State of Origin: Game 3 Team Lists

2017-07-12T10:15:00ZSuncorp Stadium
Second Row
Second Row

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  1. Tom Trbojevic and Matt Moylan are the covers for the halves and some of the injured backs. Id say if Tedesco is out Hayne will play fullback and Tom will play centre or wing.

    • I think he will move Dugan to fullback as he did in game 2 when Tedesco went off. As I said over the weekend though, I expect him to play anyway.

      • that’s probably what loz will do, but to me, Dugan plays centre better than Hayne does and IMHO Hayne is a better FB than Dugan – couple that with Haynes form at FB over the last couple of weeks which has been quite irresistible, and it doesn’t make a lot of sense.
        I don’t quite get the logic…but that may be more about me than it is about Loz.

        • Dugan is a much better fb than centre, he was on fire when Tedesco went off in game 2 and he moved to fb. He was rated equal best player for NSW on the night.

        • that’s correct for sure – better FB than centre, and he definitely played better when moved to FB.
          But that wasn’t the point I was trying to make – I just think Hayne is better at FB than he is at centre and Duges is better at Centre than Hayne, but will concede that he is a better FB than Centre.
          Anyway, all needless speculation as Tedesco will most likely play

  2. If Cordner is out who does everyone want to be skipper? I personally want Jake T to come in and start as i think he will be next captain for nsw but im a manly supporter, jackson and graham would also be good options. Maloney and Woods should not be being discussed as possible skippers, both are not captain material.

      • Yeah I would go Jackson, except that he isn’t much of a talker apparently. Graham probably the best option in that regard, but his penalties are a worry.

        Again, I know you disagree holmesy, but I want Jake staying on the bench. The impact he brings when replacing the props is too important IMO. Not saying he doesn’t deserve to start, but I just think what he offers off the bench is more important to the team. Graham should take Cordner/Frizell spot if needed.

        • Hey eels47 you dont need to explain about jake i see your point of view, i just want really to see jake kill someone off the kickoff with a low tackle but im happy with him on the bench.

        • Imagine Jake T and JDB out there……will be like a couple of lumberjacks carving down QLDers!

    • I believe Graham will be captain with Woods – may not be everyones cup of tea but they are the leaders.
      However, Loz may surprise and appoint Pearce as his skipper.
      I don’t think Jackson is the answer, he will lead by example but I reckon he is just the doer of hard work.

  3. From reports won’t be any changes, with frizell being in most doubt. Hoping so as my manly team and sc team need tommy there.. just read dce has been snubbed again instead of Ben hunt… there is no possible reason except they have black marked dce from qld. All the qld greats have come out said it’s a no brained he needs to start at 6, and now can’t even beat a guy who has had a bad year and 2 games back from reserve team. They need to come out and just say dce wit be picked again, he Is undoubtedly the form half this year. Happy as a manly fan and sc holder but not for him. Clearly deserves a shot and with Cronk at 7, would be way better for him then Thurston.. also glad nsw don’t need to deal with him, dce with free reign to roam was going to be trouble.

    • My 2 cents as follows.On form, DCE deserves to play origin, no one can doubt that. I am not convinced however that he should be there at 6. DCE does a great job leading Manly, but that is Cronk’s job for Queensland and i honestly don’t know where DCE would fit into the game plan if picked at 6. It could have worked, but I am not sure? You Manly fans would be better judges than me on how he would go at 6, but that is just my take on it.

      As for the bench spot, I will probably get accused of bias here, but I would have went with Corey Norman (would have been Munster if he wasn’t needed at centre). The reason for this is that I believe he will offer more impact than Hunt or DCE from the bench. I am a big fan of picking the best players suited for impact off the bench (hence why I don’t want Jake T starting for the Blues), not just the next best player after the starting 13, and I think Norman could have given Queensland some real impact. That being said, I am glad he is still available for the Eels.

