BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 05: Latrell Mitchell of the Blues reacts to the loss during game one of the 2019 State of Origin series between the Queensland Maroons and the New South Wales Blues at Suncorp Stadium on June 05, 2019 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Jono Searle/Getty Images)

22-year-old Sydney Roosters star Latrell Mitchell has been reeling from the shock axing by NSW Blues coach Brad Fittler.

Despite Fittler admitting the difficulty in his decision to drop the young Rooster, Mitchell did not meet the new Blues' "Standards and expectations" following the narrow loss to the Maroons in Game I.

Mitchell has been outstanding for his club side on weekends, scoring a double in a ruthless win for the Roosters who snapped a three-game losing streak. Yet reports out of Sydney suggest Mitchell may permanently rule himself out from future Origin series following the unlikely cut from the NSW boss.

According to reports from The Sydney Morning Herald, Mitchell is now "disillusioned" by the NSW team. It's believed regardless of the result next week he will refuse to play in Game III and commit solely to playing for the Roosters.

Mitchell's parents have come out in support of their son with father Matt admitting "The rep stuff is just a bonus but the Roosters pay his bills, not NSW."

"I'm just happy he's back playing well for the Roosters and that's his main concern, just playing consistently."

His mother Patricia also outlined that the deaths of four family members in two months and the assault charges against his brother have significantly affected the Centre.

"He has never had to deal with anything like this," Patricia said to Channel 9 News.

"Latrell has been dealing with this the best way he can, but this will affect any young person as you can imagine."

NSW captain Boyd Cordner and Queensland great Darryn Lockyer have come out in support of Mitchell and both told Channel 9 that Mitchell will come out firing in the near future.

Cordner claimed "Knowing Latrell, he will use that as a bit of motivation" whilst also strongly admitting it was "definitely not the end of his rep career".

Lockyer believed due to a shocker in Game I where Mitchell was sin-binned that he would come out to play in Game II.

"He's been criticised for his performance, so there is that element where he would have come out pretty fired up for this Game," Lockyer said.

"You knew he was going to turn up because everyone's been talking about him".

Mitchell will not play for this series and only time will tell whether he returns again to a Blues shirt in future series. Game II can all but seal the Maroons' 12th Origin in 14 years and Fittler + the NSW selection process will have questions to answer based off the result.

Game II will be played on June 23 at Optus Stadium from 7.50pm.



  1. I’m still unsure if he is being a spoilt brat or not. He is one of the most dangerous players in the world when he’s in form, but right now he isn’t and his form doesn’t warrant a spot

  2. This is a very disappointing attitude from a potentially great player if true. It screams of entitlement and immaturity.
    The fact his father has come out and said “The rep stuff is just a bonus but the Roosters pay his bills, not NSW.” shows that he is getting poor advice from him.
    Rep games are not a bonus, they are a privilege and honour, and should be treated as such.
    This is his time to prove how great a player he truly is, he needs to take the hit on the chin, pick himself up and play the best footy he has ever played to prove that they made a mistake.
    That is what great players do.

  3. Is he kidding himself… get dropped for being an absolute passenger and now never to play again. That will do me.. if he can’t admit to himself he doesn’t deserve selection at this moment he is an absolute lunatic.
    If he has actually said this he won’t have to worry about making himself not available he’ll never be selected anyways.
    Surely he can see he is so lazy and only plays when he feels the need

  4. Don’t forget Fittler came out & publicly said Mitchell’s club team The Roosters aren’t happy with him. According to their coach that was complete BS. Hardly surprising Mitchell doesn’t want to work with Fittler again.

  5. Fittler should be sacked if he losses in Perth, his treatment of Mitchell, Walker ,Morris and Crichton is disgusting, why change a team when they only lost by an innercept.

    This team he has selected is terrible, fullbacks playing centres, Ferguson on the wing who hasn’t exactly been playing that great and the halves have been terrible all year.

    Mitchell and Walker especially have every right to say “i’m not available while Fittler is the coach”, he has killed Walkers confidence, especially when he rated him behind a retired Anasta, how can he be the best 5/8 in the comp one week then the worse the next, go figure.

    Fittler should have stuck with the centres of last year Mitchell and Roberts, plus Wade Graham , serious? over the years QLD have always stuck solid but not Fittler who panicked big time in the first game and was his fault we lost.

    Now we are stuck with him for next year, the only reason he won last year was on what Daley put in place previous, i have never rated Fittler has a coach and never will.

