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South Sydney has commented on the NRL’s decision on the remainder of Sam Burgess’ contract with the club.

The NRL has decided to exempt Burgess’ contract from the club’s salary cap for the rest of his three-year deal, after Burgess was medically retired.

The Rabbitohs’ statement can be seen in full below.

The South Sydney Rabbitohs welcome the determination from the NRL today that the remainder of Sam Burgess’ contract will be exempt from the Club’s salary cap for 2020 and beyond under PCR Rule 86 (Medical Termination).

The Rabbitohs thank the NRL and its Salary Cap Auditors for its patience throughout the application process.

Whilst disappointed that Sam is no longer able to take the field for South Sydney due to injury, the Club looks forward to moving on towards season 2020.


  1. Well, well, well….what do you know? Justice is done. I am now waiting for all of the usual garbage, bulls..t and nastiness to come from that one guy with multiple names. I wonder if he will use one, two, three or all of them. Let’s wait and see. Glory Glory.

  2. Typical corrupt NRL. Would not expect anything different. what a sham this whole salary cap debacle is. Favours for the boys. I wonder if Todd got a specially autographed Gladiator photo for his kindness?

  3. There will always be people who cant see truth, congats to SS,now go and use your salary cap wisely,
    Mitchell, the fox and throw in arrow for good measure!!!.

  4. Settle Tohs17 if it’s Arrow it’ll only be enough to entice him away from the Gold Coast, I know everyone that isn’t a Rabbit’s fan will get pissy about this decision especially due to the fact he’s been reported to being kept on club staff. But I think it’s a fair decision regardless of it being pre resigning injury I think all medical retirements should be exempt from the cap if it’s the same across the game it’s fair for all teams.

  5. Commonsense decision, Souths would have loved to have Sam their for his contract but he can no longer play, he will be missed big time, I don’t care what everyone says, it is a fair and decent decision, comments like the NRL are currupt will only come from idiots who don’t know any better, like chalky said , no doubt the usual garbage will come, but I couldn’t give a rats a… what they say,.
    Souths Sydney supporters have every right to be proud of our club, we fought hard to keep our identity when they wanted to kick us out when we would not merge, media reports the other day suggested that Saints had wished they didn’t enter into an agreement losing their heritage, all know Polites has basically run league to his satisfaction and no doubt he would be disappointed with this decision, a great decision by the NRL.

  6. boomchez
    December 6, 2019 at 6:00 pm
    “There will always be people who cant see truth, congats to SS,now go and use your salary cap wisely,
    Mitchell, the fox and throw in arrow for good measure”

    You forgot Fifita.

  7. Thanks isdonisgoo, your comments are fair and very sportmanslike , I don’t like seeing you guys lose a great player, god knows we have lost plenty in years gone by, so i know how you feel, I believe that it is Arrows girlfriend who wants to move to Sydney to further her career, hence his decision to go to Souths, maybe, if not for his girlfriend I have no doubt he would stay.

  8. And just like that bunnies are serious players in the market for 2020. Will be interrogated see who the actually sign for next year

  9. Penso still haven’t seen the confirmation Arrow has signed until then I still have hope. As for Sydney fueled media stories of the move south furthering his Mrs career I’m sure she was Miss Australia in the Miss world comp/pageant, In the modeling world which I know nothing of I wouldve though the Gold Coast was more of an inviting place than Sydney. Been to both places and the Goldy isn’t a $hithole.

  10. AlexRetiman
    December 6, 2019 at 8:06 pm
    “So it looks like Mitchell will be at Souths sooner than expected”

    Alex, shhhhhhhhhhh.
    Souths not interested remember? 🤐🤐

  11. To the wombats on here questioning the decision you are welcome to disclose which qualified authority supports your opinion.
    We’re not holding our breath.

  12. isdonisgoo, i’m only going on what the media says, Arrow has met with souths and that is that atm, same has his girlfriend, saying their is more opportunities in Sydney for her, no way have I ever said the gold coast is a sh1t hole , if Arrow stays with the titans, i would be happy for you, loyalty is good, not much of it that these days

  13. Once again NRL show favours to certain clubs.
    Only the noob rabbit supporters could think this is even close to a correct decision.
    NRL should be ashamed of yourselves…

  14. Penso I wasn’t saying you said that about the Goldy, I should’ve just wrote the Goldy is a nice place. If bunnies offer him a million dollars and titans won’t match rabbits offer I’d be shocked if he stays at the Titans but I don’t know the bloke all I know he has a big motor and A big heart on the field and I like it. I would’ve thought Luke Thompson would’ve come cheaper and has a bit more size, better Burgess replacement IMO. I’m hoping Holbrook will get him over to us.

