RoostersSYD WIN BY 1
PointsBet Stadium
CROWD: 12,557

Match Summary



Sione Katoa 14'
S. Katoa 14'
Ronaldo Mulitalo 52'
R. Mulitalo 52'
Joseph Manu 42'
J. Manu 42'
Siua Wong 67'
S. Wong 67'
Sam Walker 43'
S. Walker 43'
Billy Smith 69'
B. Smith 69'
Nicholas Hynes 20'
N. Hynes 20'
Nicholas Hynes 61'
N. Hynes 61'
Sam Walker 72'
S. Walker 72'

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Live Commentary

FULLTIME - Sharks 12 - Roosters 13
What a game! The Roosters get the job done and will play the Storm next weekend.

80' - Sharks 12 - Roosters 13
Not much going early for the Sharks, then Hynes shifts left for Graham who finds Talakai and he fends off Radley before offloading out of another. McInnes then offloads to Williams and he is eventually shut down just over halfway. Now left go the Sharks and Hynes throws a pass to Talakai that beats everyone and ends up in touch!

Under 60 seconds to go and the Roosters are all but home.

79' - Sharks 12 - Roosters 13
The Roosters with a conservative set, and they turn it over in the right spot. Sharks against their line and they have to go 100 metres.

78' - Sharks 12 - Roosters 13
Right, the Sharks have played their hand. They will set back up to the posts you'd imagine... Or not. Off to the right and Ramien is tackled 5 out this time. Back to the sticks they go now before Hunt goes short to Talakai who is tackled. Keary this time! Another charge down on Hynes, and this time the Roosters come up with the ball.


77' - Sharks 12 - Roosters 13
The Sharks with a full set from 20 out. McInnes and Williams go into the centre on the first two, then Hynes has a run into the teeth of the defence on three. They are close to the sticks and went to go right, but head back to the sticks through Tracey. Hynes lines up the field goal and Tedesco! Charge down! Sharks regain and it's six more tackles.

76' - Sharks 12 - Roosters 13
The Sharks looking to get it out of their own end, and metres a struggle early here before Williams offloads to Hynes and Graham is stopped on halfway, but here is a penalty. Second grab in the tackle by Walker.

75' - Sharks 12 - Roosters 13
The Roosters with another strong set after the kick-off, and a kick on the last from Walker combined with a good kick chase will keep Mulitalo inside his own 20.

74' - Sharks 12 - Roosters 13
FIELD GOAL! Sam Walker
Tedesco brings it inside 40 on the first for the Roosters, then it's May going up the middle. He has been enormous tonight. Roosters appear to be setting in the middle here with Radley going the next, then Tedesco again. They are ten out on the fourth and here we go. Sam Walker from 20 out and he nails it!

The Roosters hit the front.

73' - Sharks 12 - Roosters 12
Keary okay to continue, and the Sharks will bring it out of their own end, but they make an error on halfway! The Roosters have it on halfway and a full set to go.

72' - Sharks 12 - Roosters 12
Now Pauga with a good run out of his own end and Smith with the next, but the Roosters, like the Sharks, not making great yardage here. They now swing it right and end up on halfway again before Walker goes short side, chips over the top for Keary and he is smashed by Mulitalo. Handover.

Keary has had the wind knocked out of him.

71' - Sharks 12 - Roosters 12
The Sharks now trucking it out of their own end, but struggling for metres before they swing it left and Hynes almost sends Talakai through, only for Pauga to make a sensational tackle. Last play, bomb goes up and Tedesco handles it.

70' - Sharks 12 - Roosters 12
The crowd right into this and we have ten minutes to work out who stays alive. The tri-colours with a strong set after points, back to halfway, then the kick goes down to Tracey who is trapped in his own 20 by the chase.

70' - Sharks 12 - Roosters 12

Billy Smith handling the kicking duties. No idea what has happened to Sam Walker. But Smith nails it.

We are all square.

68' - Sharks 12 - Roosters 10
TRY! Siua Wong
The Roosters back to halfway on the third play, then Walker floats left for Crichton who finds Smith and he is inside 30 metres. Back across to the right now and Tedesco is heavily involved, but eventually tackled 10 out by Graham. Two plays remain and Radley is tackled centre field, so they go right on the last with a grubber that is deflected directly into the path of Siua Wong who runs through to score!

Amazing. Wong, playing out of position, comes up with the try and the Roosters will be level in a moment.

67' - Sharks 12 - Roosters 6
If the Roosters somehow find a way to win this, it will go down as one of the great come backs given their injuries in the backs. They are struggling for metres in this set, but then get a six again which will help.

