Manly have released a statement relating to Trent Barrett’s future at the club, after news circled on Wednesday morning suggesting the Sea Eagles would refuse to release the coach until July.

Fox Sports reported that due to Barrett serving his notice in July and the club having a 12-month notice period, the Sea Eagles would hold him to his contract until mid-2019, which would have been a lengthy stand-off for both parties.

However, Manly released the following statement, suggesting the news was “factually incorrect.”

The Club wishes to advise that earlier reports today in relation to its Head Coach Trent Barrett are factually incorrect.

The Club continues to work with Trent on an ongoing basis to ensure the best possible continuity of business for its football department, its playing group and the Club overall.


  1. Let him go or get 110% behind him. Just pick one you morons…
    Just embarrassing yourselves further..
    Give manly a fresh start to the year…

    • Agreed. Obviously it doesn’t worry me at all what is going on, but it isn’t that hard. If he doesn’t want to be there, let him go. What possible advantage is there of making him stay until July (other than not having to pay him out I guess).

      • There is none. That’s the point. They have to pay his wage anyways so it’s stipid and blows the mind what they are doing…
        Barrett may not be the best coach in the world, but he tried his hardest for the players and no one could ever argue that, re only wanted the best for the team.
        Manly board are embarrassing and wish they were doing guilty including Scott penn over the salary cap saga and got them all out of there

  2. Was just listening to Talkin’ Sport – sounds like things are pretty grim for Manly with internal fighting, no leadership, uncertain future, coach issues, player issues, etc. I’m not a Manly supporter, but to me, bring back the passion with Bozo, Toovs, etc – sounds like it went pear-shaped when the passion was replaced by plastic.

    • I agree and have been saying that for a few years. Manly has lost their identity with these blow in non ex Manly players coaching them. Barrett is a nice bloke but is to soft for the big time. If he was as good as Phil Gould would have everyone believe then why didn’t he snap him up for Penrith when the chance was there. Cherry Evens loves him because he can pull the wool over Barrett’s eyes. The Hastings feud proved that Barrett did not no he had a good 5/8 or 1/2, just happened to be the position Manly struggled with and Barrett being an ex 5/8 still could not give him a fair go. ALL the BEST teams in England certainly no a good half/five eight when they see one. He attracted huge offers from all the top teams.💩

    • If Maguire is smart he will steer well clear of this Manly organization and as a premiership winning coach he should just be patient and wait for a decent club that has got money to spare and current talent within their club all ready to go. Manly will end his career at this stage.💰💰💰💲💲💲💲💰💰💰💰💰💲💲💲💲💲

    • Mate I’m die hard manly and they are a real joke at the moment, absolutely embarrassing…
      Tooves should never of been let go and Scott penn has himself as the priority and not manly, should never of been aloud to buy max delmege out, who did bleed bleed for manly

  3. Bobfulton- mate the fans have to march like the rabbits did. From what I can gather, Penns don’t care about the club or fans, want to make $$$ and move on to the next project. Don’t wait until it’s too late. I know we all take the pi#s out of Manly and the fans, but the game needs a northern beaches team.

  4. If i was a Manly fan id be worried the NRL are just watching you self destruct.Dont get me wrong im not having a dig here.I really find it strange.I throw Parra in here when i say this but the NRL only want to help certain clubs and sorry Manly aint one

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