2019-05-11T09:35:00Z - Suncorp Stadium
2019-05-11T09:35:00Z - Suncorp Stadium


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3/5/19SharksL 20 - 18
25/4/19WarriorsW 13 - 12
19/4/19RoostersL 20 - 21
12/4/19CowboysW 12 - 18
7/4/19BulldogsW 18 - 16


5/5/19DragonsW 32 - 18
28/4/19KnightsL 28 - 14
22/4/19Wests TigersW 51 - 6
14/4/19RaidersL 19 - 0
6/4/19SharksW 24 - 12

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Cameron Munster 12'
C. Munster 12'
Dale Finucane 17'
D. Finucane 17'
Josh Addo-Carr 30'
J. Addo-Carr 30'
Jahrome Hughes 38'
J. Hughes 38'
Curtis Scott 44'
C. Scott 44'
Suliasi Vunivalu 48'
S. Vunivalu 48'
Cameron Munster 51'
C. Munster 51'
Brodie Croft 53'
B. Croft 53'
Ryan Papenhuyzen 55'
R. Papenhuyzen 55'
Kenneath Bromwich 62'
K. Bromwich 62'
Josh Addo-Carr 78'
J. Addo-Carr 78'
Shaun Lane 26'
S. Lane 26'
Maika Sivo 68'
M. Sivo 68'
Cameron Smith 13'
C. Smith 13'
Cameron Smith 18'
C. Smith 18'
Cameron Smith 40'
C. Smith 40'
Cameron Smith 46'
C. Smith 46'
Cameron Smith 52'
C. Smith 52'
Cameron Smith 54'
C. Smith 54'
Cameron Smith 56'
C. Smith 56'
Cameron Smith 63'
C. Smith 63'
Will Chambers 79'
W. Chambers 79'
Mitchell Moses 28'
M. Moses 28'
Cameron Smith 21'
C. Smith 21'

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  1. Like i have said in other posts the storm and the rorters are rorting the cap while the nrl allow this to happen…parr have a very good side and get flogged the nrl are corrupt fact!!!!

  2. The nrl are letting the storm and the rorters rort the salary cap i have said this in other posts its a scam…

  3. Woody always said that Parra would be in the four, BUT which four❓❔❓❔❓ You see screamingeagle (you are not an Nth American Indian are you) being a glorious mathematician as I am there are 16 teams and 4 x 4 = 16. Therefore there are 4 groups of four. The four that I stated that Parra would be in was in the four. Now as I am also a genius at geography and science. it is a well known fact that in out of space there is no north, south, east, or west So with Australia down under then being tutored to us in the universities, How do they know that Australia is not on top of the world. so the four that I stated earlier and with Australia now on top of the world. this means that the Rugby League top four with the world upside down is now the bottom four. Hence my answer should be clear to all who have any common sense💪🐔👍🤣😂😆😂🤣😆😂🤣😆😂🤣👍 OK Seabird💪🐔👍

  4. The rorting storm and the rorters need to be investigated for the 2019 salary breaches that the nrl shy away from …

  5. He played well to night but was a bit selfish with the ball on a couple of occasions. Reckon he will be having a few discussions with Mr. B. That said, the injury is a tough blow.

  6. Gotta give it to the eels board. They were expecting this type of performance. No wonder they refused to re-sign the coach and the king. Gutho might be begging for that $400k.

  7. Where’s Kev/ 2041????
    Hey Kev, welcome to the list of pathetic teams & players not of first grade standard.
    Your words Kev!!
    Like you said. With that incredibly strong line up the Eels have , no way any other player they buy could possibly break into that first grade team. They’d be good bench players though!
    That’s karma for you. 😝

  8. This was more about the Storm gaining redemption after a soft few weeks than it was about the Eels. They played like that in the first 30 mins of round 1 against the Broncos and then went on holidays for the next few weeks. They got a rude awakening last week and a spray from Bellamy – they were always going to come out with the afterburners on. It is a little unfortunate that they came up against a weak Eels outfit rather than someone like the chooks.

    I would love for them to come out and play like that against the Roosters in the GF. Wipe that silly smirk off Cronk’s face.

  9. That was the most disgusting display of football I have ever seen and am truly disgusted to call myself an eels supporter today. Guth should have signed for what we offered as his value just dropped a fair bit. The first one I would dump is our inept coach. Starting our hooker on the bench and a butter fingers prop at hooker was inexcusable. He should be sacked immediately and every player who’s contract is up should be told to look elsewhere.

  10. I’m a Manly fan but I feel for you Kev. Win, lose or draw we all want our team to turn up and have a go, something the Eels just didn’t do last night. Whatever their plans are for next year they need to press the button now because having coach and almost a full squad off contract isn’t a positive motivator, it causes mass uncertainty and inconsistency. Eels are still in the 8 and if they make some decisions and move on they’ll get things back on track.

  11. Canberra HAVE THE BEST SIDE ON THE PLANET and should beat the Roosters by 30. Now ChocolateSoldierOfDivide I hope karma visits me today.💪🐔👍 ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘🤣😂😆😂🤣

  12. BIG OUCH!!
    I wish I could just put that down to inconsistantcy due to inexperience, because that I could understand, and have expected, but unfortunately clearly I can’t.
    For the most part that was just a lack of effort, especially in defence. If I was the coach I’d probably start with “it’s not (insert expletive) touch footy, it’s (insert expletive) FG RL”.
    Full credit to the Storm, and I was expecting them to come out fired up, but our defence just made it a training gallop for them.
    Kev, I can’t understand the Terepo at 9 either. I can only assume it was to give Mahoney a break from an 80min per game full season, because I think we’ll have to do that, given his age/size/experience, but why now, and why Terepo? I don’t know. B.A, let’s not do that again.

  13. Now all you parra fans understand what it is like to be a Broncos supporter when Melbourne come up to Suncorp Stadium.

  14. You should be more worried about the Grim Reaper coming to visit you.
    Is it karma that injuries came for a visit to Nugget town today?

  15. You should be more worried about the Grim Reaper coming to visit you Wood Ville.
    Is it karma that injuries came for a visit to Nugget town today?

  16. Eels…
    That list of possible Panthers the Eels could buy looks a little better now . Don’t you think? At least Katoa is a hooker.
    Dylan Edwards is not as bad as you thought , before yesterday. 👍

  17. Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no.
    We seem to be able to play well every other week.
    I don’t think Dylan Edwards is bad, but he can’t find form at the moment, as per the others you listed. That said, I’m fully aware, especially after yesterday’s game, that we have a number of players that can’t find form/consistency too.

  18. That’s alright Karma delivered a Rooster Victory💪🐔👉We have enough depth to cover for a week or two Chocky Soldier♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟.

    Sorry for that! The site wanted to put that comment in twice. Not me…💪🐔👍

  19. That’s alright Karma delivered a Rooster Victory💪🐔👉We have enough depth to cover for a week or two Chocky Soldier♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟

    Sorry for that! The site wanted to put that comment in twice. Not me….💪🐔👍

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