TOWNSVILLE, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 09: David Fifita of the Broncos looks on during the round 22 NRL match between the North Queensland Cowboys and the Brisbane Broncos at 1300SMILES Stadium on August 9, 2018 in Townsville, Australia. (Photo by Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images)

Former Panthers supremo Phil Gould has questioned the value of off-contract Bronco David Fifita.

The 19-year-old sensation comes off his current deal at the end of 2020, with as many as 10 clubs already calling for his services, including Canterbury, Parramatta and the Warriors, according to reports.

It is believed that the Broncos are offering him a deal worth around $700,000 per season, while rivals are prepared to splash up to $1 million to pry him away.

But Gould doesn't think Fifita warrants such a price tag so early in his career.

“I’d find it very, very hard to pay him that sort of money,” Gould told Channel 9’s 100% Footy.

“To get him out of Brisbane you have to pay ($700,000). I don’t think Brisbane should have to pay that to keep him.

“He’s a great young talent, but if you’re going be paying people that sort of money, they’ve got to be contributing to a 70 per cent win rate, they’ve got to be a pointscorer, a points creator.

“I just don’t know in a salary cap whether you can be paying a bloke that kind of money.

“His best bet is to go to a club where he can win premierships and take less. Play plenty of rep football, win premierships, take a little less money and play with quality players.

“If someone pays him a million dollars, he’s going to playing for a bottom four club and they’re going to expect him to win games for them. I just think that’s not the best thing for his career at the moment.

“There’s plenty of contracts down the track, but right at this stage, he’s got to be the best footballer he can be and that’s to be in a good system with good players, playing rep football and getting opportunities to win premierships.

“At the end of your career, you can’t put a price on that, because at the end of your career, that’s what matters the most.”

Sharks great Paul Gallen echoed Gould's thoughts.

“I could’ve gone to other clubs and earned more money and may have won another premiership, maybe not,” Gallen said.

“To stay at Cronulla and win a premiership means the world to me. The fact I won a premiership. That’s what you need to do as a rugby league player. You need to win a premiership.

“They’ve got a great roster up there at the moment, the Broncos. They’re going really well and they’re only going to build over the next couple of years.

“It’d be a big consideration to stay there for less money.”


  1. Does Phil Gould opinion on roster building have any real value given the mess he created & left behind at Penrith??

    Did Trent Merrin see out his contract? Did Jamie Soward? How about Dallin? What about Waqa Blake?

    How many more are the Panther reportedly shopping around that Gould signed for too long & too much money??

  2. Phoenix, and Mr Negative, aka FrankSpencer, Phil Gould did a lot of positive stuff for the Panthers, he actually saved the club from insolvency.

  3. Hate on Gould, all you want, the man is talking 100% sense, here. He is outlining exactly what will happen if Fifita chases the money. Bottom 4 club and responsibility to win games for them.

    As I said on another thread, these last couple of games where fifita has been defended poorly, allowing him to bustle in and get a few tries have really caused the Broncos a lot of problems – because now the hypebeast clubs that are run by fools are getting involved and as is their usual thing, we see them throwing 10% of their salary cap towards players that really can’t have that much influence.

  4. Phoenix, who knows what the players are being paid? We don’t, and taking what the media is saying as fact is wrong.

  5. Crapolla Frank, Edwin, Woodrot.
    Strayed away from his great groundwork. He did do a lot of great things there.
    Players retention, purchase weren’t two of them. Or do you think Whare’s a wonderful centre? Do you like his lack of pace or poor tackling?
    Mansour, Ditto.. Could have kept Sivo instead.
    Harawira- Naera, was signed for a few years. Offered a point of difference in attack. Let’s release him to the Dogs.
    Katoa is crap as a hooker. No running game. Phil loves him.
    There’s many more if you’d like to hear about them.
    How about coaches? Cleary may have been a mistake. However, Griffin Was a bigger mistake made totally by Phil . Then he re-signed him, when the players totally disliked him , many left because of him. Such as Moylan. Peachey.
    Blake, DWZ .. Not his fault.
    How much of those things above were genius ? Add to it the reported overpaying on contracts..

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