The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs have released the following statement regarding the team’s Mad Monday celebrations.

In regard to images from the team’s get together on Monday, the club accepts that they were unacceptable and a poor reflection on the individuals involved and the club. The players are aware of their responsibilities and the standards required when representing the club and yesterday’s behaviour was unacceptable and a bad look for the game.

The club will now work with all relevant stakeholders to gather information and fully review what took place yesterday.

The club is also working closely with the NRL in regard to determining the next steps in this review.

The Daily Telegraph reported on Tuesday morning that some players involved were seen dancing on tables in the nude, while another player grabbed the genitals of his dancing teammate.


  1. Typical low life telegragh jurno’s who always look for rubbish articles about rugby league, this was a privatly booked function at a hotel where there was no other people involved other than themselves, why not leave them alone, notice nothing from the herald or fairfax media, just that gutter journalist Rothfield having another dig at the NRL.

  2. Haven’t we already done the mad Monday baggings to death. Are you telling me no journo has ever been drunk and threw up in the gutter. We have the best contested finals that I can remember starting this weekend. No one cares about young blokes not breaking any laws, just doing what most young blokes do every weekend. And I’m an old prick and I don’t care.

  3. Few bigger issues here and shows that Greenberg and Beatie cannot manage the game.

    Recently a video of Trent Merrin was posted where he was dong a nudie run on a football field. I understand that this might have been conducted on the Panthers homeground/head office but whats the difference between that and Adam Elliot standing somewhere naked – doenst both give the game a bad look? or is it simply, if you do this on private property, then the look is different?

    Further to this, Greenberg has taken a shot at the bulldogs for a player vomiting outside – whether that has been caused from Alcohol or someone being sick, vommiting is not a crime nor should it be challenged as a bad look. If Greenberg is sick and he vommits, should he be punished?

    passing out on the floor outside – i can agree that it will look stupid and surely the club will do something about it. Vommitting – he has no legs to stand on this. Being naked somewhere, well it doesn’t seem to fit the bill publicly but Greenberg has no standards, so where does he stand now in terms of a punishment!

    Greenberg is too reactive and not proactive considering he has a 16 person board and a lot of funding to review or bring in Acceptable protocols.

  4. Why don’t the doggies do what South Park did about the mobil disaster and release some over the top ‘We’re sorry’ promos?

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