SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 05: Latrell Mitchell of the Roosters warms up before the round 25 NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Sydney Roosters at ANZ Stadium on September 05, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Latrell Mitchell has been told in a "teary" conversation with club officials that his long-term rugby career will not include the Sydney Roosters.

The Sydney Roosters famously pulled out their $800,000 contract offer in recent weeks and they have now told the 22-year-old that they are not willing to squeeze him into their tight salary cap.

According to Mitchell 'wept' in the emotional meeting where the power brokers of the club confirmed their decision to not commit long-term to the champion centre.

In an interview with, Mitchell was candid about a conversation with premiership coach Trent Robinson.

“I said to Trent, ‘Look, I want to go and explore my options, is that alright?’ and he’s like ‘Mate, you’re entitled to it’,” Mitchell said.

“That’s where it ended, pretty much, and that’s all I took out of it. “I said, ‘Righto, well, then I’m going to go see. Then I went to pub that day, having a beer here and there, and then see the Roosters pull out of Latrell Mitchell’s deal.

“And I was like, ‘That’s a kick in the teeth’,” Mitchell said.

However, Mitchell has stayed bullish about maximizing his contracts whilst in the league, “I’ve done it all my life; no one is standing in my way for what I want,” he said.

“I’m going to get mine and do what I gotta do for my family and, if that’s at the Roosters, then I’ll stay and cherish the jumper like I always have and I always will.

“I just want to see what else is out there. I’m entitled to.

“I don’t need to make a decision. I just want to talk to these fellas and see what they’re offering and see what is out there — that’s all I wanted to do.”

Mitchell also met with key figure at the club, Nick Politis for a coffee after the Roosters pulled out their triple-figure offer.

He still has one season left under contract at the Roosters, although there has been speculation the club will be happy to release him early or even force him to play NSW Cup.

West Tigers captain Moses Mbye last week supported the past reported $1million bid from his side to lure the two-time premiership player.

“I know he’s only young but in saying that he brings a hell of a lot of experience too. He’s won two premierships and played a handful of games for his country and his state, and also his Indigenous heritage,” Mbye said.

“He’s got a lot of experience in big games and a lot of experience in a strong cultured team and club.”


  1. The cap burglars sombreros want us to believe there is no room for him in 2021 onwards.
    The only reason they say that is because they know Latrell wants out and the sombreros will only release him for 2020 onwards if he signs anywhere but Souths.
    If you wombats have taken note of my correct tips regarding JC Mundine and Jai Arrow then you better believe 100% that Souths are now back on with Latrell with Fifita staying at the broncos.

  2. The only wombat here is 21
    You didn’t get Fifita…. you haven’t got Arrow … you ended up with Mundine … hahahaha.. big deal, you get the ol’ man too.
    If Easts wanted Latrell, they would have him… guess what, they don’t want him…
    Souffs have bought a string of third rate nobodies, the “best” of them is Goodwin. …. are you serious 21?

  3. You reap what you sow Latrell.

    You have clearly burnt bridges with your approach and won no friends with your attitude. Maybe the kick in the teeth is just what you deserve because all I can hear is me, me, me. You are clearly a young man with a massive chip on your shoulder and someone who believes the world owes a living. I hope you learn from this experience and realise that there are others out there who deserve a little respect from you in return. If you take it as a leaning experience then you might just become a great footballer but if you don’t and continue to take every little set back as a “kick in the teeth” then you are in for a very rough ride.

    Take a bit of advise and grow up.

  4. Yes mitchell will fit in just fine with that “me me me” culture and that “all self importance” attitude of the burrow and people like 21.

  5. I think you have nailed it Rucky. AT the end of the day he is still young, so hopefully he does learn from it at least.

  6. So the wombats on here like chookstain are back to paying out Latrell.
    Last week he was the champ staying at the roosters, this week it’s the traitor again.
    A very sad desperate lot indeed.

  7. First rule of contract negotiations, never except the first offer. I believe Jai Arrow is doing that at the moment yet there’s no media jumping up and down about he’s negotiating. Where. Is the public outcry towards arrow

  8. toddy123 you’ve nailed it on the head.
    BTW Jai has signed with Souths 2021 onwards but trying to be released for 2020.
    Imagine if Souths sign Latrell.
    I’m booking front row seats on here and a big box of popcorn to spend a few hours laughing at all the mayhem and crying that will entertain for hours.