      Either way, Hunt should consider himself very, very lucky to be there. Particularly considering he plays nothing like Morgan, who he is essentially replacing, so I am not sure how they will use him.

      • Good 2 cents. my 2 cents are:
        I believed all along that DCE doesn’t fit into the way that Cronk, Smith, Thurston have set the team up to play. He kind of came in and tried to play his way, and no one else followed.
        Look at Manly now, its his team and Green plays the supporting role well. DCE cant do that in the QLD setup as he is coming in not as the ‘successor’ but as the ‘replacement’.
        I guess its a first-rugby-league-world problem, but you cant have so many players trying to run the team their way. Smith,Cronk and Thurston obviously have an understanding and trust, but as soon as someone else comes in, they cant re-create that understanding easily.
        Morgan has been groomed in the way the QLD halves play, so he was always going to be the next in line, but Hunt? really?

  4. Its pretty obvious that DCE has been snubbed based on a couple of things.

    Walters has a crush on Hunt who 2 weeks ago was playing reserves and hasnt really done anything special since returning especially not enough to play for QLD
    DCE backflipped for job security and family reasons but QLD wont take that, its illegal to do that yet Tedesco, proctor and others have done but thats ok

    I find it hilarious that the current in form halfback of the NRL and the soon to be Number 1 halfback in the game once cronk and jt move cant get a gig for his state ahead of a fullback turned 5/8 and a reserve grade halfback that is the 4th choice half at his club. Its ridiculous and lets be honest no matter how well DCE played (He could be scoring hattricks every week) he was never in contention, qld would always find an excuse to leave him out and they have. Hunt more versatile than DCE? DCE is a bigger frame, has junior experience at fullback, can play backrow, 6 and 7 and is the best half in the comp at the moment. And i wonder how much qld thought through the descion because now they only have one kicker. Morgans kicking game is non existent apart from the occasional corner kick, easy pickings for the nsw blues in defence. DCE also has been great off the bench for qld playing backrow producing tries for his teammates, sure he didnt have his best game in 2015 but that is because he was partly injured, had 5 days to prepare and was playing his unatural game, blame him all you want for that game but in reality that game qlds forwards got dominated and thruston failed to control the game. DCE also played 10 or so games alongside cooper cronk at aus level at 6 in the world cup and four nations playing brilliantly together. But what ###### me off is Walters lied to DCE and told him he was a chance, thats what is most disappointing and he doesnt do anything for that side apart from pick his fav broncos player hunt because he reminds him of himself.

    Overall i can understand Munster and Morgan both have earned their spots but the ultimate insult to DCE was the excuse for not picking him and that Walters lied to his face. I think DCE will put on another number of masterclass’s this year like he has done so far and show them how wrong they are. And i hate the comparisons between pearce and dce, i hate how everyone says they are crap at state level, that is total bs, but the real comparison is both never get a fair go, when ever they have played at state level and lost they have been used as scapegoats when really the whole team has been poor when they have lost.

    • i’ll just throw it there –
      1. maybe, just maybe he doesn’t get on with Smith, Cronk and Slater and they reckon he is a tosser..quite feasible by all accounts.
      2. Another theory that has been floated is that he plays the dominant role at MSWE and the selectors feel that he struggles playing second fiddle to another dominant half like Cronk – who is still far and away the best HB and game manager in the game.
      BTW – DCE flipped for money and longer contract and ego – not for family reasons….
      Your man love for DCE is getting out of hand holmesy ;-0)

      • Your bs and the medias bs is getting out of hand ;-0) DCE did flip for money yes, but family reasons are also a big part, he never wanted to leave manly, he had his life set up before a contract was with drawn from the new management before he backflipped for better job security and a better future. To suggest he has an ego problem is hilarious everyone gets along with him at manly, at fox have you ever considered the qld guns have ego problems? I dont want to argue with u mate but your attitude towards a sophistiacted conversation is poor. Please mature quickly the site has been great latley all respecting each others opinion and doing it nicely. And DCE is the number 1 half in the game at the moment.