  15. Yeah Thompson May of been, but there is something Bennett sees in arrow he clearly wants. Plus I’m not sure Thompson is convinced of coming to Aus period. Seems reluctant.

  16. I don’t have a problem with the decision, but I think the system needs to be fairer, and I don’t think it’s rocket science.
    Very simply:
    The salary cap. is in place to provide a more level playing field, so it’s not fair to penalise a club with several years of cap burden because of bad luck. If you do, then the salary cap has exactly the opposite effect.
    But on the flip side neither is it fair that a club (any club) can get an immediate exemption for “medical retirement” when an injury, such as an ACL can put a player (who’s not retiring) out for up to a year.
    The (fairest) solution would be no exemption for the first year (of a medical retirement). Every club wears some bad luck irrespective of short/medium/long term injuries.
    Clubs trying to use a loophole (long dated and/or backended deals) could be addressed with the cap exception being no greater than the lowest annual salary for the except period (based on the current contract and on a p.a basis). Clauses in it to address long dated contracts in general, but especially if it’s not due to expire until the player is mid thirties when it’s due to expire etc.
    This is not about Sam’s case, and it’s extremely simple/brief, but I think the system could be improved, pretty easierly for the most part, and it clearly needs to be reviewed.

  17. Bob(Holmsey)Fulton, “Only the noob rabbit supporters could think this is even close to a correct decision.”
    I don’t have a problem with it (other than I think the system could be improved, as per above), and isdonisgood doesn’t appear to have a problem with it, and we’re not “rabbit supporters”, and I’d bet many other non “rabbit supporters” don’t have a problem with it either.

  18. Pull your head in penso.
    Burgess has had three reconstruction on the same shoulder.
    Please explain to me how that isn’t a preexisting injury.

  19. Rabbits17 Bennett didn’t see it in Arrow before so he’s not that much of a supercoach or footballer whispered he has lost his touch ask the poms and broncos I hope he doesn’t undo siebolds good work and ruin the current and future roster for the rabbits took knights awhile to recover from Bennett.

  20. With Sam Burgess contract becoming Arrows wage, that leaves very little for any top shelf players.
    Ado-Carr, Mitchell and Fifiita have no hope of playing for Souths next season or in future seasons, at their asking price and Souths remaining financial space.

  21. The decision is what it is, however the speed to come to the decision is farcical. NRL has given Souths so positive decisions with Inglis and now Burgess recently that some other clubs would not get.

    I believe Souths have some dirt on Greenberg’s time at the dogs which they use well.

  22. It appears penso has become very cheeky ever since this announement. penso thinks Souths can attempt to buy a premiership.

  23. Hi Kev it was only the previous three shoulder injuries that were pre existing not the latest lol. But seriously who know how the NRL work all this out every club is subject to raw deals at some stage especially when another club gets away with something and your’s doesn’t. I’m in two minds obviously very happy with the outcome but still scratching my head. End of the day its happened best to move on its done and dusted.
    As for other signings while I have no proof my gut feeling is other players are going to be moved on to make room but again who knows who’ll they be. My money is on gagai but that’s just humble my opinion.

  24. TwentyOneDecember 6, 2019 at 6:17 pm

    December 6, 2019 at 6:00 pm
    “There will always be people who cant see truth, congats to SS,now go and use your salary cap wisely,
    Mitchell, the fox and throw in arrow for good measure”

    You forgot Fifita.”

    LOL. Twenty1 you forgot to include the whole NSW origin team. Im sure the rabbits can squeeze them all under Sam’s salary. Long live the rabbits sombrero c/- TODDY

  25. Eels,
    Yes the salary cap is there for a reason and keep things fair. And Souths to play minutes 1 mill a season isn’t great. But simply rules are rules, and they are there to stop these ridiculous contracts of over the hill over priced players.
    Souths now twice in 12 months have gotten away with it.
    Whereas manly had to run with 1.4 mill less for our players, so where is the fairness in this system????
    And you can say oh well it’s only manly but rules are still there, and certain clubs very obviously get favouritism and others don’t, it’s simple

  26. What 7 signings mate? Sua and Roberts under Inglis spare cash, and the other players are fringe players, gebbie is a development player.. all cheap cheap players. Goodwin 1 year contract on bigger all also.

