BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 18: Jamayne Isaako of the Broncos celebrates scoring the match winning try during the round 11 NRL match between the Brisbane Broncos and the Sydney Roosters at Suncorp Stadium on May 18, 2018 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

Broncos winger Jamayne Isaako was being heavily courted by the Sydney Roosters before re-committing to the Broncos on a four-year extension.

The 22-year old recently met with Roosters coach Trent Robinson to discuss his playing future and the prospect of signing with Sydney.

And despite playing 17 of his 19 NRL games on the wing for the Broncos, Isaako said that staying in Brisbane gave him the best chance to secure a position at fullback where he aspires to solidify a spot.

“Trent was up in Brisbane to see friends so I linked up with my manager (Jim Banaghan) and had the meeting with him,” Isaako told

“We did it all pretty sensibly and didn’t go behind anyone’s backs and Trent put everything on the table.

“I had to consider all my options, and where the best options were for me to play my best footy in the future.

“Trent wanted to sign me up as a winger but I want to pursue my career as a fullback and I thought Brisbane provided me with the best opportunity to do that, especially with Darbs (Darius Boyd) coming towards the end of his career. I want to play fullback long-term.”

Isaako moved to his preferred fullback during the Broncos’ 50-18 win over the Panthers on Friday night, while Brisbane skipper Darius Boyd moved to left centre.

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And while that positional change may not be a long-term move, it shows that Broncos coach Wayne Bennett is prepared to tinker with his lineup and put Isaako in his desired role.

“I felt pretty comfortable there at fullback,” Isaako said.

“I played there last in the pre-season against PNG and to get a good run there was pretty pleasing. I picked up a couple of little injuries but nothing that should keep me out of the Sharks game.”

Moreover, Isaako explained that staying in Brisbane was also the right decision to accommodate for his young family.

“It was absolutely a tough decision because I had to consider my family and my partner, and she is 26 weeks pregnant at the moment ” Isaako said.

“I have a little fella on the way and I had to consider him in my decision, and I thought staying in Brisbane was best for me and my family.

“I want my son to grow up somewhere without having to move. As well as that I wanted to give back to Brisbane for looking after me ever since I’ve come here and stabilise my future with a long-term contract.”


  1. I would say $$$$.
    But Geez he has thrown Darbs in the poo by announcing he is coming to the end of his career.
    Just like Bennett publicly saying it was Sam Thiaday’s last year before Sam himself knew that.

  2. Every winger in the game wants to be a fullback because they get paid more. I think winger is like the lowest paid position in the starting side on average and very likely every Winger’s management is convincing them to push for other roles.

  3. How can the Roosters even possibly talk about recruiting this guy with the roster they have. What a load of crap.

    • The Roosters had talks with Morris, Isaako and the huge Englishman Hall, who has scored 231 tries in England to secure a REPLACEMENT for the departing Ferguson. AAAAAAAND THE WINNER IS……….The Big Englishman HALL.

      Butters and ManWar78 no salary cap investigation is required. Its Fergo’s cash for the Englishman who, desires a new challenge and is happy to do it on Fergusons wage. 👍😎🎱🎯

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