Francis Tualau is all set for his NRL debut with the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs after previously refusing Des Hasler’s request to join the team.

It’s a case of second time lucky for Tualau, as he did not know who Hasler was, or who his recruiting staff were at the time of the first offer. Tualau also did not know how long he would still be away for, and as he was trying his best to gain a junior contract, he said no to the Bulldogs.

He has stated that once he discovered who Hasler was, some time later, he would certainly not repeat the rebuttal!

Des Hasler, Bulldogs Coach, Gets a Yes

Hasler got an enthusiastic “yes” from Tualau the 2nd time around, with the rookie saying that it was after the change of coaching staff occurred. Tualau stated that he did not know who the recruitment manager for Hasler’s staff initially was, and could not foresee another whole year of having to take on the system once again while being away from home.

He said that he had luckily moved back to Melbourne, and feels that this move was the best one for him. This was when he felt he became the athlete he is, and although he thought it was the end at the time, he is where he is now thanks to that decision. Sports betting NZ bookmakers are set to make the most of his debut, as markets become available for Saturday’s game when all eyes will be on this young player.

An Incredible NRL Debut for Tualau

Tualau, standing before Hasler and his Bulldogs, on the brink of his NRL debut, is accomplishing something not many people thought possible. His story has taken more than a little perseverance and takes place in places like Tonga, Auckland, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

He is oldest of 7, from a huge family, with 11 aunts and uncles on his father’s side, and, at only 23, he is already the proud father of 3 children, after having his first at around 16 years of age.

Tualau has stated that fatherhood has been a very challenging experience, in which he has learned a lot. He was forced to mature at a very young age and had to forfeit the kind of parties and antics his counterparts were enjoying in their teenage years in order to step up and meet the requirements his new family put on him. He has said that he takes being a role model to his children very seriously, and is anxious to provide them with someone to look up to.

The Sacrifices Have All Been Worthwhile

Tualau has said that New Zealand has 1 team only and that there are 10 000 kids in competition for a spot on the team. He said that the sacrifices that he has had to make to get him to where he is today have all been worth it, and he is excited about the next step of his journey.

While he was 18th man every 2nd week, last year, Tualau had a feeling that it was finally going to be his chance. He’s said that becoming a part of the club and enjoying their successes with them has been wonderful. The player is glad to be where he is, and plans to go all the way this week and make a memorable debut.