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The NRL’s investigation of the Cronulla Sharks salary cap scandal has uncovered a fake $100,000 invoice from a telecommunications company used to pay two players, according to a report by The Daily Telegraph.

Former Sharks boss and now Manly chief executive Lyall Gorman is set to be quizzed by investigators on the matter, who denied questions from the The Daily Telegraph.

“I will go in to see the Integrity Unit as soon as I possibly can and let the investigation take its course,” he told The Daily Telegraph.

Documents have revealed the Sharks took out a five-year $100,000 form a finance company which are still being paid off.

The company, Compare Communications, has since been deregistered by ASIC, owned by businessman John Barker.

“They (the Sharks) were meant to have all their phones come across to my company but it never happened,” Barker told The Daily Telegraph.

“We haven’t received any money from the Sharks. It point blank hasn’t happened. We might have sent them an invoice but I can categorically deny the Sharks have ever sent us $100,000. We didn’t get one cent from them.”

The two players involved were ex-Sharks Jeff Robson and Chris Heighington, who were not necessarily aware of the bogus transactions.

The NRL’s salary cap investigation of Cronulla is hoping to be finished by Christmas.


  1. The NRL is a joke! They want to “act” like they are getting tough by investigating $100K plus breaches here and there, everywhere but under the fat ass of “the Rooster in the room”. To be frank I don’t give a rats ass about ANY club being investigated or busted for MINOR salary cap breaches when the Roosters are $2 mill plus over the salary cap just like they were in 2013!

    Hey Greenberg, get SERIOUS and stop looking for little fish when there is a massive one with feathers that smells very fishy right under your nose! Stop nitpicking to make it look like the system is working because it ISN’T!. Investigate EVERY club and be transparent about the results. Starting with the Roosters!

    • Always criticize, gripe and protest about our arch rivals the Sydney Roosters but you grumble in vain Reg Regan. Unlike our team, who are aloof attempting to juggle our roster and the cap, also unobtainable in luring Bennett for this coming season just shows how adept our hierarchy are consistently out of touch with reality.

      You Reg, with your stupendous criticism of the Roosters, who are noticeably and evidently well managed, should give applause, when applause is rightfully earned by a club displaying such professionalism.

      Yes, I know your incorrect response, as per usual, falsely accusing my loyalty with an attempt to impose and imply that I support Easts. Nevertheless I “wear the Red and Green”. as our Glorious theme song lyrics undoubtedly sing out. Not the silly response you, and a few others call Cardinal and Myrtle, which is of coarse, is childish and quite ridiculous.

      Reg you need to overcome the anxiety you constantly display towards their premiership victories that were fairly attained by a honest and competitive organisation. We will win in the future, albeit with the ravel that has been handed towards us, Its reasonable to declare our next three seasons as a complete right off. I am well aware of your dislike towards the incoming coach, I am with you 100% on this issue. South Sydney need to take a leaf out of Easts book, on how to run a successful club. I hate them however they have kicked our bottoms in the past fourty five seasons in comparison to us. Reg, pull your head in.

      • I’ve flushed you out of your foxhole now, haven’t I Russ. It’s a dangerous place for a chicken to find themselves, down a foxhole. You have no idea what the inside of a rabbit burrow looks like do you Russ? You call yourself a Rabbitohs supporter? Bah!

        Have you ever watched Black Adder, Russ? There is an episode with a German spy in an English hospital speaking with a thick German accent but pretending he is British. It is just as comical as you continuing your farcical charade of being a Rabbitohs supporter and the ridiculous false pretexts you keep inventing to defend your real team, the Roosters.

        All supporters of the other 15 clubs on this site are all sick and tired of what the Roosters are getting away with and how they have never been audited despite having a growing collection of $1 mill a year players and players on $850K a year. What a joke that the NRL would allow such a massive conflict of interest in allowing the former NRL salary cap auditor to take care of the books for ANY club in the NRL. No one has spoken out supporting the Roosters other than their supporters and you “Russ the Rooster”. Or should I call you “Rocky the Rooster”? 😂😂😂😂

        • Reg, you’re preaching to the converted. No-one, apart from the most biased Easts fans, believes that they are cap-compliant. And sadly, no-one believes they’ll ever get caught.
          On Cronulla, I have long been suspicious about how easily they seemed to be able to sign and retain quality players. Maybe that porch light will come on again and if Will Chambers had passed that ball back inside to Cronk (another Neville Glover moment if ever there was one) it would certainly still be on.