  27. Bob, “But simply rules are rules,”.
    A. As per above, I think they should review the current rules, because they could be improved/made fairer.
    B. The NRL are following their rules. They have all the medical records, weighed it up, made their decision.
    “and they are there to stop these ridiculous contracts of over the hill over priced players.”
    In both Inglis’ and Sam’s case they were 3 or 4 year contracts, with players who were 29 or 30, on around $1mil p.a, and both players were International reps/”superstar” players (or extremely close to). I don’t think either were “over the hill” or “”Ridiculous” (at the time at least.
    I’d also add, I don’t think either would fall into a “trying to create/use a loophole” category, and neither created an advantage for Souths (as in, resulting in “cheap” on field playing time type advantage).
    “Souths now twice in 12 months have gotten away with it.
    Whereas manly had to run with 1.4 mill less for our players, so where is the fairness in this system????”
    I’d argue, that’s you showing your bias. The “they got it and we didn’t” argue isn’t taking into consideration any other differences between the specific cases. Remember the NRL has access to all the medical records, professionals (doctors/specialists) reports etc. and we don’t. You can’t just say ” they did, we didn’t”.
    “and certain clubs very obviously get favouritism and others don’t, it’s simple”. Again, that’s just your opinion/potential bias, which is shared by numerous others, but it still doesn’t (necessarily) make it right, and it’s probably not.

  28. All I know is I wish I could have that bad Of a shoulder that I could be out partying carrying girls on my shoulders…
    Oh and then publicly saying wanting to b return to nrl playing in 2021

  29. Well put eels. Again I am in two minds about this but agree these rulings needs to addressed as its already being exploited by clubs. Clubs are damned if they do, being confronted with hostile calls complaining and cheating and favouritism from supporters who’s clubs haven’t been subject to this ruling yet but also damned if they don’t as they fall behind other clubs in regards to recruitment and player roster. End of the day we are all hypocrites at heart when it comes to the teams we love so maybe we need to get off our soap boxes and chill a bit. And like eels I think the rule needs to be fixed but we’re going to see this happen more until then so move on, it’s done

  30. Put ALL players and clubs aside, why should any club have to be punished if a contracted player cannot fulfil their obligations under his/her contract? If you worked for a boss under contract and you couldn’t keep going, should your boss have to pay you out? I can’t see the sense in all of this. I must agree that the system needs to be closely looked at.

  31. TheRortingRooster December 6, 2019 at 11:22 pm
    “LOL. Twenty1 you forgot to include the whole NSW origin team. Im sure the rabbits can squeeze them all under Sam’s salary. Long live the rabbits sombrero c/- TODDY”

    Speaking of fitting under the salary cap how do the sombreros justify Tedesco, Cronk, Keary, Cordner, Hargreaves, Crighton, Manu, Hall, Mitchell, Taukeiaho in 2019? Thats 10 and leaves 20 in the 30 to fit under the cap 🤣🤣🤣
    Do you honestly believe the garbage they are happy to take unders to play under Robinson?

    So now with Inglis, Sam, Sutto, Turner, Britt money available you sound horrified at the thought of Souths being in a position to attract 2-3 marquee players on top of the base line signings and upgrades.
    Pull the other one.

  32. The NRL gave all three players/clubs cap exemption, Gillett, Matalino and Burgess but only Burgess is copping it.

    I always thought the Manly decision of Matai and Stewart was wrong and if that were to occur today I believe it would have been a different decision from the NRL, as brisbunny said lets all move on and focus on next years comp which should be a beauty.

  33. Penso we cop it because of the shadow sombreros inferiority complex and their fear of extending our impressive premiership tally.

  34. …..How Funny Is This……

    We at the mighty Back to Back Premiers and current World Club Champions have nothing to fear from Souths, the biggest “Chokers” in the League. Souths pathetic attempt to buy a premiership is music to our ears.
    The League world is in stitches laughing at this club with twin fools TwentyOne and his wife pansy penso, who both claim they are big on home grown talent. Hahahaha.

  35. The family club Sydney Roosters are big on Soul with a massive Heart. Otherwise winning two comps back to back would be impossible to acheive.

    Souths are flat out trying to buy Soul and Heart but their true weak character as an organization is becoming exposed to the League World.

