St George Illawarra chief executive Peter Doust will step down from his post at season’s end, with the Dragons released a statement on Thursday afternoon confirming the news.

Doust will step aside after 18 years in the job, making his decision over Christmas before informing the board.

β€œI have, and will continue, to thoroughly enjoy my time in the role,” Doust said.

β€œI feel very fortunate and privileged to have been afforded the opportunity to be the CEO of the Dragons and to have had a career in rugby league.

β€œI made the decision over the holiday break, in consultation with my family, and I wanted to give Brian (Johnston, Dragons chairman) appropriate notice to allow he and the Board, the opportunity to plan for the future.

Doust is the longest-serving boss of any current NRL club with the club stalwart choosing to announce his decision now to allow the club to find the best possible replacement.


    • I’ll sign the papers myself chalky – straight to Souths…….

      About bloody time anyway. A new dawn finally awaits.

      • I was trying to be nice, then you want him to go to Souths! Why? Surely you don’t wish him on another club.

  1. Great news for Dragons fans. It looks like the “oust Doust” campaign has finally won and that recruitmemt and retention blockage in the Dragons S-bend has at long last been unblocked! Happy days ahead for the big red V. πŸ‘

  2. Well I’ll be damned, bout bloody time champ. Very good news. Now for Mary to shape up or it’s bye bye too πŸ˜€

  3. Doust did a great job by merging wollongong with kogarah he can always be remembered for giving both teams a brand new era together…


  4. Sounds like a great move.Along with the sale of the Illawong side of the venture hopefully the Dragons will become what they should be.A Sydney powerhouse.If only the Sharks would relocate to Perth

  5. Apologies members I need to post my response to SSTID’s questions RE Blake Austin possible switch here as comments for that post is closed. I hope this comment gets posted without ZT deleting it as always.

    SSTID if you are out there here is my response – I think the possible switch for Blake Austin to dummy half could be a good move by sticky. But it is a contentious move. I still believe we need a specialist custodian hence neither Blake or Jack respectively are not suited for the custodian position. I believe Austin should stay in the halves for now, until the green machine can recruit a commanding half. Garvey and Havili are great signings but depth for now as they are not quite established there. Hence Sticky is thinking about putting Austin in there due to the trust between the current players and continuity. If so Sam Williams will do a great fill in job but a fill in he will be at best. Unfortunately it is the x factor in the half position and FB we are lacking. We have players who are great in their positions but apart from their break out years they do not have that commanding X Factor to them that makes a team go to that next level. The green machine is a drilled team, we are not a one man team and if we are to be a contender we need to improve consistency and then once we have we can be a contender consistently for many years like the Sea Eagles, Storm, Broncos and Roosters.

    Hope that answers your question SSTID

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