Trent Robinson has continued this season's tirade from multiple NRL coaches against match officials after several questionable decisions during Thursday night's 18-12 loss to the Melbourne Storm.

Robinson himself, Des Hasler and Adam O'Brien have been among the coaches to go after the officials in recent weeks, although none have been slapped with a fine yet by the NRL themselves.

The NRL's head of football Graham Annesley is sure to have questions to answer on Monday during his weekly footy briefing with Robinson slamming the bunker, claiming decisions haven't been good enough.

One try in particular caught the ire of Robinson, with Eliesa Katoa appearing to be assisted over the try line and through the defence after catching a kick by Nelson Asofa-Solomona, something clearly not allowed under NRL rules.

“It's really clear. The rules are really clear,” Robinson said during his post-match press conference.

“The rules came out at the end of the year and if you lend weight to a tackler in stationary or forward momentum, then it'll either be stopped or if it's in a try scoring situation, it'll be a penalty.

“It's really simple. He runs in, he lends weight, touches his player and (Michael) Jennings. Did he lend weight to the play? Yes he did. It's not that hard. It was really clear.”

Meanwhile, Xavier Coates' match-winner also appeared to come on the back of a disruptor, with Reimis Smith being involved in the play and playing an active role in preventing a pair of Sydney Roosters' players from contesting a kick.

Fans on social media once again questioned one of the NRL's more confusing and inconsistently policed rules, while Robinson again was left confused by the decision.

“Same with the (Coates) try at the end. We just had 7-8 minutes from Graham Annesley on disruptors and kick contests,” Robinson said.

Connor Watson was looking at the ball standing in a position. He didn't move, he didn't escort, he just stood in a position.

“Reimis can go for the ball, that's fine, but he goes over the back and pushes Joey Manu in the back because he lost balance.

“But you can't contact our player without going for the contest. That's a disruptor. It's really clear.

“There's been too many of those decisions. I've had three or four decisions from Round 2 onwards, back to a try against Teddy on a disruptor, when they went over the top and scoring on top of him.

“It hasn't been good enough. It was really simple these decisions tonight.”

The loss leaves the Roosters just outside the top eight with three wins from seven starts, while the Storm advance to the provisional top of the ladder with five from six.


  1. I’m not a Roosters fan, happy to see they lost. HOWEVER, they got ripped. The ref BBQ’ed then, the BUNKER, dug up those rooster supporters that passed this year and thru them on the barbie too. Now they know what Parra go thru week in week out. So I would like the Roosters to get 4 games like that, its not nice, they call us whingers.
    Look at Canberra game, Penalties at one stage 20-1 against Parra, add in all the repeat sets, Parra were spent, they dropped the ball 12 times in the first half thru exhaustion .
    Poor Cowboys got ripped (did Parra lodge complaint after Canberra debacle?). Parra scored off a forward pass, scored 2 other tries with forward passes in the set we scored, but not called.
    CAN WE AFFORD THAT IN OUR GAME?????????????? I SAY NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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