    20 or so imports in the past two seasons is evidence that this so called junior development club is flat out and not finished yet buying other teams developed players, in an attempt to combat the Roosters “Might”. Arrow would be foolish to leave the Gold Coast. However if this so call hahaha enforcer is told to move to Sydney by his wife for better job opportunities. Then it looks like Souths future enforcer does not wear the pants in their relationship. Souths pack leader wil be running onto the field in a mini skirt. Hahahaha……

    But you can’t buy Soul and Heart
    Souths do not understand that.

  36. Cam Murray will be the future leader, let’s not talk about heart and soul. We have a lot more members then you guys pleaseeee. Good on ya for back to back I congratulate them. But stop with the rubbish mate. Souths are a great team with a solid backing of their members. No need to start rubbishing each other.

  37. And in happier news great to see that C&%K Hodges get wiped out last night.

    Hodges was a big mouth cheap shot merchant when he played and after a couple of easy fights against fat guys dragged out of the pub thought he was Ali. Think again Justin, you’re just another bum like your past opponents. 39 seconds! Haha. It took me longer than that to log onto ZT.

    And the good thing is the “fight” will be on the internet for ever more.

    What a great start to the weekend.

  38. Exactly right Baza Beath, great to see the 2nd big mouth hit the canvas over the past week. Mundine and now Hodges. Fantastic. Hodges body looks like he has not trained for 10yrs. Hahaha.

  39. Rabbit17 we are not even talking about memberships, we are talking about Heart and Soul within a playing group. Definitely Souths playeing squad lacks lots of.
    Poor attempt trying to throw a diversion at changing the point of truth.

  40. Toddy…1…2….3…. your out, like Mundine and Hodges.

    After being poached from Union to Manly league team, then departing after 6 games and joining Sydney over 10 seasons ago. Then learning his trade at the Roosters and playing 213 games for the club, Yes of coarse he has plenty of Heart and Soul for the Roosters and absolutely nothing for Manly.

    JWH has played his entire career at the Roosters less 2 seasons in Manlys lower grades. But he is no 100 gamer like Inglis or Josh Reynolds or Tetevano for examples who’s heart is with their previous clubs. JWH learnt how to play the game at Manly and developed all his skills and life at the Roosters. Thats why he extended for the rest of his career for 3 more seasons.

    JWH learnt what heart and Soul is at the Roosters, and joins fellow heart and Soul team mates like Cordner, Friend, Aubusson, Mitchell, Radley, Liu, Manu, Tupou, Butcher, Collins, Tupouniua, Taukeiaho, Verrills, Lam, Faamausili, Billy Smith, Lam and Ikuvalu just to name a few.

    And one more thing. As I said two weeks ago….I have it on good authority that Latrell Mitchell will not play with any other club but the club that has heaps of Soul, Heart and Character. Watch his interview just released on the NRL website.

  41. Toddy 1…2…..3….. there are plenty on here that would love for you to take up boxing so you could get what Hodges got. Hahaha

  42. Ropeablerooster your a christen you’re also woody Howard and chookterd we know what rings you like mate. That’s why your not allowed near school’s

  43. AdamHoward Mitchell has not found his heart at Roosters, when he finally does he’ll be one of the best players the game has seen. I think he’d do better away from the Sydney rat race personally.

  44. adamhowar , stop calling me names , and accusing me of being someone else, YOU, who everyone knows is either benh, russc ,woody and god knows who else, oh yeah adamh, current, is a person who has made this site toxic, you conjour up all these Easts supporters and get all offside with your comments , you even respond to yourself, which is quite disturbing, most supporters of the NRL, including myself, would like to more than acknowledge Easts achievements, but you make it most difficult to do so, when you post on multible names and put sh!t on other teams especially souths , the only way i see ZT not banning you is that you consistanly change your name and IP, address.

    This site has good people who comment fairly and with respect , so please either get off this site of change your attitude.

  45. toddy123
    December 7, 2019 at 6:15 pm
    “Ropeablerooster your a christen you’re also woody Howard and chookterd we know what rings you like mate. That’s why your not allowed near schools”

    Several others have said the same thing about him.

  46. Adamhoward
    December 7, 2019 at 5:10 pm
    “TwentyOne and your pansy wife penso, like I said….Latrell Mitchell will not be playinf for Souths and I have it on good authority that Latrell will be at the Roosters for years snd years.”

