SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 05: Jared Waerea-Hargreaves of the Roosters looks on before the round 16 NRL match between the Wests Tigers and the Sydney Roosters at Bankwest Stadium on July 05, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Sydney forward Jared Wearea-Hargreaves will be available for his side’s clash against South Sydney on Friday night, after being his Grade 1 Careless High Tackle charge.

The Kiwi international was cited for a hit on Rabbitoh Liam Knight, although he successfully beat the charge, meaning he can line up this weekend.


  1. What a shock….. even Stevie Wonder could see that decision coming. The MRC and Judiciary this year have taken this crap to another level. What next?? Hudson Young to be cleared too???

  2. Another low point for NRL after that sham.
    Roosters given another free pass like last year with no repercussions.
    Look for the karma I can feel coming for this low mob.

  3. It’s quite clear 21 that the nrl really wants a rematch of last years GF as all the calls of not being sighted (Melb) and being exonerated (easts) are happening on a weekly basis for these 2 muppet teams

  4. Hargreaves main contribution for the roosters is he is their go to man for cheap shots when the team is under pressure like we saw against Souths but with a good chance will be treated favorably by the judiciary as again was shown tonight to the bewilderment of the majority.
    There isn’t much else in his repertoire other than a few tackles and telegraphed hit ups.
    Thats when he comes to life but after tonight’s decision he and the roosters will feel his get out of jail free card has been pushed to its limit.
    If the pressure is repeated again by Souths on Friday night Hargreaves will be pretty stupid to do anything careless which the roosters know the refs will be under the spotlight to be all over it.
    Souths know this as well which Wayne Bennett more than any other coach in the NRL will know how to use to Souths advantage.
    Given Hargreaves has nothing else to offer, wont expect to see him feature in anything of quality regardless of a rooster win or not.

  5. Its hilarious after Souths have given the roosters 2 hidings this year the rooster patsies on ZT finally feel they have won something over Souths and it had nothing to do with any skill or ability on a footy field.
    Sorry I cant make the celebrations tonight girls but hope you enjoy the Rhinegold bubbly.

  6. Good decision as he should never have been charged in the first place.
    It’s rugby league not netball so big shots (accidentally) are going to happen.
    Would prefer to see good shots over the grubs that rub ears, eye gouge or pull hair.

  7. Not wrong Kev.
    View shared by all astute judges.
    Hope the MRC and judiciary are ready for the precedent they have set whilst Keary and Cronk are having to eat through a straw next few weeks like Frankfurter, chookstool and RalphMoth do now.

  8. The NRL want another fairytale finish like the Sharks winning a GF and now the want the Roosters to win back to back as its hasn’t been done since 92/93 by the Broncos.

  9. A big swinging arm to the back of the head of Knight. Causing a head clash & cut. No , nothing to see there. Second time in a row where JWH is guilty as hell & gets off.
    If he’d not been playing for Le Coq he’d been given a couple of weeks & another week for challenging the decision, the last two trips to the judiciary.
    Makes you wonder if the brown paper bags have made their way to the judiciary as well? Or , are they all ex French Dressed Chickens there?

  10. Noted Potsie from Happy Days making a comment on glancing over comments ( as his are crap & not worth reading ) , about Parkes Spacemen. He must be really taken with Billy Burns? Is he another player that you Wish The French Dressed Chickens to buy Potsie?
    He’s a good player, but he doesn’t smash other players in the back of the head with swinging arms or elbow them in the throat. So he wouldn’t fit in with the style of players your team loves Potsie! Sorry about that. 🇫🇷 You can have another French Flag for your teams favourite country though.

  11. South’s supporters…
    Your teams game plan has surely been set out by the opposition, whether they’ve been let off at the Judiciary over the last couple of years , or not even charged.
    Here’s the game plan ….
    It’s fine to use the top of your head as a weapon, as you dive at the opposition. No suspension for that.
    It’s fine to use the upper part of your arm to smash the opposition player in the back of the head, even when they’re already held in a tackle. No suspension for that.
    It’s fine to raise your elbow into the throat of a potential tackler, when carrying the ball. Not on report for that.
    It’s fine to smash a supporting player off the ball. Not on report for that.
    It’s fine to use your upper arm to smash an opposition player in the jaw & break his jaw. Not on report for that & you may even get a man of the match award for that one!
    Just don’t pull anyone’s hair!! That’s a suspension.
    Is the game plan clear now?

  12. The player at the judiciary with the worst offence in the view of most was the one that was let off.
    Well done MR Buettner, Chairman of the MRC, on the judiciary panel and by the way, an ex North Sydney Bear, the Sydney Roosters current feeder club in the Canterbury Cup.
    Is that considered a conflict of interest?
    Can someone please clarify.

  13. As I said in the last article about this. He sees the player falling, braces, and then gives him a whack, whilst basically closing his eyes or making out that he couldn’t see it. He didn’t deserve to get off for that.

  14. I follow the broncos – but I hope they lose this week – they are diabolical and shouldn’t be in the finals.

    That being said, it doesn’t matter who I post about, I’m a neutral and call a spade a spade. League is a fairly repulsive sport to follow with others, impartiality is not my bag. Live in reality.

    I watched the JWH tackle in slow motion about 20 times. I was convinced at the start that he was blame free – but the more I watched it, the more I saw – he doesn’t show care. It isn’t a defence to say the player is falling into it when he was falling before JWH even started swinging. I was also a bit suspicious of his decision to immediately look away / close his eyes (very hard to be sure what he did) when he started his swing, too. Lack of care.

    I’d prefer to see both Burgess and JWH in the game as I’m entertained by their inabilities to control themselves (more so Burgess).

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