66' - Sharks 12 - Roosters 6
A strong set for the Sharks, but Trindall bombs for the corner on the last and Mulitalo doesn't challenge. Roosters trapped in the corner.

65' - Sharks 12 - Roosters 6
The Roosters now need to get it out of their own end, and it's Cronulla turning up defensively, charging out of the line and looking to put the Roosters away. They swing it right though and find a break! Pauga off the pass from Keary charges away and is only tackled a metre out by Hynes, before the Roosters shift back to the middle and Tedesco puts a long ball down.


64' - Sharks 12 - Roosters 6
Well, if the Sharks fall short here, it's going to come down to not scoring more with Tedesco in the bin.

They are immediately back onto the attack here though, but the last tackle play is a horror show, and Rufolf is eventually held up, so the tri-colours survive again.

62' - Sharks 12 - Roosters 6

The lead is 6, and Tedesco is about to be back.

61' - Sharks 10 - Roosters 6
The Sharks into the back field again here with a break through Mulitalo, but Sandon Smith makes a staggeringly good tackle as he fills in at the back for Tedesco. Cronulla then come back through the middle and a penalty is picked up.

Cronulla to take the shot at 2. This will be it. Tedesco is 60 seconds away. Pretty fair result for the Roosters from that ten-minute period.

60' - Sharks 10 - Roosters 6
The Roosters certainly look fatigued as they struggle for metres here, but a good run from Radley saves the set and Keary's bomb will see the Sharks take tackle 1 through Tracey on his on line.

59' - Sharks 10 - Roosters 6
Inside four minutes now until Tedesco returns, and the Roosters muscling up in defence here, dragging the Sharks back into their own 20 through half the set. Cronulla shift right on five, but the Roosters hold firm again and Katoa tackled on halfway. Final play, Hynes drags a kick down to Pauga and he will bring it back.

58' - Sharks 10 - Roosters 6
The Roosters now need to get through this set, and they manage to get to a completion on halfway with Walker kicking from there down to Tracey.

57' - Sharks 10 - Roosters 6
The Roosters can not allow another try against them here, but the Sharks are coming back onto the attack. They swing it back to this left-hand side where Wong is at centre, but Sam Walker comes across to make a good tackle on Talakai this time. Back to the right this time and Ramien is dragged down. Two plays left, and McInnes settles in the middle. Final play, right they go and Ramien drops a very difficult arrow like pass from Tracey.

56' - Sharks 10 - Roosters 6
Well, the Roosters desperately needed to get to the end of this set, but they go to the left-hand side and Butcher puts the ball down. Tedesco still almost six minutes away.

55' - Sharks 10 - Roosters 6
So, the Roosters have no Manu, no Suaalii and no Tedesco until his sin bin is over. This will be some sort of miracle if they manage to get the chocolates here.

Back on field and the Sharks are starting to look more like the harlem globetrotters. Down the left-hand side they go, and a grubber in from the touchline from Mulitalo bounces up for Brailey, but he can't hang onto it and drops the ball trying to score.

Roosters stay alive.

54' - Sharks 10 - Roosters 6
Conversion missed

Hynes can't add the extras this time.

53' - Sharks 10 - Roosters 6
TRY! Ronaldo Mulitalo
The Sharks opt not to go for the penalty goal against 12 and they have immediate space! Ronaldo Mulitalo! He scores untouched, and Tedesco's sin bin makes the Roosters pay.

52' - Sharks 6 - Roosters 6
SIN BIN! James Tedesco
It's all happening here. Tedesco with a break to set the Roosters up. A grubber comes on the back of it, but Braydon Trindall picks it up and runs 70 metres. The very next play, Tedesco never got square and tackles Hynes.

He has been penalised and will go to the sin bin.

51' - Sharks 6 - Roosters 6
The Sharks now struggling to get out of their own end against a ferocious Roosters defence. Manu still not moving properly, but the Sharks throw no ball out there, with a kick on the last going to Manu who jogs it back, but he doesn't look like a man who has a completely injured hamstring.

50' - Sharks 6 - Roosters 6
Manu! Hamstring! Looked like it was a straight up reocurrence of the previous injury, but he is going to try and stay on the field here.

The Roosters finish this set with a bomb and Connor Tracey takes it under pressure.

49' - Sharks 6 - Roosters 6
This game is a mess. The Sharks with a set where nothing went right, and the fifth tackle play was even worse. Ends with a handover.

48' - Sharks 6 - Roosters 6
The Roosters back on the attack here after a Sharks error coming out of trouble. They go right, and Siua Wong tries to hit James Tedesco with an offload, but Rudolf excellent in defence causes the error.