        • Whoa, nothing wrong with Billy’s post, so a bit of hypocrisy talking about respecting others opinions, when you clearly don’t. Looks like it’s your way or the highway.

          Where there’s smoke there’s fire, plenty of in-house reports from brooky about DCE rubbing team mates the wrong way lat few years. Maybe things are fine now, but that hasn’t always been the case. DCE is clearly not the #1 half at the moment, that’s Cronk and before injury JT.

        • that is not stuff I have made up holmesy, its stuff that is out there in the media and speculated on by a whole host of people…I don’t know the real answer, and it would be safe to say, that you don’t either.
          I was merely speculating on why – not giving the definitive answer. Read it again!
          Cast your mind back a couple of years – and there was quite a deal of stuff coming out of Manly HQ regarding the Stewarts, Watmough and their clique regarding their relationship with DCE.
          And again, rumour and speculation, has it that their was a major rift between them all and was a big part of Glenn walking away to the bunnies…again I don’t know if its true and I am sure as hell you don’t either…but where there is smoke there is fire generally.
          My attitude to a sophisticated conversation? Where is the sophistication – yours was just a rant that one of your players is not getting a fair go in your eyes.
          I don’t think there was any disrespect Holmesy – you seem to take any comment I make that doesn’t agree with yours as being disrespectful.
          i think you are the one that needs to mature and quit getting upset when we dont all agree with you – seriously

        • billy…. the only thing I can put it down to is the last line of your comment, which was clearly said in jest, and if that is it I think you need to lighten up a bit holmesy…. Nothing else could even remotely be construed as disrespectful.

          As for your points, I am not sure if they are the reason. Your second point might have some merit, but I think Smith, Cronk etc are too professional to put their personal opinions before the team, regardless of what they do or don’t think of DCE.

          I read Walter’s comments again regarding the selection and they make perfect sense. I don’t necessarily agree that Hunt brings more than DCE from the bench, but I can understand the thought. As I mentioned above, I think, from the bench, Norman brings a lot more than both of them. I do agree with Walters in that DCE is the type of player who is a starter or nothing, the bench doesn’t suit him. If there is in fact no Cronk next year, DCE is probably first picked (after Smith of course), maybe he just doesn’t fit into the team at the moment.

        • thanks eels – it intended to be a bit tongue in cheek.
          it makes for an interesting discussion as to why he wasn’t selected – I don’t think we will know the real truth for many years to come, long after they have all retired and doing the speaking circuit.
          For mine, I would have had morgan on the bench, his utility value is far better than just being slotted in to 5/8. His ability to cover FB, Centre, 5/8, HB, edge backrower or hooker is understated and he does create stuff when he comes on late in a half. I don’t think he would have as much impact starting.
          Gagai should be at Centre and Oates back.
          Leaving 5/8 – it would be between Munster and Norman. But Munster would likely be the 1st choice only due to him being in the “system” for the last year or so. Norman would be an excellent choice, that left foot kicking to complement Cronk would be a boon – also Corey plays left and Cooper right…but I think he still has some penance to pay for his recent behaviour before he gets the call.

        • I agree completely re Morgan. The guys that you have named are who I would have selected too. My comment on Norman was more about the team that was selected and who would have been the better bench option with both Morgan and Munster in the staring line up.

        • Don’t Stress Holmsey, I see things haven’t changed… some still just chasing a bite – all in good fun though. Phil Gould did a good article recently (yes its hard to believe) about the DCE contract, in which he lays out the facts. I think some are just upset that DCE is in form and has left people with egg on their faces. Sort of like saying that Uate was over the hill and was the worst signing of 2017…. whoops. 🙂

          It really is irrelevant if DCE doesn’t get a long with the QLD core (for being a “tosser”), he’s still up there in conversations as the form half of the comp…. More than some other teams can say about their halves.

