BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 15: Assistant Coach Kevin Walters gives directions during the Brisbane Broncos NRL training session on March 15, 2018 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

Kevin Walters has quit his role as Brisbane Broncos’ assistant coach to focus solely on coaching the Queensland State of Origin team.

Walters met with Broncos CEO Paul White and head coach Wayne Bennett this morning to advise them of his decision, saying it was based on his own concerns over perceptions of impartiality in Queensland selections created by his role at the Broncos.

“Yesterday I attended the launch of the State of Origin Series in Melbourne and the level of interest at the media conference reinforced how privileged I am to be coach of a Maroons team which means so much to the people of Queensland,” Walters said on the Broncos website.

“It also reinforced Origin’s immense standing in the game, and the importance of having a clear-minded approach to all aspects of the Queensland team’s preparations.

“I felt that my direct link to the Broncos may influence the perception of my impartiality and as result of these factors I have made the decision to step away from the club to focus solely on the State of Origin campaign.

“I wish everyone involved with the Broncos every success for the remainder of the 2018 season.”

Broncos Coach Wayne Bennett said he respected Walters’ decision and his honesty in making the Broncos’ aware of his position as soon as possible.

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“I know personally the amount of work it takes to be a successful coach at Origin level and I can understand why Kevin has come to this decision,” said Bennett.

“It takes a huge commitment to coach Queensland and while we have really valued Kevin’s input this year as an assistant coach, we wish him all the best.”


  1. If Green does go Broncos, wouldn’t be surprised if Kristan Woolf tries to nab that HC job, him or Hannay. Seen articles about Madge or Daley being top contenders for the Kiwis job, which is a good thing. Would throw Tooves in there aswell.

  2. Yeah right, more like he’s jack off working with Bennett. If the broncos management had any brains they’d flush Bennett and beg Walters to stay.

  3. Something stinks in Bronco land I think. Walters already knew how much time Origin takes up after last year. Either he has been told he is not the successor as he has been working towards, or he has had another falling out with Bennett. Interesting on 360 last night that they were saying Bennett has taken over the halves coaching, which is really odd given Walters was on his staff. Something not quite right there.

    P.s. I understand the irony of me thinking something isn’t right in Brisbane given what is happening at the Eels, but it doesn’t change my opinion.

    • Yeah, there is some politcal conflict there, and as @damaori said there might be some development with Paul Green coaching future that is having an effect.

    • I don’t think it is ironic because you are an Eels fan.

      The something that is wrong for Brisbane is absolutely blatantly obvious.

      Unless the Brisbane forwards can be on top against their opponents, Brisbane halves have no space in which to dazzle with their individual movement.

      Warriors were far better over the weekend with two organised halves. I couldn’t help thinking that they were better off without Johnson.

      I predict that all year we’ll see Brisbane have some excellent games and then play this awfully muted brand of football, like we saw against the Titans. I didn’t think the Titans played well against the Broncos, I just thought they kept it competitive enough for the downsides of this Brisbane team to be apparent.

      Wayne taking control of the halves, more is recognition of him realising that Kevin Walters does not have these guys coming up to speed on organisation. Will they ever be good enough? Time will tell. Shaun Johnson has been playing the game for a long time, now and he still was completely outplayed in terms of use to the team by Mason Lino.

      I do think they will bounce back against Newcastle, though. Like I said, I think we’ll see a fair bit of this cycle.

  4. Broncs are in a big mess. None of the backs follow up to the 2nd rowers who are killing it. Gillet and Glenn an McGuire are going to be burnt out by June doing one out hit ups with no support. Roberts is the same as Jennings when he plays origin. Stays on the outfield. Hodgo was not the quickest of cats but he made sure he took ar least 5 dummy half sprints a game. That’s why broncs are playin horrid. That and Milf can’t play structured.

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