46' - Sharks 6 - Roosters 6
Right, so we now have a captain's challenge. The Roosters disputing a knock on. Intent to strip from Toby Rudolf according to the bunker, and despite it being one on one, he has knocked on.

Roosters ball.

45' - Sharks 6 - Roosters 6
The Roosters are dominating now. May and Crichton with big runs, then Smith goes from dummy half and finds Tedesco. The Roosters on the attack after points, but Ramien! What an intercept on a ball from Keary heading to the right-hand side.

44' - Sharks 6 - Roosters 6
Walker! From the sideline. All square.

Thomas Hazleton coming from the field as well. Looks like he has some sort of side injury.

43' - Sharks 6 - Roosters 4
TRY! Joseph Manu
The Roosters now pushing onto the attack, and they are in! Manu on the wing! Lovely ball from Sam Walker to send him across. All Terrell May in the lead up there to find space and time for the Roosters, and they are on the board.

42' - Sharks 6 - Roosters 0
So, Billy Smith hit high here by Hazleton and he will likely have to head off for a HIA. Penalty Roosters.

41' - Sharks 6 - Roosters 0
The Sharks with first use of the footy in the second half then. They struggle for metres just a little bit during this set, but end up a few short of halfway before Hynes kicks long and Pauga brings it back.

Huge news from the sideline. Joseph Suaalii is out of the game.

40' - Sharks 6 - Roosters 0
Teams back for the second half! Roosters kicking off.

HALFTIME - Sharks 6 - Roosters 0
Well, well, well. The Roosters have had opportunities to score, but have looked poor in attack to be quite frank. The Sharks, on the back of plenty of possession, found the only try of the game, but will feel they should be further ahead.

Which coach can get more out of their side in the second half? It'll decide this game.

Be sure to stick around, and we will be back in 15 minutes.

40' - Sharks 6 - Roosters 0
Final set of the first half. The Roosters go left, then back to the right and Walker throws a long ball for Suaalii, but he is shut down well. 20 seconds left after three, so probably not a full set. Radley tackled in the middle, so this will be the last play of the half, and Manu has come to the left-hand side, but is held up over the line and the siren will sound.

The Sharks should be further ahead, but take a 6-0 lead into halftime.

39' - Sharks 6 - Roosters 0
The Sharks actively inviting the Roosters back into this. An error, then a penalty given away.

38' - Sharks 6 - Roosters 0
A big set of six coming here for the Roosters. Nothing off the scrum, then Baker locks in and goes up the middle inside 20. Right they come and Walker sends May almost to the tryline. Smith to Keary, and he runs, but can't find a way through. Two plays remain, with a shift back to the right this time, but it's all pedestrian as Manu is tackled. Final play, Walker kicks crossfield, Smith taps back to Tedesco and he drops it on the ground.

37' - Sharks 6 - Roosters 0
The Roosters now pushing back over halfway with a run from Tedesco, then Walker kicks down town to Katoa who brings it back. Cronulla knock it on coming out of trouble now though, so another chance for the tri-colours.

36' - Sharks 6 - Roosters 0
The Roosters now looking equally as poor coming out of their own end as they have been on the attack, and Trent Robinson will be searching for the siren. Brandon Smith takes a great run now, but then can barely get back to his feet to play the ball. His right foot and ankle isn't in a good way here.

Replays will show it got bent awkwardly under Hazleton making a tackle here, but he is going to get it strapped and play on.

35' - Sharks 6 - Roosters 0
The Sharks with a scrum on halfway then and a chance to go back onto the attack. They work up the middle through their forwards, then shuffle right, and scramble defence shuts down Katoa. Last play, Hynes kicks crossfield and what a job that was from Manu in the air.

34' - Sharks 6 - Roosters 0
The Roosters just struggling with their attack here. They shift left and a pass is called forward on halfway from Keary... Not exactly sure where the forward pass was, in fairness.

33' - Sharks 6 - Roosters 0
The Sharks survive again and then look to get out of their own end, which they do, before Hynes almost puts Nikora through the line. Hynes has space to kick from 40 out on the last, but it's too deep for Katoa to get there, but not to give away a penalty in the tackle.

32' - Sharks 6 - Roosters 0
The Roosters ability to change the momentum of this game through their defence has been outstanding so far tonight, but they need points to back it up now.

Manu dangerous off the scrum, then Walker has a go, before they shift it left and Butcher is tackled. Halfway through the count, and the Roosters are just out of sync. A pass is put down by Manu on the way out to Suaalii. If the centre keeps his hand out of the way, the winger crashes over to score I'd suggest.

