SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 21: Luke Keary of the Roosters runs the ball during the round 20 NRL match between the Sydney Roosters and the Newcastle Knights at Allianz Stadium on July 21, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Luke Keary appears set to miss the start of the season after breaking his jaw at training.

An accidental head knock during a trill at training on Wednesday saw Keary go down grabbing at his jaw.

While the break isn’t as bad as it could be, the enigmatic five-eighth will spend at least four weeks on the sidelines, putting him in major doubt of lining up against the Wests Tigers on March 10.

Roosters fans eager to see new recruits Cooper Cronk and James Tedesco link with the half will have to wait longer than expected to see the new look spine in action.

Having released Mitchell Pearce, Connor Watson and Jayden Nikorima during the last few months, Mitchell Cornish appears the man most likely to inherit the number six jersey.

Lachlan Lam, son of former star Adrian, is also a chance of snaring the spot, having made his international debut for Papua New Guinea at the World Cup, despite him never having played a first-grade match.

Trent Robinson will use the upcoming trials to determine who becomes the club’s backup half, with their February 24 clash against Manly on the Central Coast the best indication of who’ll start the season at six.


  1. Cornish will be the 6 til he gets back. I think he’ll flourish with the chance to line up next to Cronk, Lam is a chance but I think Cornish’s experience will give him the nod.

  2. How unlucky is that, but it does expose the Rooster’s biggest weakness, IMO.

    Their strategy is obviously to spend big on the starting squad. I’m not going to be drawn into cap issues etc, as I think I have done that to death, and I’m not even a Roosters fan, but when you spend 80-90% of your cap on the top (starting) players, it becomes slim pickings (from an experience perspective at least) on the dozen or so back ups in the 30 man squad.

      • Yes, and we have a very different, almost opposite, strategy.

        I can’t pick our starting lineup without leaving genuine FG players out, almost across the park. That said, we don’t have a “mega” star (current playing performance mega star), but there’s no shortage of attacking talent.

        It’s a light forward pack, but it’s still a solid forward pack, and we have points in us.

        • How many clubs have a genuine First grade back up halfback or 5/8 eelsallmighty? Not many if they have then they would be playing for another club. Just ask Mitch Pearce if he wanted to play backup. Lets see Aubusson can play anywhere and has played 5/8 before, Lachlan Lam has played a test match for New Guinea and had a blinder. He would be my first choice, However Tedesco could play 5/8 easily and Latrell Mitchell to fullback, The Roosters have also got Ryan Matterson who has played heaps of footy as a 5/8 in his junior days and has filled in at the Roosters as a 5/8 before on occasions and he represented city against country playing 5/8 two years ago. Of course there is Mitch Cornish and Sean O’Sullivan also. So all eggs are far from being in one basket.

          The GOOD news for all footy fans out there is that Keary has only a small crack in the jaw and has had a plate inserted. He will be fit in four weeks and the even BETTER news is that the comp for the Chooks don’t kick off until the 10 of March which is 5 weeks away. In my opinion Like Keary will be playing in the first week of the season. But the very worst scenario would be a return in week two.

        • I don’t think that Tedesco came to the Roosters to play 5/8 WoodChook. As for your “super sub” Aubusson, 5/8 is a bridge too far for him I think even if he has played there before. No Aubusson is not a long-term solution. If the cupboard is looking bare you could always look to your juniors like other clubs do? Surely you have some Rabbitohs juniors left over after your recent raid on their stocks only a year ago? Time to buy more eggs for your basket WoodChook, you know your card doesn’t have a limit so just tap and go. 😉

        • Woodchook, by compassion we have:
          Vying for a possible utility role, and a similar situation re our forward pack.

          The point wasn’t so about Keary, but rather an observation re the Chooks overall squad. I’ll admit I don’t know it well, but when you have the names you do, and on the sort of coin they are on, it stands to reason you have loaded up on around half your squad, and would have a large (larger than most) number of “min. wage” players.

          Every club has $9.4 mil in the cap, which equates to around $310k per player, so do your maths and you have a lot of “cheap” players, or a very large number of people are right about the salary “sombrero”. For the record, I think you have a sizeable list of cheap rookies.

    • Had it been Cronk instead of Keary I would have been interested to see just how Keary would have handled himself without Pearce or Cronk to hide behind. I just don’t think that he is capable of leading a team and depends on someone else to take control for him. I take no pleasure in seeing players seriously injured and wish Keary a speedy recovery even if it benefits the Roosters.

      Like you say mighty the Roosters do have all their eggs in one basket but then that’s the great thing about having no salary cap and being a chook, you can always lay more eggs! 😉

      • Keary played half against Brisbane last season when Pearce was injured. Watson was his 5/8. The Roosters won the match 18-16. Keary had a blinder. You must have missed that game SSTID-1970 BUT I did not. I watch it live at the ground and it showed every one that Russell Crowe needs to give himself the Julius Caesar thumps down to himself in the mirror for making Luke Keary his little scape goat/bunny.👎

        • One match does not a halfback make WoodChook. Pappa Smurf probably didn’t even realised Keary had changed position so the weakness probably was not properly exploited. Keary is a turnstile defensively. The closer he stands to the ruck and the middle third the more traffic passes through and he has no kicking game.