  6. But Freddy is a roosters legend, how dare you bad mouth him Woody…. Face the facts champ, Latrell isn’t going as well as you think and he was 💩💩💩💩 in game 1. Don’t even get started on Angus either, he was double 💩. Time for your lunchtime lay down you flea 😴😴

  7. Jack Wighton is the most overrated player in the comp !!!

    His selection is the king of embarrassments for Fittler…………..

  8. I understand his frustration atm. Freddy talks loyalty and shows it towards Cleary who doesn’t aimup, but dumps latrell on 1 game.

    Short term, this year he’ll tell freddy where to go.

  9. Ah no. He hasn’t taken turbos wing spot, he ineffectively has taken latrell, just turbo is way better then ferguson so he moves to centre, don’t worry tell wood Parker that turbo will look after and make ferguson look like a superstar playing outside him this weekend

  10. Comparing him to meninga who may of played a few bad games, difference Is meninga would always try.
    Latrell is the laziest things including darious boyd I’m the entire nrl, such a massive waste of talent. Which he definetely has, just so lazy with no work ethic whatsoever.
    He would do good to go be a brickies labourer for a while and learn to work

  11. I didn’t see Queensland dropping Hodges after his debut, or Chambers after Latrell ran all over him last year. When will NSW learn.
    Freddy has lost it, even if they win, dumping Latrell is a dumb move. Best attacking weapon we have had in years. Had an average game against the poor Bulldogs on the weekend, still scored 2 and kicked 5 goals.
    Meanwhile, Freddy picks and sticks Nathan Cleary on the reputation of his fathers name while producing nothing to help the side. Pathetic coaching.

  12. Loving your new turn of phrases, grammar and syntax. You almost sound like someone else who used to be on this site.

  13. I’m one that believes Latrell should’ve been given another chance in Game II……. HOWEVER he also should have prepared himself for being sacked for this game on Sunday especially after his performance in Game I….. and if the reports are true about his reactions then it just proves just how much growing up Latrell still has to do…….

    And as for his dad…… well u know exactly where Latrell gets his character from…… you don’t turn around and tell the public that NSW doesn’t pay your bills but your club does!!!

    If your state or country call on you to step up then u STEP UP!!! No questions asked…… when you become professional athlete you take all the responsibilities and consequences that come with it. You don’t get to pick what you can and can not do, this is the reason why athletes get paid ridiculous money.

  14. If that is true then never pick him again that is why he is always sulking every tackle he sits on his arse and cries.
    Some of these selfish stuck up players can go take a flying F off a cliff. That includes those immature children who say our anthem is racist.

  15. Latrell needs a decent coach in Wayne Bennett to guide him instead of this hapless wonder at the roosters who is nothing more than a caretaker given the $12m rossters past 6 years.
    The sooner he gets out of that Redneck dump and over to Souths the quicker he’ll get back to his best.

  16. In case you didn’t notice dopey NSW started leaking points when Walker went off and then back to scoring when back on.
    No argument you stupid amateur.

  17. Yeah I’m sure playing with the lazy burgess sisters will get him going ha ha ok then good one

  18. Morris, Crocker, xerri, koni staggs. To name a few the NRL doesn’t have a “centre crisis” lol and to be fair Latrell did have a good game
    On the weekend on paper but it wasn’t outstanding by his standards.

  19. Just heard on Triple M Rush Hour that Latrell has been offered a $11 Million contract over 10 years at the Bulldogs!


  20. At least it gets him out of that dump in that’s ruining his career.
    BTW. He still wants to go to Souths.

  21. “Mitchell heading to the dogs for 11 mil over 2 yrs”. One of your best muppet 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  22. I didn’t think you could just make yourself unavailable for selection to SOO or test games. In the past if a player did that, that would mean that they would have to sit out the club games that the other selected players would also miss. So if chosen to play for NSW each game, would Mitchell then have to sit out the club games ? Only players who are veterans & have had long rep careers can say they are unavailable to play in the rep games.
    It doesn’t matter that much if Mitchell misses this game or others. Until NSW produces some decent halves , Queensland will continue to win most of the games. It’s been a huge problem for over a decade & it still is right now. Unfortunately, most of the best halves are still from Queensland.
    It sure doesn’t help when only a few clubs in NSW genuinely try to bring the good juniors through their junior systems . Unless Newcastle, Penrith, Cronulla, St.George produce some great halves , NSW will continue to suffer.
    Right now some clubs junior systems are basket cases. Some clubs who used to produce good juniors, don’t bring many through at all. Then other clubs do nothing , but buy in talent from elsewhere . We all know who they are.