          QLD have decided for the first time to go with debutant mates rather than form experience (that I can remember) and it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out. After all, its not a popularity contest, this is footy, rep footy and DCE has been in consistently better form than the other guys who may get the nod at 6 – Munster or Morgan. Sort of has a bit of a NSW Gallen/Farah smell to it where they were pulling the strings and form players were being left out.
          It makes for a very interesting game with a few twists and turns when the game is over. If QLD lose, questions will be asked… If QLD win, it’ll be hailed a masterstroke.

          DCE’s form for Manly is outstanding and thats all that matters. Im sure DCE will use it as fuel to finish the remaining 9 rounds of the NRL.

        • ooohhh batman how we have missed you – your name was called the other day and you have responded in fine form 😉
          in all seriousness – welcome back and may the sparring return!!!!

        • Name was called…. missed that. Which thread?

          Thought it had been too long. Dynamic appears to have changed for the better.

          Always happy to oblige in a healthy League debate… Especially involving Manly. DCE has left me with egg on my face also. But I am very happy to be proven wrong in this instance. He has been fantastic this year. Owned the captaincy and owned the team. Im sure your just as happy as I am Billy to see a fantastic talent like DCE do his best for his club. 🙂

        • I lit up the bat signal mate in the Curtis Sironen article and billy echoed the comment. Was commenting on the lack of banter between Manly and Parra fans on here now and how I used to enjoy discussions with you as you were always able to keep it about footy and able to have some fun without getting personal.

        • Welcome back Batman.

          I’m gutted for DCE for not getting selected but now he can focus on Manly on getting their 9th premiership, I hope he uses this as motivation for the rest of the year.

        • Ahhh Eels47. Very good – I’ll check it out. Hope all is well.
          Sirro was building well into that edge role. Shame for him about the injury but Im sure he’ll bounce back.

          Lack of banter between Eels and Manly… thats just wrong.

        • dunno whether I am glad the batman is back or not…..
          but I am disappointed by the form of some those b#ms that your mob signed 😉
          They turned out better than expected – but I think it was only a 50% strike rate though, still thankful that lane, Perrett, knight and one or two others haven’t come off hahahah
          anyway banter is good….as long as not too much is read into it or between the lines .

        • Cheers EagleRock.
          I think a lot of people (even non Manly fans) would be a little bit gutted for DCE on a personal level, although I’m also equally as sure some have big grin on their face. Everyone in the game is of the same opinion he is one of the form halves. In my opinion he has been consistently better than Morgan, Munster and Hunt … but Im not a QLD selector….

          Its done now. Time for DCE to show what he is capable of and I hope he is able to put the origin selection demons behind him and play footy. He seems to have matured a little this year and has always said his top priority is Manly doing well. Hopefully he goes to another level.

        • Siro was building nicely mate, disappointing for him.

          As for the banter, it is still there, it just isn’t the same as it used to be. Holmesy is extremely passionate about Manly, and it shows in all of his comments.

          What is good is that the “dead wood” or “bad eggs” from the old days seem to be gone. There are still a couple on here who don’t offer much in regard to footy discussion, but in general the site is better now.

          Yourself from Manly and Footyfan from Parra are probably 2 of the better ones who have been quiet, although footyfan pops up occasionally. Good to see you back mate, don’t stay a stranger hey 😉

    • Okay firstly, I agree that Hunt should not have been picked. Corey Oates should’ve been recalled to wing, Gagai to Centre, and Munster to the bench position.

      And now with regards to DCE. Firstly Holmsey, you and I have had this discussion before many a time, and every time you have told me you don’t care if Queensland don’t pick him because it means he gets to play for Manly. So why are you so angry? Can’t have it both ways mate.