31' - Sharks 6 - Roosters 0
And here come the Roosters again. Muscling up in defence with the Sharks only beyond the ten on the third play, then Jack Williams drops it cold, Manu beats one, throws it to Suaalii and we are heading to the bunker with a call of no try. Was the ball ripped out by Sam Walker? Was it knocked on by Manu?

Walker appeared to be fended off by Williams, with the Sharks forward dropping the ball cold, but then Manu has dropped the ball anyway. Double knock on with the first from Williams, so it'll be a Roosters scrum feed.

31' - Sharks 6 - Roosters 0
The Roosters now back over halfway and looking to go onto the attack. A shuffle left brings not much, then Tedesco threatens back to the middle. Last play, quick play the ball and Smith grubbers through with the Sharks stuck in the corner again.

30' - Sharks 6 - Roosters 0
The Sharks start this set on halfway. Graham is rocked on the first, but then Williams comes up with an offload and Cronulla shift right, but Nikora knocks on with some excellent scramble from the Roosters.

So, this game just starting to get a little bit scrappy. Or is it? Captain's challenge on this knock on. Replays show Nikora threw an offload towards Sione Katoa, with the Sharks claiming it came off his shin rather than his hand.

Decision will be upheld, but the Sharks retain their challenge.

29' - Sharks 6 - Roosters 0
Oh and now the Roosters come up with an obstruction, so that snuffs out the momentum and Cronulla can come back on the attack here.

28' - Sharks 6 - Roosters 0
And here come the Roosters in defence. The fans beying for a penalty, but the Sharks stuck inside their own ten metre zone through four plays before Talaki and Rudolf have better runs. Hynes has to kick from his own 20 though and Tedesco is back to halfway.

The momentum is swinging.

27' - Sharks 6 - Roosters 0
The Roosters starting to get a little bit of momentum here, and another set they come back over halfway before Manu comes into the middle for some work and offloads to Tedesco. Last play, 30 out, short side run and Billy Smith eventually kicks off the touchline with Tracey pinned a few metres out from his own line.

26' - Sharks 6 - Roosters 0
The Sharks can't quite get back to halfway in this set and Hynes kicks down to Tedesco who brings it back solidly. This game is being played at an outrageous pace.

25' - Sharks 6 - Roosters 0
The Sharks start a full set from 25 out. Lindsay Collins and Victor Radley go up the middle immediately, then it's left from Walker to Smith and he is tackled brilliantly by Ramien. Egan Butcher back to the middle to set it up, then they come right through Keary and Tedesco, but his touch on for Suaalii einds up in touch.

24' - Sharks 6 - Roosters 0
The Roosters trying to find some rhythm here, but still well on the back foot territory wise until the Sharks fire in a shallow kick, then give away a penalty. That might shift momentum here.

20' - Sharks 6 - Roosters 0
Hynes takes over the kicking and makes no mistake here.

19' - Sharks 4 - Roosters 0
Fair to say the Sharks are well and truly on top here. The Roosters finish this set well in their own end and Cronulla are back onto the attack halfway through. Hunt then brings them inside ten, before Trindall goes left and dummies, but is hit high by Sam Walker.

Sharks to take the shot at penalty goal.

17' - Sharks 4 - Roosters 0
Good set after points here from the Sharks, and not in the traditional sense. A lot of exploring from side to side, but they end up over halfway before Hynes kicks high to the corner and Tedesco takes it well.

16' - Sharks 4 - Roosters 0
Conversion missed
Braydon Trindall doing the kicking. He should have knocked that over, but misses to the left.

15' - Sharks 4 - Roosters 0
TRY! Sione Katoa
More pressure here for the Roosters from the drop out. Sharks inside 20 with four plays to go and a couple up the middle can't see Hunt or Rudolf over the line. Now a ball from Hynes to Nikora and he is stopped in a four-man tackle. Last, Hynes floats a long ball out to the wing and Sione Katoa! What a ball that is. Junior Pauga tries to knock it out of the air, but couldn't get there with the Cronulla winger over for the first try of the night.

Hynes is in everything here.

14' - Sharks 0 - Roosters 0
The Sharks looking dangerous here with Hynes in everything. They win a six again in the red zone and the Roosters hanging on for grim life here. Hynes has a crack himself but can't find a way through, then Rudolf does the same. Hynes has another go on the fifth and might just be overplaying his hand here. Last play, Trindall grubbers and we are going to the bunker. A mad scramble to ground this through Tedesco and Ramien.