    You cant be that stupid.
    Latrell is under contract.
    What do you expect him to say?.
    To say he won’t be there next year whilst under contract will be a huge breach.
    Didnt you read between the lines?
    He’s gone, get over it.

  47. Twentyone woody is just a weird sad pathetic excuse for a human. Like you said 21 read between the lines Latrell ain’t staying with the roosters

  48. funny all you sad pathetic little rabbitoh tryhards, wishing so hard for latrell to come to your stain of a club….according to LATRELL he WILL be at the chooks next year and “just wants to help them win another premiership”. Hey none of us said that, Latrell said that himself….so either he is not a man of his word or all of you know better than the kid HIMSELF.

  49. Woody you changed your name again.
    I guess with you being a registered $ex offender your used to changing your identity

  50. Zero Tackle could you please expel toddy123 from this site, the mentally disturbed fellow is obsessed with children and is clearly not suitable for footy discussions or banter.
    Toddy 123 has major psychiatric problems.

  51. I am so pleased to watch that video on the NRL site regarding Latrell Mitchell wish’s to remain a Rooster. Whilst Souths can continue to poach other teams star players it is clearly evidential, that no Rooster players are interested in becoming a Rabbit.

    Souths are in desperate need of a decent forward or three, hence the pursuit of light weight Arrow. Napa, Matterson and now Tetevano have by-passed Souths for good reason. The entire organisation is unbelievably toxic. Premierships are few and far between since the old fashion days of long gone 1971.

  52. Most south supporters don’t want Latrell at our club, timmah , rabbitoh supporters don’t need a player who has been corrupted by your club, it’s obvious that if players don’t buy into uncle Nicks ways of doing things then there out, evidenced by Easts threat that Latrell will play reserves next year and won’t be allowed to sign with souths, only a paranoid owner would say that, it’s pretty clear that Nick is worried by souths, cause it is only a matter of time before Easts come back to the field and the fact their best backline player wants out and even dodged the american trip, with Polites there, JUST shows how much he hates Easts and everything they stand for, at souths, the only reason we make a profit is cause our supporters put in and join the club with membership, something Easts will never enjoy, other clubs have respectful supporters, but Easts , who have won the last two comps, still can’t attract supporters to join their club, when they come back to the field , and that will be soon, it will only get worse .

  53. Hey mark . Easts are masters of buying playes over the years, idiot, your fooling no one with your stupid comments, rather than worrying about souths , just concentrate on your club, in regards to the players who by passed our club, only Arrow has been offered a contract , get with it moron.

  54. A nasty piece of work is this name caller penso.
    I have read comments from you and according to Adam, your husband TwentyOne regarding both your desire in attracting Latrell to your team without a club. If I was you penso I should watch the video spoken from Latrell himself before you start spreading and believing your own lies. You really need to wise up and get with it.

    The facts are here penso, do yourself a favour and watch the facts previously posted by A. Howard, otherwise all who read your comments will know you know nothing.

  55. Gentlemen and Adam who cares where Mitchell lands next year he’s pretty much shot himself in the foot with his actions. I think he should take year off and get his head right before deciding what he wants to do. If he stays with the rosters then good luck to him if he goes elsewhere then again go for it And in regards to this topic don’t be bitter be better.

  56. Hey Penso….maybe “most Souths supporters don’t want Latrell at your club”…but it appears TWATyOne does….he/she seems like a pretty ardent bunny supporter. I really don’t care where he ends up, players come and go, but I follow my team (not the players so much),have done since 1975. Just saying (for 21’s benefit), that’s all….Latrell himself says he will be at Easts next year and it’s HIS intention to help us win a 3rd premiership in a row. Seriously, I freakin love the passion (and hatred) between the chooks and bunnies. I have an ex GF who is a devout rabbitoh supporter, we still give it to each in spades if our team beats the other…..
    Go the Chooks in 2020

  57. Timmah you guys can keep latrell at his greedy price. We don’t need your has beens. Poaching is what you guys do! Are we forgetting where Keary came from? Crichton? Pleaseeeee. And I know what you’ll say next, they seen the light or some rubbish. Get over it you baby. We don’t want your rubbish. We are the ones who have the juniors, who do you produce? Addo-Carr, Walker, Reynolds, Sutton, wing, Anasta, mansour, Murray shall I continue? Stop rubbishing a true team that develops players. Our new school of excellence 🧐🙄

  58. Souths17 your club poached Crichton from the Roosters, Keary got chased over to the Roosters after The Kiwi Crowe continually rubbished him.