  23. So the French Dressed Chickens would like us to believe that they will only offer Mitchell $800,000 a season in his new contract? They & all their supporters tell us he’s the best centre in the game. Looks like another case of their two crooked back room guys ( hired this year ) hiding away the extra payments that would really make it 1.1 Million a season or more. Just like they do with many players there.
    The Bulldogs will offer 1.1 Million per season for Mitchell. Yet he’ll take $800,000? Yeah Right!!! Pull the other leg, it plays Jingle Bells.

  24. What a joke. ZT have now banned the word ror-ters. Are we living in north korea? 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  25. “I didn’t think you could just make yourself unavailable for selection to SOO or test games. In the past if a player did that, that would mean that they would have to sit out the club games”

    That’s how stupid you are, that has never been a rule and a player can choose to sit out any rep game he wants. Go back to your gafl.

  26. You constantly talk about how good Penriths juniors are but all the juniors that come from there are complete trash, it’s almost 20 years since that stain has won a premiership and they haven’t even looked like winning one since. Quantity doesn’t mean quality.

  27. So you know that your team is one of the clubs that produce no juniors at all. They just buy players in.
    It’s Wood Crow under a different name!
    Still, the only ways you can refuse to play if chosen, is for a genuine injury & for the veterans of rep duty. Or you’re going to play for another country. Dont think Mitchell is Tongan. Don’t think it’s a gaff at all.
    Mitchell should be proud to play, when chosen. Not just a big kid who wants to take his bat & ball , then go home. When not chosen .
    The halfback for NSW is from Penrith . Even though he’s shown nothing yet. All the rest have been flops for a decade plus. The 5/8th came from Gosford . He’s a veteran & could refuse to play now.
    The last great half for NSW was from Newcastle ( Johns ) .The best 5/8th, then lock other than that Fittler. . From a long time ago. What great halves have played for NSW in over a decade?
    So what else do you have Back2Blab?

  28. Lucky Penrith produce most of their own players then, isn’t it Wood Crow.
    By the way, did I say he was made an offer by Penrith?
    Like virtually all the rest, Mitchell’s no French Dressed Chicken junior either.

  29. True… Cleary wasn’t born in Penrith. Been there since he was 14. Before you all start.
    He’s a flop too.

  30. That proves you’re Wood Rot under a different name. You write all the same rubbish over again.
    Penrith’s junior area goes from Blacktown West beyond Penrith. North to beyond Richmond. They’re all Penrith juniors from those areas . They don’t stop being Penrith Juniors because they’re from BLacktown, Minchinbury, Windsor , St.Marys etc.
    The only Clown on here who hasn’t got a clue about any of that , seems to be you Wood Rot Crow , also alias Back2BlahBlahBlah…

  31. Just a thought Henny Penny Crow.
    The great Players you talk of. They will never go to Penrith you say. You know why that is?
    As those players start out at Many other clubs including Penrith. Then the French Dressed Chickens buy them!
    Ha, Ha, Ha… 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷
    Here’s some more of your clubs favourite flags Wood Lice.

  32. Having juniors to compare is one thing.
    Having no juniors is another.
    No juniors equates to no soul.
    All you have is a building with 4 walls and once you step outside there is nothing there except a demographic dominated by Souths supporters.

  33. Having juniors to compare is one thing.
    Having no juniors is another.
    No juniors equates to no soul.
    All you have is a building with 4 walls and once you step outside there is nothing there except a demographic dominated by Souths supporters.

  34. Silly man you are full of contradictions.
    Bottom line it’s your club that poaches the best from other juniors.
    That’s why people dont join a club with no soul.
    Proof is in the pudding. No argument.
    Flocking to what juniors?
    Where are the cities full of support other than Paris, your founding roots.?

  35. I keep asking but you always avoid answering this simple question.
    Why do the roosters have such an abysmal membership for so much success?
    Don’t pretend you didn’t notice this.
    Everyone is waiting for your logical explanation.

  36. Try all you like. We still know you’re Wood Rot , Russ Cow!
    You know why I give you the French Flags already . As your favourite French Dressed Chickens Modeled themselves after the French team!!
    You’d have to be the worst South’s supporter ever Rusty Cow. You put South’s down all the time & support your French Dressed Chickens in every possible way!!!
    So why pretend Wood Turned? We know it’s you..
    🇫🇷 Here’s another French Flag for your favourite team!

  37. Why do you ask WoodFord? Are you worried that there’s just not enough centres at other clubs for your French Dressed Chickens to steal?

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