Currently loaned centre Oliver Gildart has admitted he would be open to a permanent shift to Bondi.

Gildart was moved as part of a late-season loan deal to the Sydney Roosters on August 1 to join the club on their push to the finals.

He made his club debut on the weekend in a 72 points to 6 beatdown of the Tigers, and has now told News Corp that he is loving his time at the Roosters, and is open to a permanent switch into Trent Robinson's squad.

“One million per cent, I absolutely love it out here,” Gildart told the publication.

“The standard is really high here and it’s only going to develop me as a player and I feel like I’m settling in a little bit.

“I’m still contracted to the Tigers for next season but I’m not sure how things will work out.

“I have made some great bonds there and it’s hard to not want to go back and give everything with those lads as well and I want to see them succeed.”

It comes just weeks after Tigers winger David Nofoaluma, who is on loan at the Melbourne Storm and preparing for the first finals series of his career, said he has rediscovered his love for the game in Melbourne.

The Tigers also let Luciano Leilua walk to the North Queensland Cowboys ahead of his permanent shift next year.

Gildart had struggled for playing time in the weeks leading up to his release, having been an exciting signing from England at the start of the year.

The English centre said that the Roosters have more senior leaders and players, and that it's helped him feel like he has "arrived" at an NRL side.

“I think since I’ve come to the Roosters, I feel like I’ve arrived in an NRL side now. I feel like my journey started since I got here,” Gildart said.

“There are some great lads at the Tigers, don’t get me wrong, but there are more senior players and more leaders at the Roosters. I’ve been listening to what they’ve been saying and I feel like that’s really improving me as a player.

“I wanted to see what it’s like to compete week in, week out with a team at the top of the NRL.

“I’ve learnt what it takes in terms of training and the intensity and all the small details. I’ve only been here a short time but I feel like I’ve learnt a lot. I can’t really ask for much more.”

The Roosters currently sit at the bottom of the top eight and will likely make the finals before pushing through September.