  3. Hee hee “bunnybuster”- love the nickname!
    Mitch Cornish will do fine at 5/8 until Keary returns, although I’d love to see Lam have a run in 1sts.
    Eelsalmighty, how good would an eels- roosters GF be? …….Chookies by 2? Lol

  4. Thanks folks, I’ve had a great chuckle over your comments during my coffee break. Not that I wish Keary ill either, but this couldn’t happen to a nicer Club.

    • 👍

      Don’t worry the chooks still have enough room under the cap to sign Thurston as a backup in any case. The team already more closely resembles a “tweaked” team from the console game “Rugby League Live” than a genuine NRL team in any case. SBW, Israel Folau, Semi Radradra and Josh Mansour will be the next additions to this “fantasy team” wait and see. 😂

    • Look out Macca 55. You have not been aware of the saying what goes around comes around. If you wish bad stuff upon my Chookies then your asking for trouble from the footy gods.

  5. Woodchook, I have it on good authority that Eastern suburbs, re- Sydney city roosters, re Sydney roosters will be the first team relocated for expansion, their lack of junior investment has finally caught up with them , and not about time to be honest,. plus their low supporter base has made the decision to relocate all that much easier, Polites will have no say in this, from what i have heard, either they accept or face oblivion, same has South Melbourne in the AFL who are now the Swans , I personally would not like to see this, I love nothing better than seeing Souths kick their arse and for a Souths supporter this is the only game that matters, but reality is that they will be gone, believe this or not I don’t really care , this will happen, and the only way they can keep being their second oldest club in the league is to accept relocation.

    • There is absolutely zero chance the Roosters like Souths will EVER be relocated. There is no way the NRL will move either of the last two foundation clubs. In fact the NRL would go to extreme lengths to ensure not only their survival, but also their traditional demographics. They are not even slightly in financial trouble, their supporter base whilst not spectacular, is solid and I don’t think the NRL really care a great deal about individual club’s junior development numbers. Their corporate support make up for a lot of other shortcomings.

      • “the NRL would go to extreme lengths to ensure not only their survival”

        Just like they did wirh the Rabbitohs following the Super League war when the Roosters set Souths up for a merger that would have consigned them to oblivion with zero presence in the new venture. I learn lessobs from history tommy and neither the NRL or the Roosters have Souths back.

        That is why Souths have been working on a Plan B in Perth and a Plan C in Cairns.

    • Ha your dreaming PENSO. Souffs have already relocated from south of Sydney to west of Sydney. The Roosters who have and still are registered as Eastern Suburbs District Rugby League Football Club with the NRL have never moved from their district except when they played at Henson Park during the construction of the Sydney Football Stadium.

      You see Penso unlike South’s our Chookies are run as a magnificent business organisation who know all about marketing strategies. Hence the Marketing name the Sydney Roosters. See Easts have the right to call themselves Sydney as their district is part of the Sydney 2000 p0st code. But most of all Penso the Roosters have fans not only in the Eastern Suburbs but all over Greater Sydney which includes Kingswood, Harris Park, Bankstown, Campbelltown, Queenscliff, Sutherland, Redfern, Milson’s Point, Kogarah, etc.etc.etc. In other words South Sydney is a tribal name which includes Zetland and Mascot in its tribal zone but Sydney covers everywhere and invites people ALL over Sydney to be a part of the Roosters.

      Penso we relocated years ago back in the 1990’s and claimed ALL of Sydney. It was a marketing genius move for East’s. Now if you look at last seasons top three at season end before the semis it was three capital citys leading the contest Melbourne Sydney & Brisbane. Alas Penso I could not see any tribal place called Souths in the eight who have relocated to the West. I’ve heard of South West Rocks perhaps you can become the South West Rabbits of Silverwater.

      Now Penso going on your South West Silverwater relocated Rabbits crowd average for last season compared to Sydney Roosters, I wouldn’t brag to much who is the hot candidate to be shipped out of Sydney me old mate.

      Average home crowds (to round 25) 2017
      Broncos 31,372, Storm 18,180, Cowboys 15,911, Roosters 15,766, Knights 15,173, Bulldogs 14,039, Raiders 14,035, Eels 13,693, Tigers 13,853, Titans 13,690, Sea Eagles 13,408, Sharks 12,953, Panthers 12,922, Dragons 12,575, Warriors 11,754, Rabbitohs 10,903.

        • How many Roosters supporters go to games when the chooks are out of tge top 8? Check the Roosters crowd attenanxe figures the year tgey finished 15th following Maloney’s departure. Play fair WoidChook. I’m onto you.

  6. Woodchook, you can put any spin on it has you like, the fact is that Easts have tried everything in their power to get more members and supporters, they call themselves Sydney roosters, they don’t deserve the Sydney name cause they only represent a small portion of Sydney, but has you said it was for marketing well it hasn’t worked , your crowds are terrible and only the fact your side is doing ok they get a crowd watching. not a big crowd mind you, Souths are known to have the biggest fan base world wide and currently have more members than any NRL club even beating the Bronco’s, that’s impressive, and the difference between Easts and Souths is that when Souths are playing well our crowds are awesome and also the TV ratings are best when Souths are playing well, this is something that Easts will never enjoy.

    The bottom line here is that this decision will be made for the good of the game, corporate support from the new clubs in different states will easily replace what Easts may lose although i would suspect they would just support another club.

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