WOLLONGONG, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 07: Josh Dugan of the Dragons celebrates victory in the the round 13 NRL match between the St George Illawarra Dragons and the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks at WIN Stadium on June 7, 2014 in Wollongong, Australia. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

After five seasons with the Red V, Josh Dugan is set to sign with the Cronulla Sharks and add another chapter to the rivalry between the two clubs.

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that Dugan’s management will meet with the Sharks in the next 48 hours to finalise negotiations.

The Sharks see Dugan as the perfect replacement for the departing Jack Bird and have reportedly offered him the same money they were set to pay Bird. At the time, this was rumoured to be the highest offer in the club’s history.

With the Dragons signing Ben Hunt from the Broncos and the re-signing of Gareth Widdop, the club simply can’t compete with the Sharks offer and are resigned to Dugan leaving.

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The Dragons have rising stars Jai Field and Matt Dufty on the books for next season and they will be given first shot at securing the fullback position long-term.


    • It’s true. I think bellyache will get the best out of Myles, and will free up a lot of cap space for the Seaeagles.
      What forwards are on the market?

      • I certainly don’t mind forrid leaving, just hadn’t heard that… don’t think anyone get him playing any better anyways, he’s just one of them players now, and besides he playing fine at the moment… don’t know what forwards are out there, but a big forward and good 2nd rower is needed, got most other spots covered. James graham and Bryce Cartwright would work well….

  1. “With the Dragons signing Ben Hunt from the Broncos and the re-signing of Gareth Widdop, the club simply can’t compete with the Sharks offer and are resigned to Dugan leaving.”
    Doesn’t seem to fit to me.
    When you look at the list of talent at many other Clubs, the signing of two players in Hunt and Widdop should in no way preclude the signing of Dugan. Dragons obviously believe that Dugan is not worth the money he wants – if that sum is around $1.0 million, most fans would agree he isn’t worth that.

    • Spot on Drew, neither they or the fans believe he’s worth that. Not as a centre where the sharks will play him anyway. Gut feeling though is the sharks are only offering him $800k…not $1M. Its probably the fact he lives in the Shire, gets an extra years contract and the grass is always greener elsewhere.

  2. As a sharks fan I’m unsure about this …interesting to see next year how’ll he’ll go …. glass jaw Dugan can make an impact just hope flanno doesn’t drop Holmes back to the wing

  3. Simply not worth the money when spending every other week on the sideline injured.

    I love the blokes heart & effort for Saints, so all the best Duges, time to move on

  4. If Dugan does decide to leave. I would like to see the dragons team look something like this for 2018:

    1. Ferguson – Sign
    2. Macdonald
    3. Aitken
    4. Lafai
    5. Nightingale/Mann
    6. Widdop
    7. Hunt
    8. Rochow/Solomona – Sign
    9. McInnes
    10. Vaughan
    11. Frizell
    12. Thompson
    13. De Belin

    14. Leilua
    15. Sims
    16. Ah Mau
    17. Field/Hutchinson

    • lol no way Ferguson we have depth dont need to spend money. Dragons dont need Blake anywhere near our club.

    • Yes good idea, go after Blake Ferguson. But dude, if Nightingale has the audacity to want to play next year and we have the stupidity to pick him, we deserve the spoon. I love the guy he’s been a legend, but he’;s so far past it it’s not funny, he couldn’t even outrun Gallen the other night. His wing defense is deplorable, he’s slower than a wet week, he can’t bust a tackle and can only score from 10m out. Ferguson to wing, Dufty FB

      • But the coach keeps picking him. Shades of Benji last year, picked despite playing poorly every match.

        I love the guy too, but you can’t blame Nightingale if he keeps being picked. Similar to Nathan Merritt, he should be shuffled off into the sunset with all the honour given to a loyal premiership player.

  5. Seems like a lot of money to be paying a centre unless the Sharks have plans to turn Dugan into a 5/8 once Maloney retires. Personally I don’t see his body being up to the rigours of defending in the front line, however I would be really disappointed if the Sharks moved Holmes to the wing.

  6. Dugan is not worth, nor will he be getting $1M. Bird certainly wasn’t offered that figure hence his departure. By deduction, it must be above the $850K paid to Val Holmes to be “the best offer in the club’s history” If that is indeed the case then as a sharks fan, I’m certainly disappointed that we would fork out that sort of $ for a guy who (a) will not be playing in spine and (b) has such a poor injury record. This would eat up a fair bit of salary cap for a centre who spends so much time in a moon boot and really isn’t that good. Bad move.

    • The hilarious thing is Dugan is a crap centre, he’s only a FB and paying someone who’s not even the 10th best centre in the comp that money is enough to say the whole club is smoking crack.

  7. Yep thats true. Sharks could sign gagai & another good centre for the amount of coin being mentioned.

  8. Whilst it would be great for the Dragons to keep Dugan i think we have to play a bit of money ball and look for some value where we can. He is a great player but does miss games with injury and rep stuff, plus the fact we have Field, Dufty etc waiting in the wings, you have to give the young guys a run or they go. i think a greater need is to get another experienced front rower to replace Packer.

    • See above, we should chase Ferguson hard, Roosters want to unload players and I heard a birdy say they are trying to get Hayne or Gagai. I’d make a play for Gagai too.

  9. the only thing about this is i dont see dugan near worth that money but there is noone in the market. jai feild and dufty is no where near ready, last week he was a kid playing with men. sign dugan for another few years bite the bullet and groom jai.

  10. He cant pass ,thanks for your service but long time injured most times and not worth the coin,I think the back door payment by Elastoplas has run out

  11. Now I know that this may sound stupid but what about Widdop at FB and Hunt at HB and Mann or Hutchison at 5/8.

    I’m concerned with Widdop and Hunt in the halves because Widdop may go into his shell if Hunt is the main playmaker.

    When Widdop is the main man, he goes well like he currently is.

    For example, before Marshall came to the Dragons, Widdop was running the show and had a great season. Then Benji came along and Widdop had a couple of poor seasons.

    Widdop is now the main man at the Dragons again and having an awesome season.

    Widdop actually started his career as an FB and is a fantastic support player. I reckon Hunt/Widdop could be a Cronk/Slater type combination.

    We now also have a hooker in McInnes that gets us on the front foot and moving forward. So now we just need the right number 6. Hutch is a pretty big body and could be the man for the job, otherwise Mann or even a speedy No.6 like Jai Field ould be and option

    Any thoughts?

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