SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 23: NRL CEO Todd Greenberg speaks to the media during a NRL Media opportunity in recognition of the NRL becoming the first national sporting organisation to reach 'Elevate' status, at Rugby League Central on August 23, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

NRL CEO Todd Greenberg said the investigation into Cronulla’s potential salary cap breaches do not compare to previous scandals that encompassed Melbourne, Parramatta or Manly.

The governing body is currently assessing the Sharks’ case, which includes going through thousands of emails and documents over the past three months.

It all relates to an initial $50,000 third-party payment, which led to approximately $200,000 in undisclosed settlements, with the whole case dating back to 2015.

Greenberg said the Sharks salary cap has been cleared for 2018, but could not confirm the same result for their 2016-premiership winning season.

“I want to make two things very clear. Firstly, it was the Sharks that self-reported their concerns to the NRL and who asked for this investigation which we are now conducting,” Greenberg told reporters.

“In other words, the club has done the right thing in alerting the integrity unit to some concerns and we are currently investigating those concerns.

“Secondly and most importantly, on the information available to us, every club in the NRL – and that includes the Sharks – are cap compliant for 2018. In fact, the Sharks are significantly under the salary cap for this year and will remain so for the finals series.

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“So the 2018 finals series will not be affected by this investigation. Naturally, if we uncover evidence of salary cap cheating we will deal with it and deal with it appropriately.

“There will be consequences for anyone involved. Again, it is a reminder to every person in every single club – if you cheat the cap, ultimately you will be caught.”

Asked about the investigation into their 2016 season salary cap, Greenberg replied: “I can’t guarantee anything. What I can tell people is we are investigating some of these issues, we still have some work to do, but on the matters before me as they currently sit, this is not on the scale of previous salary cap investigations at clubs like Manly, Parramatta or further back at the Storm.”


  1. it’s still cheating ! , the NRL drew a line, and the Sharks intentionally stepped over it to gain an unfair financial advantage, it doesn’t matter if it was 50k or $5 !

    • That’s an odd way of looking at a situation. Does that mean you would give the same punishment to someone who works at Woolies who took $5 from the till and an account who stole the pensions of the employees of a company?

      • The way I see it is, firstly, was it actually intentional? The rules around the cap are extremely complex, but I’d also argue your CFO has the responsiibilty to get it right.

        Secondly, how much and over what period?

        If was (or would have likely been) intentional, then the actual amount shouldn’t make much, if any difference.

  2. Manlys breach was like accidentally creeping over the speed limit.
    Parra and Storm’s breaches was like setting a land speed record in a school zone.

    • Manlys cap cheating was closer to parra’s than parra’s was to the storm.
      Your mob got off to lightly.

      As for the sharks you can see that Greenberg is already getting ready to sweep it under his bulging rug. As long as he is in charge his favourite teams will keep getting away with cheating and this once great game will continue its slow and painful demise.

      • Nice work screaming.
        You stated “Manly’s breach”, but wasn’t that “numerous players, and over a 5 year period”?
        “Accidentally”, well in fairness you never meant to get caught.
        “Creeping over the speed limit”, yeah maybe, if you count 110km as an actually speed limit, and neglect the part about the “creeping over”, in the context of it done in a suburban school zone.
        Yep, you’re right, Manly are the victims yet again.

      • Manly’s was nothing like Parramatta who actually minuted in their members meeting that they were well over the cap??? …Manly were actual under the cap, it is an interpretation as to who actually organised the TPAs…Parramatta and Melbourne were well over the cap with systemic plans to increase those figures in the future as well as undisclosed TPAs….I would think that everyone would realise EVERY club organises TPAs otherwise why would a third party get involved without publicity to increase their business…These stories a released to derail a teams campaign in favour of a preferred NRL suckhole team!

        • thepainter, I think you got 1 part right, in that Parra’s board were stupid enough to minute their cheating. One could argue that was because they were just stupid, or one could argue they just weren’t as experienced as other clubs at it.
          Either way, Manly cheated too, and are in the exact same league. Call it what you like, but your club cheated.