Brilliant desperation from Tedesco to ground that. Drop out coming.

12' - Sharks 0 - Roosters 0
The Sharks then will have a chance to attack here with this set starting on halfway. A raid down the right brings them inside 20, then Hynes has yet another carry, unable to break the line this time. Two plays left, and Talakai runs back underneath on an angle this time, beind the line. Short side on the last and Hynes! He has Graham! No. What a brilliant piece of defence from Manu to pick this pass out of the air. He can't hold it, but that's a try saver.

11' - Sharks 0 - Roosters 0
The Roosters up to halfway and oh! Junior Pauga puts it down in the play the ball. Roosters are three from six on the completion rate front, so not a great start there.

11' - Sharks 0 - Roosters 0
Strong enough set from the Sharks, but they can't sit the Roosters back in their own end here. Great work from the Roosters at both ends of the park as they start to win the arm wrestle.

10' - Sharks 0 - Roosters 0
Roosters back over halfway in three, then Lindsay Collins has a very strong run that picks up another 15 or so. Off the back of that, they bring it right and Manu looks dangerous again but has to take the tackle this time 20 out. Last play, Keary kicks to the corner, Billy Smith grabs it out of the air, hands back to Nat Butcher and he is tackled a metre out from the line. Handover.

9' - Sharks 0 - Roosters 0
The Roosters muscle up this time and Hynes has to kick out of his own 40 down to Pauga, who brings it back to within ten of halfway.

8' - Sharks 0 - Roosters 0
So then, the Roosters have to bring it off their own line, but it's a better result than conceding points. Some strong runs from the forwards will bring them to within 10 of halfway before Radley offloads, then Wong offloads on the right to Manu who finds Suaalii and they end up 25 out. Last play, Keary goes for the sky and Katoa holds onto it.

7' - Sharks 0 - Roosters 0
Four more plays for the Sharks then. Rudolf takes the first, then Hynes goes right to Tracey, Smith slips over in defence and the defence scramble and slide, forcing the mistake from Sione Katoa. The Roosters survive.

6' - Sharks 0 - Roosters 0
The Sharks with the scrum then and they come to this short side with Connor Tracey almost slicing straight through. The very next play it's a crash ball for McInnes. Straight to the bunker though. Ball never made the ground, so held up it is and we will continue on. Sharks have four plays left.

5' - Sharks 0 - Roosters 0
And a six again for the Sharks. They bring it onto the attack at the end of this set. Not much happening on the fifth as they shift right, then a kick crossfield from Hynes sees Manu go up and land awkwardly, knocking on in the process under pressure from Mulitalo, who makes up for his earlier error. Cronulla scrum ten metres out.

4' - Sharks 0 - Roosters 0
The Roosters now looking to truck it out of their own end through these outside backs who just keep getting the job doren for Trent Robinson's side. Collins then sat down in the middle and this is physical early! The Roosters have to kick from inside 40, Walker charges it down and the Sharks will come up with it on halfway through Trindall.

3' - Sharks 0 - Roosters 0
The Sharks with their first set off the penalty then and it's a struggle for metres. They manage to get halfway, but Hynes takes five, so Trindall kicks. It's a good one and Tedesco has to bring it back off his own tryline.

2' - Sharks 0 - Roosters 0
So then, the Roosters with the first chance to attack. They set up centre field, then come to the right and on the very first chance, Joseph Manu has cut through a gap to score. A Cronulla player went to ground though, and yes, Siua Wong with a blatant obstruction of Braydon Trindall. No try. Penalty Sharks.

1' - Sharks 0 - Roosters 0
The Roosters with first use of the football and the Sharks muscling up early! Big contact on Egan Butcher to start, then Manu is driven backwards. The forwards drag the Roosters to the 40, Sam Walker kicks down the ground and Ronaldo Mulitalo spills it.


0' - Sharks 0 - Roosters 0
Sharks to kick-off.

Teams are on their way out here in the Shire.

We are just over half an hour from the 7:50pm kick-off here in Cronulla. Be sure to check out our full match preview on site in the meantime.

The teams for this one are in and can be found in the match centre. One change for each side. Braden Hamlin-Uele is out for the Sharks, with Royce Hunt starting and Jesse Colquhoun on the bench. That means Connor Tracey is playing. For the Roosters, Fletcher Baker comes from the bench with Egan Butcher starting at prop.

Hello, Good Evening and Welcome to Zero Tackle's live coverage of the 2023 NRL finals series, with the Cronulla Sharks and Sydney Roosters to clash in the first elimination final.

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