        • That’s not entirely true Reg.
          Some of us assume the NRL can add to $9.4 mil, whilst also being acutely aware the Roosters are 1 of the club’s who’s players have the greatest access to TPA’s.
          I’m not saying the Roosters ARE fully compliant, but by the same taken I can’t say any other club is either, and obviously several other clubs (incl. mine) have been caught breaching.
          I won’t be “Ned” on the issue again, because it’s obviously pointless, but just thought I’d let you know, because you’re new to the site, not every other supporter believes the conspiracy theory/s.

        • I know 38er but someone has to fly the fairness flag in all of this or the Roosters will keep buying up premierships and devaluing their worth. mighty (aka Ned) this is NOT about TPA’s but about what players are being paid ON THE SALARY CAP!

          You do realise that the 2019 base salary cap is set at $9.6 mill but Woody already let it slip that the Roosters have a $12.6 mill salary cap. But even with a $9.6 mill salary cap that MUST include a squad of 30 players the Roosters have already reached $6,950,000 mill out of a $9.6 mill on JUST 9 PLAYERS! That only leaves $2,650,000 for 21 players!

        • Seriously, Woody already let slip $12.6mil?
          No one on this site, or any other, has any evidence, NOT 1 of us. FACT. If anyone disputes it, go to the police, because it would be a serious crime for the NRL to allow the TOTAL value of registered players to exceed the cap.
          I’m not saying they can’t be cheating, or that they haven’t abused TPA’s, or even they’re not running a second set of books, but the TOTAL value of their registered contracts are within the cap. FACT, so any arguememt that states “I’ve added this or that” is WRONG.

        • Time to give it a rest Reg. What are you hoping to achieve by constantly banging on about this on a small RL blog site? IT can’t be doing you good to always be getting worked up about it.

          For the record I, like almighty, don’t necessarily buy into the whole conspiracy theory. All clubs cheat the cap, and the Roosters have access to a lot of TPA’s which obviously helps in attracting talent to the club. None of us know how much money on the cap any player is taking up, at the Roosters or any other club, so it is all just speculation.

          On this story, whilst it might seem small in regard to the $ amount, if true it is systematic, intentional cheating of the cap, which is not a small matter at all.

        • My posts are being filtered AGAIN while a post referencing “child porn” has been up for 2 days! I will have to try to post this piece by piece then…

        • @ mighty and eels47

          Firstly mighty, just like fish have lateral lines to help their sense of balance and to make sense of their environment you have “literal lines” for much the same reason it seems to navigate ZT and you often take some things literally that were not intended that way. It also has resulted in you “drawing literal lines” through my punchlines.

          With my above points I meant every word except the one you attacked right out of the gate…

          “Woody already let slip $12.6mil? No one on this site, or any other, has any evidence, NOT 1 of us.”

          When Woody posted this in confusion I made a joke of it at the time as “final proof” that the Roosters had a salary cap advantage over the other 15 teams. It was a JOKE mighty. I know Woody was simply mistaken as I proved by posting the correct figure with supporting link at the time.

          I have a lot of time for Woody but he does often get confused. Like the time he confused an article that the Roosters outbid Souths by just $600K divided by 3 years (so just $200K a year more than Souths). Somehow Woody confused this with Crichton earning $600K each season ON the cap. He even added that it would be crazy to pay a kid with mininal experience $1 mill a season (as the Roosters ARE for Crichton’s first year).

        • @ mighty and eels47

          I have actual figures and educated guesses to base my argument but ZT filters now stop me posting anything in reference to dollar values and I have tried too many times already so I will have to give up for now.

          Perhaps others can ask ZT WHY I can’t post freely on this subject JUST mentioning facts and figures but but people referencing “child porn” and even the phrase itself goes up no problem?

        • Reg, I’m sorry, you’re jokes aren’t funny (just kidding), I’ve taken your posts too literally.
          That said, why do you still want to post “actual figures, and educated guesses”? They won’t be officially over the cap.
          That’s my only point on this issue. It is just way too inconceivable that the NRL would allow the total value of registered players to exceed the cap.

        • mighty in this instance my post was literal except for the reference to Woody’s false salary cap figures which was simply an innocent mistake caused by confusion relating to an overdose of emojis!

          IF the Sharks have in fact breached the salary cap then prior to this coming to light we all would have taken it for granted that they were salary cap compliant. The same with the Roosters.

          Unless I can freely post facts, figures and my educated guesses (that are both conservative and reasonable) then I will be unable to back up my claims.

        • No one here knows any “actual figures”, that is the point. And we can all make educated guesses based on representative honours, standing in the game, experience etc, but they are just that, guesses. On top of that we have no idea how much is registered on the cap or how much is through TPA’s.