  9. Twentyone
    I’ll tell you one thing whatever team he plays for next season will be very lucky to have him. Imagine a Latrell with a point to prove to all the doubters. I bet he’ll have a blinder if a year

  10. Hey 21, When did Souths sign Jesus Christ??? JC Mundine pleeeaaasssseeeeee get it right at least if your going to sprout about an ordinary 18 year old SG Ball player as a star signing

  11. If they do end up signing Arrow he is no Sammy B so calm your farm. Big Sammy has been the heart and soul of Souths for the last 5 years, going to be very tough replacing him

  12. You’re absolutely right, toddy123, he will play fantastically for the 4-5 games a year that he hand selects to care about – having learnt his trade from observing the master of that, Jarryd Hayne.

    Comparing Jai to Latrell is ridiculous. One is trying to trade up in team quality, the other is willing to go to the worst team in the competition to fight to not receive the wooden spoon, all to scrounge another 200k out of the situation. Meanwhile, the word “success” slowly disappearing behind in the distance.

    He got an incredibly good offer. He is entitled to reject it, as are we to consider him a mercenary.

  13. Nobody can begrudge Latrell for trying to look after his family but this whole circus has been brought on by himself and those who have been in his ear “advising” him.

    He has practically whored himself with no shame at all and shown zero respect to multiple clubs and the bulldogs and tigers called his bluff along with the roosters. Show some humility, class and be a professional athlete instead of a spoilt brat!!

    800 from the chooks, add origin, tests, club paid end of year trip to Vegas and there’s a million right there. Silly boy in my opinion

  14. With Mitchell signed next season his money is already accounted for. Also every Rooster fan is aware Morris and Hall’s contracts are up at the end of 2020, freeing up further income

    Do you really think the Roosters will let this one in a generation type 22yr old player depart and extend the contracts of two wingers in their early 30’s in Morris and Hall
    We already know Aubo has been given a swan song farewell season, with all three departing, means money close to a million is there to spend.

    Like I said previously, I have it on good authority that Latrell Mitchell will be at the Roosters.
    Like I said previously the media are writing propaganda. Latrell Mitchell won Sydney a premiership with one of his strength flick passes that set up the winning try. The Roosters know Mitchell is irreplaceable. Its better that three players retire than lose Mitchell, and beleive me the Roosters will not let this crowd pleaser depart.

  15. Now NRL are considering not playing the Australian anthem at the All Star game because indigenous have requested it not be played. The cancer is spreading

  16. Another day, another fake news by Club Broosters! The serial ch.eaters must be getting very desperate! 😆 😆

  17. Already through 2 bags of popcorn and he still hasn’t signed anywhere yet.
    Priceless entertainment 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Any more news on rooster Fittler racial discrimination on the indigenous origin players?

  18. Over this whole deal about Latrell, Shane Richardson has already said on many occasions, Souths are not interested in signing him, so thats it, 21 stop promoting his signing , he’s not coming to Souths full stop, these Easts supporters are trying to make excuses why he wishes to go, without stating the obvious!!

  19. Well that’s what happens when you become greedy instead of taking the $800k offer the Roosters originally gave you Latrell. Should have just taken it if you really wanted to stay

  20. Maybe after Rooster Fittler gets kicked out of origin and media contracts can fall back to when he was an apprentice roof tiler at Penrith as a teen.
    Can call himself Fittler on the Roof.

  21. penso
    December 11, 2019 at 7:02 pm
    “Over this whole deal about Latrell, Shane Richardson has already said on many occasions, Souths are not interested in signing him”

    penso my friend , Richardson said the same about the jet if you recall.
    Trust me, Latrell and his whole Souths family wants to join his brothers at Souths and end his tenure with the rednecks.

  22. He isn’t a one in a generation player either. What a load of rubbish. He has a guy on the other flank, Manu, who is consistently out playing him last season. That isn’t a one in a generation player at all.

  23. waynethepayne
    December 11, 2019 at 8:12 pm
    ,”He isn’t a one in a generation player either. What a load of rubbish. He has a guy on the other flank, Manu, who is consistently out playing him last season. That isn’t a one in a generation player at all.”

    Manu will go back to the nobody he was before Latrell had the best defenders focused on him giving Manu a free pass to look good.
    Smith and Manu will struggle as the 3 and 4 for the sombreros.
    Smith is a complete dud who crumbled when Sam Burgess only looked at him.

  24. Pretty tough on a young centre there playing in one of a couple of first grade games that he’s played in. Smith looks to have talent when he plays in Canterbury Cup. That is for the most part , an indication that a player can also be a successful first grader.
    A few years ago South’s bought two Penrith centres based on their juniors /lower grade form & stuck them both in first grade the very next year. As an example of this.
    Just saying that you have to give a player more than a couple of first grade games to prove themselves .

