After both making their debut five years ago, 'brothers' Brian To'o and Stephen Crichton will be on opposite sides of the field for the first time later this year.

Close friends on and off the football field, To'o and Crichton have won premierships, represented their state, represented their country and attended church together.

However, despite the two not playing each other until Round 10, Brian To'o eagerly looks forward to a future showdown with his former partner-in-crime.

Known for his comedic nature, the three-time Panthers winger told Zero Tackle about what can be expected when the two finally face off against one another.

"I might bite his ear off," Brian To'o chuckled on an impending showdown with Crichton.

"I already told him I'm gonna check you or bite your eye off or something.

"Nah, but the love will still definitely be there, but once we touch on the field, footy's footy."

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As the Penrith Panthers look to win a fourth consecutive rugby league title - the first time since the St George Dragons in the 1960s - their success means they cannot keep all their superstars.

Kurt Capewell, Matt Burton, Tyrone May, Apisai Koroisau, Sean O'Sullivan, Viliame Kikau, and Charlie Staines are some of the names that have left the club for new destinations.

They will be joined by Crichton, Spencer Leniu, Jack Cogger, Tom Jenkins and Jaeman Salmon on the departure list.

The clash will also see Jaeman Salmon take on his former team for the first time. Cameron Ciraldo will also look to impress his former mentor Ivan Cleary with other ex-Panthers Viliame Kikau and Matt Burton in his squad.