          I really don’t see the point in getting so hung up on things that we really don’t have all of the facts for. As Mighty said, the NRL are not allowing the Roosters to register contracts in excess of the cap, so it can be “assumed” that the players they have make up the full cap value, and then that there are a number of TPA’s in addition to this which helps them keep and sign top line players.

        • eels47 used the word conspiracy whereas I use the term “willful ignorance” for political (and possibly economical) expediency.

          I believe I can show that either the Roosters are severely underpaying 6 players with a total of 41 tests and 4 origins who are outside their top paid 9 players or they are underpaying the bottom 15 players of their 30 man squad.

        • Yes eels47 we do. The top 9 paid players figures are accessible but I can’t post them ATM. Following that a fair estimation of the “figures” of a combined 6 players with 41 tests and 4 origins between them can be added to the initial 9 players and will leave 15 players to share $1 mill. That is MUCH less than is allowed.

        • “the NRL are not allowing the Roosters to register contracts in excess of the cap”

          Then players with rep experience are being allowed to be grossly undervalued. Unlike the NRL stepping in and interfering with the Rabbitohs Sam Burgess contract in 2015/2016.

          Why do you boys keep making excuses for them when everyone else here can clearly see what is going on?

        • I’ll try to post this one last time cryptically.

          For 2019:

          Teddy = one point one mill
          Coops = one mill
          Angus = one mill
          NSW skipper = eight fifty special-K
          QLD orangutan = seven hundred special-K
          Roosters little skipper = six fifty special-K
          Souths reject = six fifty special-K
          BMoz = five hundred special-K
          Pommie-Hall = five hundred special-K

          That’s a whole lot of “special-K” for just nine players. How much does that come to mate?

        • Unless those figures came directly from the Roosters or the NRL, then they are simply an estimation. I stand by that comment unless you can show me something official that have the amounts, not a news article that says that is what they are paid, or what someone thinks they are paid.

          I am not making excuses for anyone. I think any reasonable person would understand that the NRL is not going to knowingly allow any team to be over the cap. I am not suggesting that the Roosters aren’t cheating the cap in one way or another, as I said , I believe all clubs do it to a degree. But there is no way the NRL are turning a blind eye to cheating that they know about, regardless of the influence Uncle Nick does or doesn’t have.

        • If you want me to post with more details and include my sources then convince ZT to let me out of this Hannibal Lecter mobile restraining device. Then I will serve you something to feast on…. some liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti. 🥩 🌰 🥂

        • What a great system though boys. So the media can’t publish player salaries and be believed? All details are kept private under lock and key accessible ONLY by the NRL and the club in question… and we just have to TRUST them without transparency or disclosure of ANY kind?

          Well THAT is certainly a system with built-in safeguards to protect against corruption. 🙄🤪

          No need for independent thinking or evaluation then. Let’s all just leave our brains in a bucket! 🧠🗑

        • Ok, one more post as you clearly don’t get it. Of course we can all use our brains and come to our own conclusions, but media reports are not actual evidence of what a player is earning under the cap. It is pretty simple really. Yes, they might be correct or close to it, but unless it is coming from a party directly involved in the transaction then we are none the wiser to if it is correct or not.

          Player salaries in the NRL are private, I personnally think they should not be, but they are. So yes, we have no choice but to trust them without and transparency or disclosure, that is how it works.

          Like I said, if you can produce actual evidence that the NRL are knowingly allowing the Roosters to rort the cap then i will take back what i have said, but until then i will stand by my opinion that they aren’t doing that.

        • Very well eels47, if the ZT filters don’t catch me in their web I will try to post my estimates from “media reports [that] are not actual evidence of what a player is earning under the cap… [but] they might be correct or close to it” later on tonight. Fair enough?

          Then you can take the red pill 💊 and stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I’m offering is the truth. Nothing more. 🔍👤

        • And the ZT Sch1zophreni@ award goes to Reg Reagan for answering himself on 4 successive posts! 😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣 mate Daniele was right you have stolen the title right off me.