  3. Nice smokescreen Mr Greenberg. What’s that, that you said? Cronulla’s salary cap breeches “do not compare to previous scandals that encompassed Melbourne, Parramatta or Manly.” Come on Greenberg. We all know you intentionally left out the huge theft of fairness from the Bulldogs. This cheating outfit whom Greenberg loves, were the first ever cheats to be disqualified in 2002. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱💋

  4. What punishment did manly get????
    Storm got stripped of premierships, Parra got 12 points taken off and 9’s trophy.

  5. If the story is true that they have inflated the salary of an employee who then forwarded the money to a player then this is a blatant, deliberate act of cheating the salary cap. Maybe the $$ aren’t as much, but the act itself is right up there with Parra and Melbourne.

    • I highly doubt it unfortunately. I actually think we will see the opposite and this will get bigger when the investigation is done. I honestly hope it doesn’t blow right out for the sake of Sharks fans, as an Eels fan is have felt that pain, but it just looks like it will I think.

  6. A couple of hundred thousand over for now. Maybe the rest just hasn’t been discovered as yet?
    Even that overspend in 2015 could have led to keeping one or two players for the premiership winning year of 2016. That might have made all the difference? Or led to them being able to buy another player?
    Have to say that the Third Party Deals are worse than this though. Legal cheating by saying it’s a Third Party Deal payment . Means being able to spend how much over the cap? Could be millions. Who knows if these deals are made by the club for the player? You would bet they mostly are , even though this is supposedly not allowed. I don’t see any one
    Individual player wearing a Third Party Sponsor’s logo on their team jumper. Or hear, see many players doing adds for their sponsors.

    • Article in SMH today quoted that Storm had the most TPD’s out of any club. Something in the order of $800k, which was $200k more than their nearest competitor. Thats pretty hard to believe. Unless they are conveniently leaving out 3rd Party Deals not introduced by the clubs (which would would be in the millions for the Roosters).

      Yeah yeah, they been audited by a 3rd party who was paid for by the 1st party, so their not a 3rd party. Sorry.

  7. Have you ever heard or seen a more incompetent sporting head Administrator than Greenberg?…

    The diarrhea dribble that comes out of his mouth is so obviously patronising to all the fans and the game…

    His legacy sadly will be how far the game has fallen under his complete inept leadership….

    • I agree. He has done irreparable damage to our code by turning marginal fans away with that bs refereeing crackdown in the first half of the year.
      The rule interpretation are back to normal, nothing achieved, but the damage has been done.
      Also, Manly fans are ok with their team being hated, but when the nrl CEO openly, continually kicks them when they are down, it is very unprofessional.

    • Greenberg needs to either be sacked or take a permanent holiday like that last foolish bloke who went back to England after stuffing our game up.💪😎👍

  8. The whole thing is stupid and I think Luke Lewis may have said something that will come back to bite them. By saying, “i dont care how i get paid, i just want to play footy and get my salary” – this leaves the door wide open to see how the sharks players have been paid and what has been declared.

    There are calls to make player wages public – that’s non sense as the player is an employee – no other employees of a company have their salaries open to public unless you are a listed company and you holder directorship or executive level.

    The NRL should make it a rule that player wages need to be paid directly from the clubs back account. At year end, those accounts should be provided and audited by the NRL – this will remove the ability for clubs to cook their books and pay via other parties/bank accounts.

    I think Todd has done some really good things in the game but i think the game and governance is too big for Todd. He also uses the same sentences, big words and encouraging jargon but does not have the apt to follow through with the promises and direction of his own words.

  9. Greenburg just does not get it – Intentional cheating is cheating.

    Someone still went out of their way to cheat.

    Whoever was complicit, along with the players manager(s) should all be thrown out of the game for life if proved.

  10. Ha ha ha. The rorters have been caught out again!
    How long are the sharks allowed to cheat and stay in the competition?

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