      As I have before, DCE will never play another game in a Queensland jersey. You maintain Walters lied to DCE? It’s like the pot calling the kettle black. DCE lied to many people including Neil Henry, Gordon Tallis, Darren Lockyer, his fellow team mates, the list goes on. We all know the story, he signed a contract with a Queensland club and told them he would play there next year. Yet this was all a farce, he used a flaw in the system in order to bump his own price tag up at the expense of a club. He left the Titans at their knees. That shows what sort of person DCE is, he puts HIMSELF FIRST and didn’t even bother to consider the ramifications for other players and clubs.

      DCE does not get along with the senior players in the maroon camp, they don’t like him, period. Why? Because he puts HIMSELF FIRST, he prefers to build his own image rather than thinking what’s best for his team mates. Deny it all you want but that’s the truth.

      He’s had his crack at Origin, failed multiple times. Had his chance to become the next King of Queensland, failed.Morgan, Munster, Milford, and Taylor are all generation next, DCE missed the boat, and good riddance to him.

      • Calm down Mother Teresa, everyone puts themselves first.
        BooHoo, His backflip was within the rules, and contracts STILL have a 10-day cooling off period (unless waived) which is why clubs don’t announce signings right away (and you hear them here on ZT first.)
        Plus, why go to a dump of a club for money rather than stay loyal to a club that brought you up and you won titles with, are genuine premiership contenders, become club captain and team leader for the rest of your career.

  5. Lets adress this a person at a time:

    All of your comments make sense and I also want to apologise to Walters, he did make sense in his explanation as to why DCE wasnt selected and i understand and he obviously does see DCE as a specialist half and his comments regarding DCE its hinted by him that they do see DCE at 7 for QLD next year and it was nice to see him comfirm he explained it DCE but i still fail to see why Ben Hunt can offer more than DCE off the bench, i think they would have been better off with a forward.

  6. blues should of dropped hayne and pearce but hunt in the team?? that makes sense blues will win hunt is not origin level and munster not ready blues by 12

  7. Billy sorry mate for the snap at you but your comment at the end was not needed, it was total bs and you know it and you baited me very well. And lastly you accuse me of bias which is true but then you say norman should be picked which is fine but stop calling me bias like im the only person on here that favours their own players, its a bit rich that you suggested norman straight after labeling me bias, everyone has bias which is fine, its an opinion, thats why we are all on here to say our opinion.

    • holmesy – I like to have fun with you, it does get personal but I hope you realise its not in a bad way.
      Now lets clarify one point, yes I suggested that Norman should be in the mix, but I am not on my pat Malone there but also clarified it by saying that Munster should have been next. I may show signs of bias in some things, but I like to thinks its balanced and on available facts, not just blind loyalty. If I was to take bleedingly obvious lines of bias, you would hear calls from me for Brown and the King to be slotted into the blues squad…but I am realistic.
      Anyway its all semantics.
      I would have thought the little ;-0) would have been a giveaway….

  8. And finally titans2012…

    Ah now i though my snap at billy was bad but this was bs from you and you know, it was out of anger.

    -im pretty happy cause he will be playing for manly but hes such a hard worker for manly and has done everything in his power to get back to origin but he just wont get picked while smith and co are there which is fine but hes the form halfback of the comp and i find it very hard to believe how hunt will over more than what dce has when both are really specialist halves and hunt has not earned a spot like dce

    -dce never lied to anyone but the media, all the people affiliated with manly and titans knew for a while they all lied to the media but its not their obligation to tell the media the truth

    -and dce did put himself first, everyone does bird did it to knights this year but both did because it was what was best for each others lives after footy and their families going forward, dce wasnt the first to backflip he was hated because he plays for manly

    -DCE failed in his last opportunity for qld yes but he hadnt before that was great off the for qld bench and aus even starting alongside cronk in world and four nations and excelling, plus he had to play unatural game to him, with limited preperation and under an injury cloud.

