BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - JULY 12: Josh McGuire of the Maroons celebrates victory with his young child after game three of the State Of Origin series between the Queensland Maroons and the New South Wales Blues at Suncorp Stadium on July 12, 2017 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

Queensland forward Josh McGuire has capped off an outstanding season by winning the Maroons’ most prestigious award – the Ron McAuliffe Medal.

Fresh from playing a strong role in the Kangaroos’ World Cup triumph, McGuire was presented with the Queensland accolade at the Maroons’ Christmas get together at Tangalooma Island.

The Broncos enforcer played lock in all three games for the Maroons, with his robust work in the middle of the field a key plank in Queensland’s 2-1 series victory.

Players’ player awards were also presented on Monday evening, with dual recipients in two of the three games.

Cooper Cronk and Dane Gagai shared the spoils in Game I, while Storm duo Cameron Munster and Cameron Smith couldn’t be separated following their Game III masterclass.

Dylan Napa was the players’ player in Queensland’s come-from-behind Game II victory.

Ron McAuliffe Medal: Josh McGuire (Maroons’ Player of the Series)

Players’ Player


  1. Great old school forward. Tough as nails, churns out big metres each game with a low error and missed tackle count and has a health dose of niggle in his game. The Broncos forward pack would be stuffed without him.

      • No! Neither Josh McGuire or Adam Blair would be welcome at Souths if I had a say in it. I’m 50/50 about James Graham and with Cam Smith I would be prepared to look the other way (as most would). Any other grubs you can think of?

        • I haven’t seen him crocodile roll a player destroying his knee like Luke did to choc , Parramatts right you know , there needs to be an element of grubbiness to play this game , really I Cam only think of a handful , cam for the way he carried on , Mick ennis big mouth , Adam Mcdugall what he did to Tooves , I have never seen Josh come close to any of the above

        • I can’t condone any player that intentionally tries to injure another player outside of a solid legal shot. I remember Luke also had another nasty habit of cannon balling atrackers who were held up. Souths and Madge did all they could to get these things out of his game (and to be fair these were only rare instances in a stellar career at Souths). Unlike Bennett who coaches these ploys week in week out and defends his players for employing these methods.

          Even Gillett’s tackle on Sam Burgess in the WC that injured Sam’s knee was another sign of that. Although Bennett was Sam’s coach at the time ol d habits die hard.

          Beyond the few examples of “poor form” by Luke and the brain explosion of Sam Burgess’s “squirrel grip” on Will Chambers, Souths do not harbour any grubs or condone that kind of behaviour.

          Players are clearly being coached to fall across the legs of attacking players which is intentiionally designed to injure players and imnediately their forward momentum. This should be outlawed now and is every bit as dangerous as the cannonball tackle.

        • Where is your proof that Bennett coaches his players to injure the opposition?

          Nah, just having a dig mate, not trying to start another argument 😉

        • No not “Santiago” I was referencing Col. Nathan R. Jessep (Jack Nicholson) so call me “Colonel” or “Sir” soldier! And no sneaky “Colonel Sanders” references either… ah thank you!

    • the biggest grub bar none in the whole comp.
      hair pulling, hand stomping, ball crushing, dog shots – this guy has it all.

      • And don’t forget this was the grub that did a full contact dog shot in the back of an unsuspecting team mate (Herman Ese’ese) at training!! That is grub par excellence!

    • penso, you would have Cam Smith at Souths though I am guessing? Like I said above Souths should avoid McGuire and Blair though. Agreed?

        • Yeah i would have him i must confess SSTID but still a grub, the others, Blair for sure he more than a grub didn’t know McGuire lost an eye but not far behind Blair

        • I hope for you guys this is not true, Crichton should stay at Souths I think, or come to Parra 😉 , so I hope it isn’t a done deal.

          The fact that he (or any other player), can even talk contracts with anothe club for 2019 when we are still in 2017 still astounds me. I realise that we are in the 2018 season now as far as contracts are concerned, but to the average punter this looks terrible. Sure, the June 30 rule did not work as intended, but this is no better. The sooner a transfer window in introduced the better.

        • Where is the link for that story mate? I have checked and could not find it announced anywhere.

          The latest wordwas 23 hours ago from Crichton and if it was THAT close to being made official I doubt he would have made a statement that basically said he still had not made up his mind. Where have you heard this?

          The chooks don’t have the money on the cap to cover Crichton’s market value surely?

          Are you sure that this isn’t just a rumour like Cronk signing with Souths?

        • Penso 2011 , accidentally poked in eye by team mate , detached retina , from all reports a very painful injury , many said he would never play again , I can’t fault the bloke , he plays the game hard and tough , straight out of the 80’s, would have him at Manly any day

        • On fox sports today and big sports breakfast they were saying that they believe he has signed with Easts with Crichton saying he was disappointed Madge leaving, hopefully not true.

          MW not sure what you are saying here is Angus injured? Also what do you think Hodginson to Manly good or no so good? Me i reckon you guy’s should go hard for Lamb even if they won’t release him i think he could be the future.

        • @ penso

          I think someone is having you on penso. It seems that only 2 days ago he was in no hurry to make a decision. I doubt anything has changed in that time. He has already stated that he has made a commitment to Souths in 2018 which he intends to honour and I believe he is still trying to sum up if things have changed since Madge was moved on. He won’t rush this mate I wouldn’t think. The clubs that are chasing him won’t be silly enough to force his hand and give him an ultimatum either so this may take a while to get played out. Patience and keep the faith.

          Crichton breaks silence on NRL future
          Published on Dec. 5, 2017

          “I’ve got three-year offers from Souths, the Roosters and the Sharks,” Crichton wrote.

          “It’s a big call to make, and I don’t have to decide right now. I haven’t put a time frame on this.

          “…There’s pressure from a lot of different directions … but at the end of the day you’ve got to trust yourself and your own instincts and I’m not ready to make that decision yet.”

  2. I know Jack Bird is the flashy signing but hope this guy keeps the #13 jersey. High work rate and low error count. Taking the first hitup as a prop could take alot out of him, would rather see him pick and choose his moments on the last few tackles and pace himself to play longer.

  3. I dunno.i think this is another reason why Qld just has the wood on NSW in SOO.Yes they have there storm spine and what ever but they dont care.Its like.Your a grub but your our grub so we will ignore it.YOUR A QUEENSLANDER

    • I had to re-read that one ParraMatt, I thought for a second you were like billy and FF2016 an Eels supporter living in QLD. What we call cheating and grub tactics south of the border, north of the border they call “gamesmanship” or a “win at all costs mentality”, others even call it “tactics”.

      Traditional interpretations don’t actually do this term proper justice so I will go with 3chooks tried and proven favourite Wikipedia:

      gamesmanship = the use of dubious methods to win or gain a serious advantage in a game or sport. It has been described as “Pushing the rules to the limit without getting caught, using whatever dubious methods possible to achieve the desired end”

      That about covers it I think. Countdown to tommy blast off! 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….

      • Just ask Kyle Turner whose career went from an exponential curve to a nose dive after Gallen’s crusher tackle in the All Stars game in 2015 after which Turner was out of the game for 20 weeks!!

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