As Craig Bellamy looks to defend his round-one winning streak as a coach against the Penrith Panthers, two former NRL players have discussed his coaching future.

A constant subject for the past few years when the season begins, the 64-year-old coach has yet to provide any hints on whether he will remain the club's coach at the season's end.

Previously playing under Bellamy while the coach was an assistant at the Brisbane Broncos, Gordon Tallis believes that he can't walk away from the job and will continue coaching for years to come.

This isn't the first time Bellamy has been off-contract with the veteran coach, only agreeing to one-year contracts with the Storm for the past few seasons.

"I think there's been about five years he's come off contract and I don't think he can walk away," former NRL player Gordon Tallis said on The Late Show with Matty Johns.

"Some coaches just keep coaching, Wayne Bennett is one of those guys. He loves being around the guys, it keeps him young and they like coaching. Craig is the same."

“I think he would be bored. No matter what he does. He just loves being around the guys and improving young men.”

Speaking on the same subject, Matthew Johns suggested that some clubs may be eyeing Craig Bellamy if he leaves the Storm.

However, Johns understands that Storm officials are hoping to keep him at the club until he decides to step down from the coaching job.

“I understand from (Storm chairman) Matt Tripp and the Melbourne Storm want to keep him there, but surely there are some clubs out there that will be looking at Craig,” Matthew Johns said on the television show.

“A big storyline would be if one of the big Sydney clubs said to Craig, ‘listen, we want you'."