AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - JUNE 29: Andrew Fifita of the Sharks looks on during the round 16 NRL match between the New Zealand Warriors and the Cronulla Sharks at Mt Smart Stadium on June 29, 2018 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Hannah Peters/Getty Images)

Cronulla Sharks duo Andrew Fifita and Josh Dugan have launched an attack on NRL reporter Phil “Buzz” Rothfield.

Speaking on The Halfcast Podcast, the pair did not hold back in criticising Rothfield’s role in the media.

“I just don’t know how they’re all on TV I just don’t get it,” Fifita said.

“And they can talk on football. Excuse my french, but he’s (Rothfield) a complete f**kwit.

“But he chooses the Dally M team and it’s not even him.”

Quizzed ‘what does Rothfield look like’, the pair collectively laughed, and Dugan didn’t stop at assessing his appearance.

“He’s just this old, weathered, balded bloke… The name even,” Dugan added.

The pair’s comments on Rothfield can be seen here.


  1. This will be a first for me when it comes to anything to do with Cronulla, but I’ve got to agree with them. Rothfield is the worst journalist in rugby league – by far. His understanding of the game is non-existent, zilch, zero. I must admit I don’t mind Paul Kent, the polar opposite of Rothfield.

  2. Id like to know what Rothfield said to upset Fifita? Rothfield gets his fair share of swoops. Surley Fifita cant be upset over an announcement in Rothfields opinion of the Dally M team of the year. If that is what Fifita got upset about then thank God he does not represent Australia anymore. Aussies are much tougher than he. Fifita’s little sookiness is showing up big time here. And his YES man back up Dugan, is a nutter also.

  3. Sounds to me like this criticism of a journo by some NRL players are putting the game into disrepute. Surely the NRL do not want our children to call people f**kwits over something that is not warranted. The bloke does a job to keep interest in the sport of League, yet we have a couple of boofhead trouble makers who according to the NRL are “role models” abusing oldish people.

    • You need Rothfield to keep interest in rugby league? Haha I wouldn’t expect anything less from the guy that said his team has ZERO chance of winning a premiership even tho they are tied first.

      Rothfield is a old dinosaur that never played the game you would prefer him over arguably the best forward in the game?

  4. Isn’t Buzz a Sharks supporter? Personally, I think the generation gap here is enormous – neither getting a grip on the others’ perspective. Duges and Fifita will retire, Buzz will keep on reporting.

    • Buzz won’t be alive by the time they retire. Listening to Dugan describe what the old timer looks like was hilarious.

  5. Rothfield is a gutter journalist in the highest degree, Fifita is no better, what a complete arsehol. he is, if i was Flanangan i would be introducing him to the state cup coach this week, the same as what Jack Gibson would have done, how can the coach put up with that, if he does , it shoes how weak of a coach he is, and for Gallen to back him up , just shows his immaturity.

  6. Flannagan runs a very lose ship, heard nothing out of Dugan whilst he was a Dragon!

    The Sharks are on the verge of imploding ill-disciplined on and off the field, but that is how Flanno operates!

  7. so its ok for buzz to unload regularly on players but when its returned there is hell to pay.
    Stick it to buzz I say – he is constantly running the game down, saying he knows better but never gets out of northies or the sharks leagues club to do his “journalism”.
    half the problem with the game is the doing of “journos” like buzz, Hadley and their kind.
    The AFL have very few of this type but overwhelmingly their “journos” talk up their game and don’t run it down the way buzz and his kind do.
    Buzz – who has paid your wage for the last 70 years? The game…

    • On the money Billy. Buzz is bloody quick to turn anything into a drama that doesn’t exist. He has rubbished players for years on end. To have an opinion about him being ridiculed (although not politically correct) is ridiculous.

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