  25. Mitchell hasn’t done anything different to so many other players .
    It sounds more like the spoilt brat Chickens , have chosen to take their bat , ball & go home .Oh, don’t take our first offer & look elsewhere for better offers will you. We won’t offer you anything then!
    As much as he isn’t always in the games & messed up a couple of times in rep games. He still is as responsible as any one else at that club , for helping to win two premierships in a row.
    If he feels that way & thinks he’s worth more than the Chickens first offer . Especially if he was being underpaid before this. Good on him.
    Just up the ante Chickens .
    You can always make up the difference with those extra corporate payments .

  26. In isolation you would be right EOD, but the difference with Mitchell is that it isn’t just the Roosters. He was had offers from the Bulldogs, Tigers at least, but both of those have also been pulled for whatever reason. Without knowing exactly what is going on behind the scenes, on the surface it actually looks like spoilt brat Latrell if anything.

    Like I said earlier though, I hope he learns from the experience and maybe has different advisors in his ear next time.

  27. TwentyOne, Manu is anything but a nobody. He may not be as flashy as Latrell, but he is consistently good, which is more than we can say for Latrell at the moment. And as for best defenders concentrating on Latrell, that isn’t how it works anymore. Wingers, centres, backrowers and even halves have designated sides of the field that they play on, and very rarely move from that. Coaches weren’t shifting their structures just because they were up against Latrell.

  28. Maybe Eels.
    Players who are talented can pick & choose where they play. Also , for how much.
    SBW & Holmes have done it.
    Mitchell could earn millions per year playing in the Super League & in overseas Rugby. If he chose that?
    The lifespan in League is a short one. If he can get more out of it money wise. That’s his choice . In the end , you can’t blame anyone for trying to earn more.

  29. I definitely don’t blame him for trying to earn more, I have often commented on here that players are entitled to do that.

    From the outside looking in, the difference between SBW for example and Mitchell is that SBW does the hard work to get hime there. Obviously I am making assumptions about Mitchell, which of course is dangerous, but he seems more in the Jarrryd Hayne mold, relying solely on his natural gifts, rather than putting in hard work. SBW, on the other hand, has the natural ability, but is constantly working to improve himself.

  30. Perhaps you’re right?
    I’d have to think anyone has to work hard , to stay in first grade. Or to get that chance in the first place. As only 3% of all players even get a first grade grade game at all.
    SWB couldn’t have been a bigger ass, with how he treated the Bulldogs .
    Holmes was released to try out for NFL, to come back to Cronulla . If unsuccessful . How did that go?
    Moylan didn’t feel mentally well , to get out of a long contract at Penrith. He’s mentally well now & always injured.
    Mitchell’s playing out his contract at the Chickens & has choices.
    I just don’t understand those attacks against him, for wanting to do better for himself & his family.
    I’m thinking if Parramatta fans are all for taking on an ordinary halfback. They’d be thrilled to bits & would defend him always, if he came to Parramatta ? If it cost a million per year & they shed a couple of other backs to get him there. They’d still be delighted! Am I wrong?

  31. I don’t want him at Parra for $1m at all. I don’ think he is worth that kind of money until he shows that he can be consistently one of the best in the comp, so I guess you are wrong, at least as far as I am concerned. And to compare it to signing “an ordinary halfback”, who is in the development squad, hence on $60K, is apples and oranges, hardly an apt comparison.

    SBW left under very bad terms obviously, but since then he has owned his mistakes, and is obviously a very different person. He has shown now that he is willing to work for everything that he gets and he takes responsibility for everything he does. Mitchell doesn’t come across like that, he comes across as entitled. Again, I don’t know him, but that is how I see it. He is young though, so he can change, much like SBW did.

  32. Dragons should swoop, offer him $600K for 1st season and say if he gets his head right and improves his attitude they’ll increase it to $800K and if he keeps delivering $950K in his third season. That’s a good incentive to knuckle down. They should also say no talking to Mundine!

  33. It wasn’t a comparison at all Eels.
    Just saying that when Parramatta signs a player , you’re all supporting the decision to sign them. Including the signing of Lamb. Who I think wasn’t worth signing.
    So if the Eels signed Mitchell , you’d all be right behind him then. Which I would agree with. As he may have had a tough time in a couple of rep games, but he’ll win you a lot of club games. Just as he’s done for the Chickens. The cost of losing a couple of other players to fit him in would be more than worth it.

  34. Sorry Eels I’m lost is something happening with Latrell ???? If so I can’t believe our Stirling media services didn’t pick up on this.

  35. 100% RedV about the $800K bit. All the cream, and there’s lots of it, that comes from playing with Easts would take him over the $mill mark in cash and in kind for sure (a bit like the old days with Arko and the Bullfrog – playing for Manly and Canterbury didn’t do much for their rep chances did it? Like hell it didn’t, just ask Bruce Walker and how he got on the 1978 Kangaroo tour).

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