PENRITH, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 15: Trent Merrin of the Panthers runs with the ball during the round six NRL match between the Penrith Panthers and the Gold Coast Titans on April 15, 2018 in Penrith, Australia. (Photo by Mark Evans/Getty Images)

Leeds Rhinos are looking to sign Panthers forward Trent Merrin on a lucrative long-term deal, according to a report by The Daily Telegraph.

The 29-year old has reportedly been offered a four-year contract by the English Super League club from the 2019 campaign, but would first require an early release from Penrith, where he is contracted for two more seasons.

The former Kangaroo has played seven tests for Australia as well as 13 games for the NSW Blues, with his last State of Origin appearance coming in 2015.

Merrin would become incoming Leeds coach David Furner first boom recruit, who is looking to instantly upgrade his team.

Leeds struggled this season and looked like getting relegated at times, finishing with eight wins.

The Panthers have re-signed several key players ahead of the 2019 season, including Nathan Cleary, Regan Campbell-Gillard and Viliame Kikau, while only losing Christian Crichton and Corey Harawira-Naera to the Bulldogs and probably Tyrone Peachey to the Titans.


  1. Would clear a lot of cap space which is kinda needed with the form meetings been in anyways and with Klemmer asking for a release would be an easy in. Anyways it frees up big money for a big name player

    • Nah stated that Klemmer is looking to leave the Sydney area and start fresh. To me, that means he’s heading to newcastle. But Penrith are Penrith, they’ll have another young forward coming through no doubt.

  2. 2 years left with the Pennies versus 4 seasons of blue balls playing for Leeds.
    I dont know what the difference is in coin but Merrin will probably take it.

    It would be nice to see him back at Saints and replace Graham in 2 years time.

    • No thanks, he’s only three years younger than Graham and while he’s solid he’s not setting the world on fire. More of a stats player than anything. Wasn’t even close to the coin he was asking.

    • “4 seasons of blue balls”

      Bahahahahahaha Classic! 😂😂😂

      Would you really want that muffin back at the Dragons pedro? With Frisell, De Belin, Vaughn and the Sims brothers there is finally some steal in the “Steal Dragons”.

      Merrin more resembles “Mr Stay Puft” (the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in “Ghostbusters”). 😂😂😂

      • No thanks to a Merrin return to Saints. He brushed us, so not welcome back.

        And he is well past his best from what I saw of him in 2018.

        BUT, I would welcome Klemmer……….

        • Which club wouldn’t? Now that they are using contracts as toilet paper there could be “quite a rush”, even an “explosion” of contracted talent “unloading themselves” onto the market and leaving their clubs and managers to “clean up their mess”. 😉

  3. Yeh – i think he would fire up again at the dragons.
    I went to Leeds a couple of years back for the WCC, great fun – but man oh man, blue balls.

  4. He was hardly noticed at Penrith in 2018.
    I think just about all the ISP forwards at Penrith are better than him now. That would go for St.George ISP forwards as well.
    Shaun Blore is the future of the lock position at Penrith, with perhaps a heavier Tyrone May. Who could share the position. May has played there before. Though Blore will still be a bit young for first grade in 2019.
    Free up some money Penrith & offload Merrin.

  5. Dragons don’t need Merrin, we have a great pack and some young guns coming through. Maybe if Merrin were on fire, sure, but then if he were on fire Penrith would keep him.

  6. Is Merrin still with Sally Fitzgibbon? I never been to England but I believe there is no real surf there…might make it hard on the couple…

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