Greg Inglis and John Sutton have joined the coaching staff at South Sydney.

Along with this news, the club announced a swath of coaching contracts that paints the picture of the full coaching structure at the club heading into 2020.

The Rabbitohs General Manager of Football, Shane Richardson, says that after last year's tumultuous coaching saga, it feels good to have the structure in the public sphere.

“This time last year we weren’t sure who would be coaching our players, but to have it all finalised and to have our plans in place across all grades for next season augers well for the year ahead,” Richardson told the club's website.

In addition to the “second-to-none” leadership of head coach Wayne Bennett, Richardson says that the experience of Inglis and Sutton will be a new type of asset for the coaching staff.

“The experience on the field that John (Sutton) and Greg (Inglis) bring is unmatched in the modern-day game. They will be able to pass on everything they have learned over the past 20 years at the top levels of the sport to our next generation of Rabbitohs and help prepare them for the steps up in class we expect many of these players to take in the coming seasons.”

Sutton and Inglis will have floating roles, casting their eyes over all levels of rugby at the club, ensuring that everyone is working from the same framework.

In addition to the Inglis and Sutton news, the club unveiled Ben Rogers as the Canterbury Cup coach, Joe O’Callaghan as the Jersey Flegg coach and Dean Widders as the Women’s Team Coach. Wayne Collins and Gavin Sheehan will continue their roles as under 18s and under 16s coaches.


  1. Ahhh yeah right. Players who become part of the coaching staff immediately after retiring smells like salary cap rorting. They should cap coaching staff salaries to $75k for at least 2 years after retirement to prevent stuff like Inglis getting paid $400k per season to run his eyes over the team. pfft what a joke. No legitimate company in the world operates with what sounds like completely superfluous staff. Souths couldnt even throw together a decent job description here. Looking forward to the same from Cronk, Smith and Burgess in the very near future.

  2. I think you’re confusing them with the cap sombreros.
    BTW when does Cronk commence his uni course through his back ended contract arrangement?

  3. I have absolutely no doubt that the Roosters are way more shifty. But when I tried to post something last week about it ZT just wouldnt let it go through. It didnt seem to have anything in it that would need censoring. Guess they are just a protected species all round.

  4. Spot on Butters.
    Look at the NRL site for spending on the c.a.p. You can see why some clubs have no limits . Yet this site’s the friend of Henny Penny. So it won’t even allow you to copy & post anything about it. Even if it’s just general information available to everyone from the NRL.

  5. Inglis will be teaching all the young players to high range drink drive and then play the victim and get off with zero punishment.

  6. Protected Species? This site is a friend of Henny Penny? You guys are sounding a tad Paranoid.
    So this site blocks general information from the NRL but allows countless posts from TwentyOne insinuating that Easts bribe Refs the M R C Chairman the Salary Cap Auditor etc and has influence of Australian Team selections. Thats some protection.
    I tried to post several times today on the Mitchell article it didnt go through.
    Ever stop to think it might be just a glitch in the system.

  7. Everybody knows this site is a Souths site ManWar78, otherwise Twentysomething who masquerades as EastOfDivide would have been banned a long time ago along with that scre.wball shadow.

    They all continually post complete and utter dribble on nothing but Rooster propaganda. Hardly anything related to the story.

  8. A Souths’s site? It’s an East’s site, look how many times it allows BenHudson and all of his aliases to get on here and turn every story into a South’s bashing. TwentyOne is an amateur compared to him.

  9. Back to the story I believe Souths coaching team is structurally vulnerable, Bennett has proven this season that perhaps after the grand final loss to the Cowboys in 2015, undoubtedly he should have retired.

    His team of the past four seasons lack defensive structures. Souths being demolished by the Roosters 30-6 should have promted the team south of Sydney towards an immediate replacement.

    With all due respect to the sacked Australian captain that never captained Australia Greg Inglis, and sacked 2014 purchased premiership, winning captain John Sutton, they will be of little assistance or motivation to Sacked Brisbane flop coach Wayne Bennett in his final year, before the retirement paddock is opened up for the green and red Bronco to graze in before his final resting place.

  10. Penso/shadow has lost the plot.
    As for the two new coaches, I don’t see EastOfDivide alias Twentyone attacking his own club of what he accused the Roosters with his fibs of paying for educational coarse’s, no we don’t see him telling everybody how Crowe is overpaying his two new rookies coaches and paying for their coaching certification.
    His one eye could not possibly think Souths are guilty if that. Surely

  11. Roostersback2back2back.
    Firstly do you home work before posting as it makes you look like a Gooseter. He was charged with MID RANGE PCA………not high range. Mid range PCA is 0.80 to 0.149. Inglis blew 0.85. Secondly, I am a Cop, and I go to court ALL THE TIME for PCA offences. Most of them get off with little more than community service or a section 10 bond…………nothing more than a slap on the wrist. So why do you think that Inglis got special treatment??? He got what every other Joe bloggs gets from the Magistrate. No more, no less.

  12. Mitchell Pierce missed 10 games for not endangering any lives, the grub Inglis pit multiple peoples lives at risk why he was driving under the influence for 2 HOURS.

  13. Your a fine one to be talking about doing the Maths. You can’t tell the difference between low, medium and high ranges. It’s not rocket science. And if your brave enough, PM me on Facebook and we can settle your smart arse comment about Pigs man to man.

  14. @satts13
    you should pm me, i have b2b (holmseys) contact details.
    he’s known for schoolboy name calling and racist baits.

  15. @TAE
    Im not that stupid to throw insults and abuse at fans AND players AND their families and then fail to cover my tracks and have my identity revealed.. am I ???

  16. @Naveenisgod
    yes, you are.
    also 21 and Penso were revealed as very weak and hypocritical trash by not standing up to your racist insults (as b2b) about the rabbitohs.

  17. Constable Satts, could you please arrest Shadow for….. oh wait I was going to say, for impersonating an IDI0T, but an IDI0T can not impersonate an IDI0T when he is already an IDI0T.

  18. Undoubtedly Constable Satts if Inglis drove his car from Dubbo, then he would most definiatey started his journey in the high range category. Being 2 hrs from where he started.

  19. “, PM me on Facebook and we can settle your smart arse comment about Pigs man to man.”

    What’s your name then piggy?

  20. Typical pea heart response. You want to start with your derogatory comments and I call you out and you want to hide behind your keyboard. I’ll say it again tell me who you are and I will meet you anywhere, anytime. What does back2back2back stand for? The width of your wife?

  21. @satts13
    He is not a rooster supporter, he is a bandwagoner because mwse suck. A skinny 15y/o trash mouth schoolboy tr0ll who has had his ID revealed thru reddit.
    Loser parents raise loser kids.

  22. “I’ll say it again tell me who you are and I will meet you anywhere, anytime”

    Where did you say it the first time? That’s that you didn’t, you said message me if Facebook but you have failed to give me your name so I can. So like I said above pigs (cops) always leave the truth out.

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