    Masters of the poachers Souths, if you remember poached Inglis right at the last minute from Brisbane who were about to poach him from Melbourne. Now that is the dirtiest of dirty poaching tactics of them all. Poaching a poached player. Hahaha

    Now we wont even mention your other poached duds like 4 x Burgess brothers, now only one after they realised what a useless dump the club is. we wont mention Amone, Knight, Gagai, Su’a, Allan etc.etc and the other 19 imports plus poaching contracted players mid season like Su’a and Roberts from Brisbane shows Souths the import club even signs contracted players mid season and have no self control or dignity.

  59. Gee Whiz…..85 comments on this topic and only about 25% on what has actually happened. The best way to get rid of this ”fool” chookstir, adam howard or whatever is to completely ignore him. I can just see him at the breakfast table with his 3…4…5..heads talking to each other. It must be a great conversation. Anyway, just ignore him no matter what he says and he will have to talk to himself.

  60. So if justice is to prevail the Bulldogs should be allowed to medical retire Foran, whom is out for the whole season as he needs a second operation

  61. timmah November 6, 2019 at 7:36 am
    “Shadow skid marks….”go rusty, go get your man” yep give him a million dollars a year so he can go out drinking with Roberts and get into bar fights”

    Adamhoward December 8, 2019 at 9:45 am
    “Souths the import club even signs contracted players mid season and have no self control or dignity.”

    Import club? Beetson, Coote, Fulton, SBW, Fittler, Maloney, Cronk, Keary, Crighton. Tedesco, Hall, Morris to name a few all poached and imported at the peak of their careers so where is the “dignity” in that?

    Gets a little monotonous and boring having to constantly remind the tormented sombrero wombats on here who just can’t learn to accept their club’s inferiority to Souths and just move on and be at peace with themselves.

    So after 3 poached premierships in 6 years why hasn’t this converted to them being at the top for fan support and memberships which is the one true gauge of any club’s real credibility?
    Because any astute, self respecting fan of NRL doesn’t want to be part of a club with a reputation for cheating the salary cap to achieve success.
    Constantly sitting at 2nd or 3rd last over the past 10 years for memberships says it all.

    Then we have a club with no grass roots juniors in a demographic which has resulted in AFL and soccer to dominate which for convenient reasons try to tell us all that grass roots junior development is not a big deal, Really? Pleeeeeease.

    What about handing out life memberships to players who have been at the club for only 2 years after more achievements in 12 years at a previous club? Dignity?

    Then we have a coach who gives his premiership to a player who was dropped for the GF but makes sure the whole world knows about it not to mention the club was always going to replace it anyway. Dignity?

    Get over it wombats, just accept there is much ground to make up before you can claim any superiority over the great South Sydney Rabbitohs.

  62. Adam Howard, Roberts is a Souths product 🙄. What club has majority of their juniors? I’m talking about who produces there own players. How many you guys have? Oh yeah forgot you guys just take ours. Butcher brothers, is why we kicked you guys out of our league. Please don’t start. And Twenty one just about summed you guys up.

  63. TwentyOne I’m really not into novels as long as War & Peace, which you have written. Couldn’t even be bothered attemting to read you garbage. Go back to short stories CI0WN

  64. Toddy123 I told you before, keep off the cheap cast wine goonies, You carry on like you have a wet brain. Do you now think your Mohammed Ali, Wake up and give Lifeline a call on 13 11 14 you need help. You are paranoid cuz.

  65. Souths17 Roberts and Sua were both poach under contract from Brisbane. So what if he played for Souths in his teenager years. Souths chased them and lured them from Brisbane to Souths before 30th June 2019.

    Troy Dargan (Brisbane), Brock Gardner (2021), Edene Gebbie (2021), Bryson Goodwin (Warrington Wolves, 2020), Jack Johns (2020), Steven Marsters (St George Illawarra Dragons, 2020), CJ Mundine (2021), Jaxson Paulo (Gold Coast Titans, 2020), James Roberts (Brisbane Broncos, 2021), Jaydn Su’a (Brisbane Broncos, 2021)

    Plus add in these POACHED players
    Amone, Sironen, Brittian, Gagan, Kennedy, Lowe, Knight, Allan, Tatola, Nicholls, Kennar, Gagai, Britt and Jennings.

