SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 07: Payne Haas of the Broncos looks on during the round 16 NRL match between the Cronulla Sharks and the Brisbane Broncos at Shark Park on July 07, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Jason McCawley/Getty Images)

Brisbane Broncos star Payne Haas has claimed he isn't money hungry, but rather wants a shorter deal than what the club are currently offering him.

Haas rocked the rugby league world last Thursday by asking for a release from the club.

The best prop in the game, who has now been selected in Brad Fittler's New South Wales Blues State of Origin side once again, then ran out for the Broncos on Friday evening at Suncorp Stadium against the Gold Coast Titans to a round of boos from the home fans.

The Broncos knocked back Haas' request for a release and confirmed they would continue negotiating, with Haas admitting the boos rattled him.

He has now told AAP that he wants a shorter contract at Red Hill, which would go hand in hand with the reports that he wants a clause in his contract allowing him to head for the exit games if the Broncos aren't continuing to improve and turn into a competitive team.

"What's bothered me the most is that people are saying I'm money hungry," he told AAP.

"If I was, I would've left Brisbane ages ago.

"I think it's a fair deal and it's the same deal they offered me last year, and the Broncos offered that.

"I didn't ask for it (the new deal) and I've asked for less years. It is what it is, I'll let the club and my manager do the talking."

It's understood Haas' management asked for the release after a complete breakdown in negotiations for Haas, who is off-contract at the end of the 2024 season.

Asked if he wanted to stay in Brisbane, Haas wouldn't commit either way.

"I love Brisbane and the city has taken me in. But at the end of the day I'm basing my decision on what's best for my daughter," Haas said.

"I'm trying to set up my daughter (for life) and God willing I will."


  1. He was signed on what $600K? The Broncs have given him upgrades (even though contractually there was no requirement to do so – to show their appreciation, or to keep him sweet)

    He is reportedly on $750K this year, $800K in 2023 and $850K in 2024. That puts him near the top of the earnings pile for a Prop.

    Reports say he has been offered a six year deal for $5.75m (ie about $950K per year). Reports also say his agent asked for an “urgent” increase in his current salary to $1 million, with a figure of $1.2 million being bandied about for 2024.

    Now he claims that the disagreement is not about money, but that he wants a
    contract with “less years” (presumably less than six years).

    Why would he do that? The obvious explanation is that he thinks he can get even more money when he re-signs at the end of the new (shorter) contract. Is there any other credible reason.

    Maybe he is just a big, dumb, short-tempered, immature guy – and his actions off the field over the past couple of years suggest that is so – or maybe he is a big, dumb, short-tempered, immature guy who has fallen is with greedy managers who are exploiting him for their own benefit. Either scenario is plausible.

    However, while he and his manager continue to turn down offers of more money than any Prop has ever received, Broncos fans can be forgiven if they think he’s simply money-hungry.

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