricolours, with his hometown of Tokoroa expecting him to bring home NRL silverware.

"They’re expecting it. They expect one every year now," Manu said with a laugh. "When you go back there now, everyone has a Roosters jersey.

"There are still a couple of Souths fans and a few other teams but it’s pretty much all Roosters. We have Zane who is from there too so everyone has supported us.

"They always support whoever makes it out of the town so everyone is a mad Roosters fan now. Every time I go back it’s pretty cool."


  1. Did you get that TwitOne and your other Souths Clown buddies.
    The entire town where Tetevano a mb d Manu come fr ok m support Sydney Roosters.
    Like I said to you numbsculls previously, the Sydney Roosters are the real “pride of the League” promoting the code all over the World. Why just at the begining of this season they had massive Signs in the USA promoting League, with Sydney Roosters as the real World Champions.
    Time to get your hand off it Twityone.

  2. Here are all the chooks supporters saying “people only leave for money and sacrifice their career” he would get a start with the all blacks as win 3x the trophy’s then he would staying in the NRL

  3. GoneWest “promoting the game all round the world?”
    New Zealand is already an nrl country you clown.
    Everyone in his town wears a roosters Jersey.
    Wippy doo, all 50 of them .
    That’s almost as many wearing a rooster jersey in Sydney

  4. A real Cluckers local junior . From Tokoroa NZ! 👍
    You keep crapping on about all of the great fan base for your Cluckers WoodTools. Last week for the Cluckers/ Rabbits final at the SCG, it was hard to spot where the supporters were? They had to give tickets away for Free, to get some more people in there. The Stadium only has a capacity of 46,000.
    Yet the Parramatta/ Brisbane final at BankWest was at capacity & sold out days before the game.
    Canberra/ Rabbits game in Canberra, sold out last Tuesday.
    Manly versus Cronulla, sold out .
    Those are wonderful supporters that your Chicken Nuggets have. As long as they don’t have to actually turn up to support their team in a finals game!

  5. BackToFront..
    I guess you didn’t actually read the comment. It was about your teams wonderful support base. Where were they last week? They did give tickets to that game away for Free!!!! Yet the turn out to the game was pathetic!!! It was embarrassing. So don’t bother having arguments about Cluckers members crowds versus other teams members / crowds, when Cluckers supporters can’t even bother to turn up for Finals , to support their team.
    Were they just too busy having a late ?

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