SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 03: Jarryd Hayne speaks during a press conference after Parramatta Eels training at Old Saleyards Reserve on January 3, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Evans/Getty Images)

Troubled fullback Jarryd Hayne has returned to training with Parramatta in the wake of serious rape allegations.

Civil lawsuit papers filed in the Santa Clara County court alleged that Hayne engaged in non-consensual sexual intercourse with a Santa Clara woman in December 2015.

Hayne fronted the media today, only to deflect most questions.

Subsequently, Hayne’s lawyer released the following statement.

It’s unexpected of Hayne to address the issue, previously avoiding questioning after he arrived at the airport.

The allegations aimed at Hayne are claims of sexual battery, gender violence, infliction of emotional distress and negligence.

Hayne failed to notify neither Gold Coast or Parramatta of the investigation at the time, meaning Hayne will be heavily questioned by the integrity unit.


  1. once upon a time this site only concentrated on the actual league stories.. this is civil suit so let it run its course.

    • Well said Pedro. I agree stories of this nature have no place on this website.

      I doubt that anyone on this site knows what really happen in relation to these allegations. Let”s not judge either Hayne or the lady in question until more is known about this story.

      Oh, and back to the real headline. Welcome home Hayne 🙂

  2. If he’s innocent how dark would you be (if you were Hayne)?

    And the NRL’s “gender adviser” says, very publicly, he should stand aside until the matter is resolved. Nice work, great advice, and that won’t create an avalanche of “claims” against players, who stand to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars while they wait for the “claim” to be heard, not to mention the damage to the players themselves, the clubs / the sport etc. If Catherine Lumby is paid a single cent for her “advice” the NRL is getting ripped off. Sorry, I take that back, even if she’s not getting paid she’s wasting someone’s time that is, so they’re still getting ripped off.

    • Well said almighty.
      Our code must hold respect for women at the paramount, but to allow itself to be held for ransom by man hating femmenatsis not doing anyone any favours.

    • Just like Snake stood aside for a couple of months and was later found to be innocent of all charges which were subsequently dropped? You are right mighty the world has become a politically correct, gender neutral, homogenised mess where men and women can now use each others toilets depending on which way they identify themselves on any given day! Men as well as women are as entitled to the presumption of innocence until guilt is proven. How can someone be punished before they have had their day in court?

  3. All valid statements lads , but let’s face it , he is a loser , once upon a time I had respect and admiration now I look at him and see a loser

    • If you think he’s a loser, you’re probably being too harsh and/or too gullible (believe the media).

      That said, I have lost some of my respect for him over the past year or two, and as a Parra supporter, current allegations aside, I’m still not sure we are doing the right thing bringing him back.

        • So Hayne is more of a B52 than a fighter jet these days then pedro? Slow and in need of support and is just as likely to miss the target when he “drops the bomb”. LOL

  4. As an avid Parra fan, we got what we asked for bringing him back to the club. We didn’t need him or the rubbish that he brings with him. Shame on you Brad Arthur for bringing an unwanted distraction to the club.

    • Parrasylum I think you nailed it, is Rugby League the only sport that turns a blind eye when it comes to examples like this , make no mistake my club is also guilty of employing people who have questionable histories. When will clubs give themselves there fans and the code the respect it needs, RL is amateur in so many ways

  5. Ha – Pedro – I was thinking the same thing. For a guy who was accused at the Titans for being slack towards training, and the controversy around his home-coming to the Eels – I thought he would have turned up to training with at least looking fit and ready to go.

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