        • You’ve lost me Woody I’m afraid. Just like you lost yourself a very long time ago. Now you’re hearing voices. 👻 Matron said this might happen. Times to take your pills mate. 💊

  2. Come on, be fair. ?They admitted there were problems with their salary cap for the years surrounding their Premiership but were totally legal for 2016, just accept it and move on. It is not like the Sharks have any sort of History as cheats, LOL
    The Roosters and Cowboys are the best book keepers in the world. Totally legit. FFS
    Canterbury and Manly should be ashamed of themselves for rorting a system that is as fair and unbiased as the NRL Salary Cap.
    Greenburg knows what is fair and deals with everything professionally and without bias, I know because he said that is how he works. LMFAO

    • “They admitted there were problems with their salary cap for the years surrounding their Premiership”

      Then WHY haven’t the NRL stripped the Roosters of their 2013 premiership 1Turbo19 (new profile hiding a Roosters supporter)? WHY “let it go” when the Storm were rightly stripped of their premierships for being over the cap? If I were a Melbourne Storm fan I would be wondering why the same rule does not apply for other teams that win premierships while they are over the salary cap.

      Shall I start posting at length a CLOSE examination of the Roosters salary cap for 2019? Or was this simple attempt at misdirection not intended to put the Roosters 2019 salary cap situation under a microscope?

        • Irony only confuses me 1Turbo19. I just did a “Ned” and drew a literal line through your post then. So now you know how I feel much of the time. 😉

      • Melbourne, ripped of Premierships and Canterbury stripped of the chance to win one and the Roosters and Cowboys and probably Brisbane allowed to get away with blatant violations of their Salary Caps.
        Yes, if I was a Storm supporter I would be very upset with current administration and the lack of serious investigation of any clubs.
        Greenburg’s comments after incomplete investigations at a few clubs recently have shown the biased nature of his regime.

        • Exactly mate. Storm and Bulldogs supporters should be the ones asking the questions as they were hit hard and now the NRL is only looking to plug small holes when there is a gaping hole in the boat. No consistency except inconsistency.

      • Why haven’t they taken 2013 off us? Why have they let it go? Perhaps because we weren’t over the cap. Oh, there’s an idea. Reg, your jealousy of the Roosters is constantly clear as day. The fact that we can manage our books, and win premierships whilst doing so. You’re a proud bunny, but a fairly ignorant one. Ultimately, the amount you think each Roosters player is on is irrelevant. The stripping of the Melbourne premiership and this threat to the Cronulla proves that they do checks, particularly to premiership winning teams.
        Don’t worry Reggie, keep talking, it’s laughable.

        • I’m sure that you would even try to refute hard evidence that proved categorically that the Roosters were over the cap. We will have to agree to disagree then “Cleopatra Queen of D’Nile”. 😉 Especially since ZT filters keep blocking all my attempts to adequately build my case against the accused.

          Now, are you on the Banter Train or not? I will be looking for a more amusing and imaginative response to confirm that you haven’t lost your ticket.

  3. 4 questions in life i dont think anybody can answer 1. Is there really a god? 2 .Which came first,the chicken or the egg? 3. Why did the chicken cross the road? And finally 4. How do all those Roosters fit under such a small cap ?

  4. The sharks offer nothing to the nrl.
    Make them move to perth or boot the rorters out.
    How many chances does this club get? Multiple times they have deliberately rorted the system.

  5. Mate I have been trying but the facts and figures (dollar values) keep getting blocked by ZT filters.

    WHY won’t ZT allow me to post these figures yet it allows a post referencing “child porn” to stay up despite protests for 2 days?

    It’s a Mad House! 🤪🤪🤪🤪

  6. Btw, SHARKS FANS! Don’t rush to thank me all at once for taking all the heat of your club for the duration of this story.

    It was a hard grind with little support and a lot of obstacles along the way but each movie can only have one villain and I didn’t want everyone to lose sight of who that is.

      • Reg, cmon. You already labelled those who reply to themselves as more than a bit nutty.

        You are just making this too easy.

        • Another stellar contribution as always from “the ZT ghost”. No wonder you are an apparition that nobody else can see or has time for. 👻 Of all the substantial arguments recently you could have contributed to that are relevant to the purpose of this site, THIS is all you are good for and all you have ever contributed. Petty, inconsequential, insubstantial drivel.

  7. Woody, The NRL are pretty powerless when it comes to investigating caps. The current sharks investigation is only the result of self reporting and the previous investigations were the result of various ‘whistle blowers’ alerting the NRL of clubs’ misconduct. To say these investigations reflect the NRLs willingness and ability to investigate is wrong and does not imply innocence on the Roosters behalf.

    Reg, Whilst i fully believe all the clubs break the rules surrounding 3rd party agreements i believe the roosters simply do it better (Politis runs a tight ship and has more contacts than most other clubs) and have greater access to investors (not just due to Politis but the Eastern Suburbs locations gives them more access to corporate types than say any of the western Sydney teams. However as Eels said above they are innocent unless proven guilty, newspaper reports of salaries are not evidence of guilt.

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