SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 18: Tyrone May of the Panthers is sent to the sin-bin during the round 23 NRL match between the Penrith Panthers and the Newcastle Knights at Panthers Stadium on August 18, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt Blyth/Getty Images)

Tyrone May's playing future lies with the NRL's integrity unit after he avoided jail time after being convicted for filming sex tapes, as reported by The Sydney Morning Herald. 

May will now be under a good behaviour bond for three years and will have to perform 300 hours of community service.

He was supported in court by Panthers coach Ivan Cleary and his son, star halfback Nathan.

Magistrate Robyn Denes labelled May's offence as "reprehensible" and said it was "right on the cusp of a custodial sentence".

May was one of the first players stood down by the league under the leagues new player protocols which will see a big crackdown on player behaviour, which has resulted in May missing the entire 2019 season with a 25-game suspension.

May was convicted after meeting two women online on separate occasions in 2018 where he secretly recorded them while in the act, which the videos were then leaked online.

The first incident happened at the Best Western Zebra Motel when May met with a woman via Tinder.

The second incident occurred months later at an apartment in Kingswood. Along with May in the unit were May's nephew George Ragheb, former Panthers reserve grade player Liam Coleman and also an unknown man.

During a consensual orgy with the group at the time, the woman realised there were mobile phones in the room when she asked not to be filmed.

The woman was informed nine months later that the video had surfaced online, where she reported it to the police. May pleaded guilty to four counts of intentionally recording an intimate image without consent last May as a result.



  1. Why is it the NRL’s job to do something about it ?

    It is the Courts job to punish the May as it sees fit. The only thing that the NRL need do is to protect its own business and the public perception of that business.

  2. I bet he’s happy otherwise he would have ended up making a different kind of “home movie while inside

  3. chookstir….
    What will the NRL do about it?
    Hasn’t he already been sat out for an entire season?
    Plus he gets the 300 hours of community service & a 3 year good behaviour bond.
    Then having to be scrutinised by the media.
    He may have done a dumb thing, but plenty of drunken bashers are out there playing again. After little to no punishment at all.

  4. I think what Fafita and Lodge did were far worse and they were let back in.
    Then again Carney peed in his own mouth and got banned for life.
    Who can tell with the NRL.
    They will either ban him for life or erect a statue in his honor.

  5. So what happens now? Is the porno king allowed to play? Does Penrith Football Club condone his actions and not sack him? Is this pervert allowed back into the Panthers Leagues Club knowing that every girl he looks at is a potential next private movie star.

    Or has Penrith sided with this player and sacked the players last mid last season for exposing the video.
    Remember there was a big clean out of really good talent at Penrith last season.
    Please explain ClownOfParkes?

  6. Has anyone else read the head line about the magistrate recommending the Panthers change their community program name from Panthers on the Prowl ? I am not making this up

  7. brissybunny
    Yeah I seen that. I thought it was a stupid comment from that magistrate, for anyone who has followed league or the panthers, would know how much work the panthers on the prowl program has done for the community

  8. It’s unfortunate and pure gold for a headline. Not putting down the work they do but it is a bit amusing.

  9. The double standards on this site is astounding. My comments, which are respectful in nature, are randomly moderated, yet others which are not, are allowed through.

  10. Panthers I tried to illustrate using words like something that holds back a lot of water even built by believers and even that didn’t get through

  11. AdamBrennanWoodLouse.
    Didn’t Tetevano used to play for the Nuggets? Did they block him from coming into the tiny club , that they call a leagues club? I guess they must have all been friends with him? Or does that not count now, as he left? Did you think he deserved a second chance after doing the wrong thing?
    Probably yes when he played for your Nuggets & no now that he doesn’t?
    Do you think it was fine when Todd Carney came to help your Nuggets win a premiership? How many things had he done wrong already? He was even sacked from the Raiders. Still the Roosters couldn’t wait to sign him.
    How about the Man who loved dogs to much, Mitchell Pearce. Didn’t he come from your Nuggets? Yet you not only loved it when he played for your club. You wanted him to again play for N.S.W.
    One of your favourite players is Wighton at Canberra. Is getting blind drunk & bashing several people fine with you? He got just a six match ban.
    What about Fifita from Brisbane. You Nuggets supporters & South’s supporters want your clubs to sign him as soon as possible! I guess he’s fine with a crystal clear personal record.
    May may have done the wrong thing. He still didn’t assault anyone . He’s already had to sit out a year & has excepted other penalties.
    So you are so full of double standards, it’s unbelievable!!!
    Also remember a few of these doubtful characters actually came from South’s, South’s supporters. Such as Walker & Coleman. So I guess your club has a bit of a problem with players character, of those that come through your club?

  12. I can’t believe he gets off scott free. That type of behaviour deserves jail time and nothing less. Disgraceful person disgraceful judiciary.

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