    DCE will play for QLD again, its almost certain, walters hinted at it in the presser that he will be replacing cronk next year most likely, DCE has the same style as Thurston and will suit Morgan long term, thats the next halves pairing for qld. Milford i think will do the reverse lockyer and revert to fullback, munster will be the new inglis and play everywhere but long term centre, hunt will be bench or morgan will move back to bench if he struggles and norman will play 6, as for ash taylor great potential but needs a more stable footy side, is a bit overweight at the moment and is missing the simple stuff, id brisbane will snap him up soon. And cronk and jt are the number 1 and 2 halves yes, but dce is in better form and is the 3rd best behind them 2. QLD would be stupid to not pick DCE.

    • Not going to lie but DCE and Norman would be a deadly combo. Ash is good but plays in a crap team.

      • Agreed. That combo could be devastating. I think Morgan is ahead of Norman though, but whether that continues will depend on how he goes without JT, and how he goes as a starting 6 in Origin.

  9. Damn the DCE fetish is real. Why Ben Hunt was picked I have absolutely no idea. We all know what he is capable of when he is in form and playing with confidence, but that hasn’t happened for a long time. Surely he hasn’t been picked with the pipe dream of it boosting his confidence so he finds his form?

  10. Personally, I would have picked Norman at 5/8 with Morgan on the bench instead of Hunt. Morgan’s utility value is outstanding – can cover any position in the backline as well as the back row. I wouldn’t have picked DCE. To me he’s purely a half and Qld already have a pretty decent one of them.

  11. I would have put Munster at centre DCE at 5/8 and Morgan as a utility. Kevvie is a tool

  12. Has everyone gone past the fact Morgan is named at centre? Am I the only one who thinks that is a massive gamble??

  13. Just so many things nsw need to change. Fifita can’t start anymore, he gets mobbed to easily now. Peats doesn’t run at all and nsw need korisau at hooker. Morris and Ferguson offer nothing whatsoever to the team..Tedesco needs to learn to pass the ball

    • NSW needs a change of mentality before they need a change of members. Queensland focus on themselves which is why they never give up as they don’t want to let themselves or their team mates down but NSW focus on Qld which is why when Qld get the ascendancy they go into their shells.

      A great example of that is how whenever NSW are awarded a penalty they rush to kick for touch because they want to put pressure on Qld to get back but when Qld are awarded a penalty they will have a chat and make sure everyone is on the same page before they kick for touch

      I think the reason NSW were so dominant in game 1 was because they were more focused on their own game than they were Qld but they managed to lose that somehow. Culture is hard to build and even harder when you have a rotating roster of coaches and players.

  14. At that my friends is why DCE was not picked because the team works better without him.
    Maybe NSW media should focus a little more on the NSW selections rather than critisicing who QLD select in their team. Does anyone have a copy of the daily telegraphs ‘Our Time’ article which was posted before Game 2. I’d really love to read about the blues new dynasty that lasted for a game.

    11/12 baby.

    • DCE wasnt picked because due to the fact he is a halfback was it not? He was also told by Kev Walters he will be Halfback next year was he not? Or are you accusing all your players and coach of lies?

      • yep, the players and Kevvie lied, but isn’t that pretty obvious?
        Look, I hate DCE, but Hunt is a terrible player. Both are half backs are they not? So the fact that DCE is a half has nothing to do with it.
        DCE wasn’t picked because he does not perform well at origin level and does not get along well with the team.
        Regardless, the maroons did a fantastic job last night, most of it without Hunt

        • Your saying DCE doesnt perform well in origin because of 2 games? Where he was told by meninga to play an unatural stupid gameplan. When ever he came off the bench he dominated, played a game at halfback with injury and no preperation. When DCE loses as many as pearce has than he cant perform but 2 games is an unfair comparison. DCE has shown he can perfrom at rep level in Australia matches at 5/8. DCE is the games best halfback come next year, when the 2 greats retire. Theres is no one in a country mile near DCEs level. He may not get picked for qld due to the qld team not being a fan and he will easily qlds best halfback available.

      • I really doubt Kevin Walters told DCE that he will be the half for next year, that sounds incredibly unlikely.

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