    Thats 24 imports in two years. Tell your Souths buddies to get their facts straight …..POACHERS.

  66. If it looks like a transit lounge and behaves like a transit lounge, then undoubtedly it is a ………………..
    “Transit Lounge”

  67. Adamhoward
    December 8, 2019 at 2:12 pm
    “TwentyOne I’m really not into novels as long as War & Peace, which you have written.”

    Problem is Adamhubcap when it comes to facts and educating you I can go on forever when it comes to Souths superior history.

  68. Peterxviii thats pretty much the corner the nrl have painted themselves into. Until the rules are changed all clubs will try it out and while there may be some justified cases for the most part it will be just another rule to exploit

  69. Come on toddy ….1…2….3……your lnocked out! Dont be scared…BOY !!

    Hahahaha… hahaha…hahahahaha!!

  70. TwentyOne the only thing that needs to be repeated for you to understand so you are not put into the 1D10T category like “Toddy 123 your knocked out” is……

    The Roosters are the greatest team in the 21st century. TwentyOne mate, if you can’t remember anything much anymore. Just try to remember this.
    2002 Sydney 30 Warriors 8
    2013 Sydney 26 Manly 18
    2018 Sydney 21 Melbourne 6
    2019 Sydney 14 Candberra 8

    And Adam “the real man” Howard defeats Toddy “the goonie gobbler” 123 in a knockout.

  71. Ahh the 2002 year that’s the year you were inspired by that great local talent like Fittler.
    And don’t forget the heart and soul of the 2002 roosters , my favourite roosters junior big bad Adrian Morley

  72. Well it is quite amazing.
    It appears that Toddy has been on the phone to life line.

    The comments are more acceptable.
    Well done Toddy for admitting you needed help. The results of your therapy are outstanding.

  73. Ah 2014 toady123, that’s the year you were inspired by that great LOCAL talent Inglis, and don’t forget the heart and soul of the 2014 wabbits, my favourite vermin junior ever Sam (the nut grabber), burgess…..what an awesome team stacked with soufs juniors, steering them to their ONE premiership in the last 48 years!! What was that Timmah? ONE Gf win in the last FORTY EIGHT years! Wow! impressive soufs 😂😂🤣😂🤣😂

  74. Adamhoward December 8, 2019 at 5:10 pm
    “Toddy123 you think your so tough with your key board warrior threats boy. Funny to see you have recently had five comments in the pending section and six comments are in the trash section.”

    How does that compare to the 18 barrings under different nic you have been dealt with in 8 months.
    Where is your BennyHill nic? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  75. Adamhoward December 8, 2019 at 5:24 pm
    “And Adam “the real man” Howard defeats Toddy “the goonie gobbler” 123 in a knockout.”

    I hear you did a little boxing yourself over the years as in boxing tomatoes at Flemington Markets 🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  76. Why are the sombrero wombats on here so highly strung and incensed with their paranoid, inferiority complex with Souths?
    Constantly posting the same selective repetitive gibber but never willing to discuss their dismal membership, their inferior premiership tally, their non existent grass roots junior program, their non existent indigenous culture etc, etc compared to Souths.
    The sooner they accept this the sooner they will be able to move forward and be at peace with themselves.
    Every time a thread starts that is anything Souths related they jump on in mass and take over the whole thread with attacks on the club, its players and officials, it supporters in a pack frenzy assault and spends most of the time agreeing with himself through his 6 current aliases.
    Sad but true.

  77. timmah December 9, 2019 at 1:43 pm
    “Apologies Toddy, I thought from inference you were another toothless soufs supporting peasant.”

    Likewise Toddy, I thought from inference you were another redneck, white trash, trailer park rooster cash converter.

  78. toddy123 December 7, 2019 at 9:30 pm
    “Woody you changed your name again.
    I guess with you being a registered $ex offender your used to changing your identity”

    toddy123 Woody has several alieses on here so logic tells me your are obviously referring to the timmah, adamhoward, mark.mywords and the ropeableRooster ones, all the same person and as you say I presume true about him

  79. BTW back to the topic of Sam’s cap exemption…… despite what the media is led to believe, Jai Arrow has 100% signed with Souths from 2021 for 4 years but currently negotiating to get him for 2020.
    Sorry again adam and your ants, wrong again about him staying at the titans.

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